Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Beat the Train

*Edit Update* - Looks like I will finish October with 123.4 miles, most in one month!!

On a part of our normal route we cross over the north/south train tracks that run through Edmond. There have been times when we had to take an unplanned detour because of a train that was passing through town. Well today we had crossed the tracks to the west and were on our way back across the tracks to the east when we heard a train whistle. As we got closer to the crossing we wondered if we were going to get caught "on the wrong side of the tracks". The crossing had lit crossing arms that would come down when the train was near and they had yet to light up, so we thought we would try to "beat the train". Well about 10 steps before the crossing the lights came on and the arms began to come down. We could see the train to our south but decided to get across anyway. We had to be careful to not get hit by the arms as they dropped, but we made it safe to the east side. I think that was a first for all of us.

Total Distance: 4.82 miles
Total Time: 1:07:20
Pace: 13:58 (Faster than Monday's pace, but we ran about the same length of time)

Lap 1: 17:22 (bathroom break)
Lap 2: 12:51
Lap 3: 11:55
Lap 4: 15:24 (bathroom break)
.82 Mi: 11:56
Avg HR: 127 Max HR: 158

Saturday we are doing a 20 mile run, then the taper starts in earnest for me for the Route 66 Marathon on 11/18.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Monday Morning...Again

Well Monday is back. This is supposed to be the start of the taper for the Route 66 Marathon on November 18, but I'm running my 20 mile run this coming Saturday. The 15k Tulsa Run this past Saturday sort of threw things off a bit. I really don't mind though and I'm looking forward to just a two week taper....

Today was all run/walk...

Total Distance: 4.69 miles
Total Time: 1:07:24 (included a bathroom break for all three of us)
Pace: 14:23
Avg HR: 121 Max HR: 145

Lap 1: 14:42
Lap 2: 12:52
Lap 3: 13:15
.69 Mi: 12:44

Recovery day most definitely.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Race Report Details

Bonnie and I were picked up by Clyde at 5:20 this morning, then we drove to Rachel's and from her house she and Bonnie drove to Tulsa in her vehicle and Clyde and I followed in his. We left pretty well dressed for the race. I was wearing long pants and had on a short sleeved compression shirt, long sleeve shirt and once we arrived in Tulsa I decided to wear my new pull over Mizuno jacket. I attached my bib to the jacket thinking we would need the outer wear for a while into the run.

We parked near the finish line and then we walked the mile to the start area as a warm up. It felt good to do that. We got to the start area with about 45 minutes to spare, did our bathroom breaks, walked around and ran into nother club member, Joanne, then another bathroom break before we moved towwards the start line. While in the starting area we saw another race club member Linda and wished her well. She did great with her run at 1:24:08. Once the gun was fired it was about 2 minutes beofre I could cross the starting mat.

The first mile was mostly all downhill and was run in a very large pack of people...a sea of runners. Behind me I could hear the Army contingent that was running the race in formation and their cadence was fun to listen to. Just after passing Mile 1 they came by me looking strong.

As Mile 2 started I saw a fairly large hill that had to be scaled, it turned out to be the biggest incline of the race. About half way up I decided I needed to get out of the Mizuno jacket. Well unfortunately my bib was pinned to it. So I slowed to a walk, figuring with the hill I could walk to conserve energy and shed the clothing at the same time. It felt like I walked for 5 minutes to get that accomplished. I did get out of the jacket, didn't loose any safety pins, but I did manage to drop my bib...but fortunately there was no wind and I was able to retrieve it without too much trouble. I got it repinned on my long sleeve shirt, pushed the sleeves up and again I was set and I was near the top of the hill. I started to run again.

Mile 2 had two large hills, the biggest that I mentioned above and another after that with one fairly significant downhill. As Mile 2 ended, we rounded a corner onto Peoria. There was a line of port-a-potties at the corner and I took advantage. As I was coming out I could see that Clyde had passed me again and was maybe 75 yards ahead. We stayed close or together for about a mile, then I moved ahead again to stay.

