Monday, December 10, 2007

"The Race Report" - - "The Engine That Almost Couldn't"

I'm going to try something different with this report and list/focus on the pluses and minuses and see where that takes us. First for the pluses:

+ I finished the race in an upright position under my own power.
+ I finished with essentially no new injuries or blisters....wooohooo!!!
+ I ran with a great group sponsored by The Edmond Family Center for Autism.
+ Having Bonnie here was a positive thing for me.
+ The fireworks they use at the start at 5:00 AM were beautiful.
+ The rain that came thru at 4:30 AM while standing in the potty line was "refreshing".
+ The rain that came just before the gun start was as good as a shower at home, but no soap.
+ The scenary has to be the best of any race that I've run, though my career is still young.
+ The water stops offered plenty water, gatorade and icy cold sponges.
+ Remembering to bring extra socks in a zip lock baggy.
+ The sun was not a big issue until later in the morning, the clouds were a very welcome veil.
+ The course is challenging but not overpowering, with Diamondhead the only real hill section.
+ The spectators were totally awesome, tho many were Japanese so I couldn't understand them.

The minuses were present but were overpowered I think by the more positive aspects of this race:

- Finish time was 6:49:48 (chip time) for a terrible pace of 15:19.
- Too many participants (over 20,000) left you running in a constant pack.
- The torrential rain at the start slowed things down considerably.
- Wet socks, what else can I say about that.
- My knee giving me trouble early on and throughout most of the race, forcing alot of walking.
- Taking waaaay too long to cross the finish.
- I was too worried about my knee to take any photos even though I did have a disposable camera with me.
- The finish area was LOUSY for a number of reasons, mostly because it was a quagmire.
- We got a shell necklace at the finish line but had to slog thru mud that reeked of raw sewage for a 1/4 mile to get our medal and finisher's tshirt, not something you want to do after 26.2 miles.
- For the finishers they had apples and cookies, not the greatest of food for the end of the race.

While there were some negatives about the run, the positives so far outweighed them, looking back at them the next day makes them seem almost inconsequential. Today after reflecting on things, I would say the mud in the finish area that smelled of raw sewage and the distance the finishers had to walk to get their medals was the biggest issues. I would still put this marathon on your radar screen if you have yet to run in Hawaii it is crowded but still a beautiful run.

I'm down because of the poor finish that I had, but I'm also upbeat that I was able to finish in any time. I feel that I didn't post as good a showing for all that donated on my behalf, it's a personal thing, just makes me feel like cr%p. This makes me want to come back and redeem myself with a better effort.


Anonymous said...

Glad you finished. At least you did. Those of us who are armchair marathoners...have no room to say anything, except that you are the man!


Backofpack said...

Guess what? Marathon Maniacs don't care how long it took you - just that you finished! Two down, one to go! I think you are awesome and I know how hard you worked to keep going. Being on the course, in pain, becomes a huge mental battle - one you fought and won. You rock, Randy!

As for the finish - I don't know much about Hawaii, never been there, but I wonder if the rain was unusual? Seems like if it was normal, they would have the finish somewhere else. No matter because you did it and you got your medal and whoo-hoo!

Randy said...

Michelle, I think the rain is normal for this time of the season for them, that is the impression I got. You are so right about the mental was a tough one!!! Thanks.

Wes said...

I understand completely how you feel :-) Truth is, you are in your first year of marathons. Savor each one. Step back. Mull it over. Learn from it and understand it. You are on an incredibile journey, and this is just one more step in the right direction.

Arland said...

Randy, congratulations on finishing! You have NOTHING to feel bad about. First off, you just ran a marathon less than a month ago and you were not fully recovered from that yet. Unless you do back to back marathons all the time you are not going to have super good times. Also, considering you were having knee pain plus the rain, I think you did incredible not to DNF. I still cannot even run a mile yet since Tulsa so I think its awesome that you were able to not only run a marathon but to finish like you did. I'm sure your times will get better as your body gets used to the torture your putting on it. Now its time to get some good rest and recover. Good luck on your recovery and the preparation for the next one.

Molly said...


Stop a second and ran TENTY SIX point two MILES for the SECOND TIME in a short period of time!

You inspire me!
Take Care and smile!

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Let me begin with a WOOOOHOOOO. 26.2 miles is a LONG way to run and I'm not sure I'll ever be up to it. You on the other hand, just finished your second one.

Also, I liked your plus/minus list better than a traditional race report. :)

J~mom said...

Randy you did it!!!!!!!!!!! It doesn't matter how fast or slow, you dug deep and got it done!!!!! Congratulations!!! You totally ROCK!!!!!

Darrell said...

Almost...but did. Hold your head high. Constant forward motion gets you to the finish line and you did it. Congrats!

Mendy said...

Congratulations! Randy!! Glad to see your upbeat attitude and that the positives outweigh the negatives. You did well! You should be so proud of yourself.

Marcy said...

CONGRATS RANDY!!!! You are so awesome and Wes is right! This is your FIRST year, you've got plenty of time ;-)

Joe said...

Dittos to the other comments, Randy...this is a very solid performance. Coming on the heels of Tulsa, with the knee issues and the

Mega congratulations!