Miles 3-5.75 was the out route on Peoria then we began the return back up Peoria. There were many merchants out as well as spectators that were cheering us along. There were also a large number of families out with trick-or-treat kids along the way. It turns out that this day is a trick-or-treat festival along Peoria and after the race it got even more crowded with the trick-or-treat bunch.

We left Peoria near the 7.8 mark turning onto 31st to the west. Again, here was a nice downhill area. We turned right onto Riverside Drive and ran along the Arkansas River as we headed north back towards downtown.

The finish line for the race was in Veteran's Park.

As I mentioned above the spectators were fabulous. They were out and very vocal as we would pass. The intersections were well controlled with race volunteers and Tulsa Police.

The water stops were AWESOME!!!!! They were well manned, were frequent and had plenty of water. I don't believe any of them had any sports drinks at all and there was no GU or other energy eats along the way...but for a 15K run I wouldn't expect that either. The water stops were more frequent than at any other race I've been in this year....again they were truly AWESOME.

Before I give the details of my run, I've got to mention that this was Bonnie's first 15K, first run at this distance and was her longest run to date. I was at the finish line this time to cheer her in and I believe between the four of us that started out together she finished the strongest of everyone, she powered her way through the finish line and looked like she was running with great ease. I am so very proud of my TROPHYBRIDE!!!!

My Garmin worked great today and though the race was a 15K, 9.3 miles, it registered 9.44 miles which I'll give to the corners and such as I took them perhaps wider than what the race committee had measured.

Total Distance: 9.44 miles
Total Time: 1:51:25
Pace: 11:48
Avg HR: 149 Max HR: 166

Mile 1: 10:24
Mile 2: 13:41 (Uphill and fighting with bib and jacket, lot of walking here)
Mile 3: 12:33
Mile 4: 11:53
Mile 5: 11:18
Mile 6: 11:25
Mile 7: 12:00
Mile 8: 11:52
Mile 9: 11:35
.45 Mi: 10:34

From mile 4.5 to the finish line I was able to run between the water stops and I only walked the short distance thru each water stop. That is a first for me...wooohoo!!!! I'm not sure how far I ran versus walked for this race but it is definately the longest I've run in any race. I am slowly moving away from the run 1-minute-walk 1-minute intervals and I feel great from it.

"Quickie" Race Report - 15K Tulsa Run

It was chilly, more on that in the longer report. We did good for the run, there were over 9,000 entrants in the 15k, 5k, 2k runs combined. Bonnie and I ran with Clyde and Rachel from the Edmond Running Club and we had a great time. Most of the time I ran alone. I did the 15k in 1:51:25, Bonnie did it in 2:06:42, Rachel ran 2:04:50, and Clyde ran in 1:53:30. We were all close together but still strung out.

Friday, October 26, 2007

TGIF - Day of Volunteering

Well today was a great day to run, except it is a day before we run our 15k race in Tulsa, so what do we do instead....our local club volunteered to go to Tulsa and be responsible for the "chip check" table for the race participants picking up their packets today. Cindy, Julia, and I spent from 10 am to 1 pm doing "chip checks" for runners and had alot of fun. But I'm also tired of standing on my feet for all that time. I got to thinking about it and it's like running the 15k while standing in place. Ok, so maybe I didn't break a sweat, but my ankles are sore and my feet are tired...doesn't that count for something...or am I just looking for sympathy here???

Tomorrow promises to be in the high 30's or low 40's at race time, clear, low humidity and very little wind. Well the race starts in downtown Tulsa and we all know how just a little bit of wind turns a downtown area into windtunnels, so we shall see what comes of the dawn. The race doesn't start until 9:00 am so the temps will climb just a bit from the typical morning lows. So maybe I can brave the cooler temps and run in shorts and a long sleeve shirt, we shall see. I'll take a pair of pants just in case.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Thursday Travel and Run

Well today was another travel day, back to OKC from Denver. I didn't run last night as I wasn't sure of the neighborhood that I was staying in and I opted out on the hotel treadmill, wimpy me I guess.

Today though I did meet one of my running buddies, Cindy, and we did what has become our normal Thursday 5k "run" with no walk breaks. But today I did have to take a potty break close to the 2 mile point. So I crashed our time. Still it wasn't bad. I had the 3.1 miles at 33:40 and Cindy had the same distance at 32:52 or so. I don't stop my watch though for breaks, I'm thinking that she must have.

Total Distance: 3.1 miles
Total Time: 33:40
Pace: 10:52
Avg HR: 154 Max HR: 165

Mile 1: 10:08
Mile 2: 11:30
Mile 3: 10:59
.1 Mi: 10:30

I was tired when we were done, but then I haven't been pushed like that for over a week.

Saturday is the "Tulsa Run", not the marathon, but a 15k race that is supposed to be alot of fun with some really good SWAG. Hey speaking of that, does anyone know what SWAG stands for? Bonnie will be running the 15k with us. It will be the first for that distance for both of us.

Marathon "Maniac"

For those that don't know this refers to a group of crazy people that seem to take marathon running to an entirely different level. If you visit the Marathon Maniacs website you will learn more about the group. Click on "criteria" on the left side to see the various Maniac designations and requirments that must be satisfied to earn the designation.

I am shooting for 3 marathons within 90 days. This will start with the Tulsa Route 66 Marathon on 11/18/07, the Honolulu Marathon on 12/09/07, and end with the Houston Marathon on 1/13/08. The Route 66 is spaced just far enough apart from the Honolulu Marathon that it will be my last long run going into my taper. I intend to use the Honolulu Marathon in the same fashion in preparing for the Houston Marathon.

Craziness to say the least, but it's just something else to give reason to the running and all the training. I sat by this past spring as fellow blogger Back of the Pack completed her Maniac craziness by running four marathons in four weeks that earned her an Iridium Level designation. I decided then that when I had more of a base built that I would try for some level of the Maniac group...

The 3 marathons in 90 days will get me in the door at the Bronze Level. Just a toehold but nonetheless I'll be a Maniac!!!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tuesday Junk

Elevation changes and flying don't do well for my body it would seem. I started out with the intent of doing 4+ miles but it didn't take even .5 miles to realize that wasn't going to happen. No I'm not in Oklahoma any more.....I'm in Grand Junction, Colorado today. I flew into Denver then drove over, a 5 hour trip, with stopping for breakfast in Vail, plus a couple of other "necessary" stops. So the difference between Edmond and Grand Junction....I knew you were going to ask.....Edmone elevation about 1,000 feet.....Grand Junction about 4,700 feet. The travel combined with the elevation change convinces me that it's not a good idea to fly to some vastly different place and then expect to run the same day...not a good idea.....let the body acclimate....remember that Randy.....

Anyway, I did manage to run/walk for 3.1 miles, but...and this is the wild took me 39:02 to get that far. Tomorrow night I will be in Denver so I'll see what happens then.

Total Distance: 3.1 miles
Total Time: 39:02
Pace: 12:35 (Actually I would take that for the 15k that is coming up this Saturday I think)

Mile 1: 11:55 Min/mile pace
Mile 2: 12:41
Mile 3: 13:16
.1 Mi: 11:32
Avg HR: 133 Max HR: 152

Try as I might I couldn't go more than about 1.5 minutes without having to walk.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Crappola Monday

What a day, it's been raining here since like midnight, PLUS it's cold, almost as cold as a well digger's butt, or at least it feels like it is. This is a sucky kind of day, no running this morning, so I was going to go home and run at lunch....well guess what!!!! It's still raining!!! Someone is trying to mess with me mileage and I don't particularly like it.

So all that said, this is also the day of our monthly running club meeting. My cardiologist was supposed to be our guest speaker but had to cancel at the last minute...which I can understand...more important someone's well-being take a precidence over a meeting, so she wants to reschedule for another that is good that she just didn't say forget it altogether.

Now for some running ramblings with Randy....since I can't run, or choose not to so I don't catch some viral problem, at least I better's getting too close to my "3 marathons in 90 day dash" and a designation as a Marathon Maniac!!!!! Insane? I know but it gets worse.....I've noticed that on the longer runs where I'm starting to get away from doing our run/walk routine and allowing my running intervals to steadily lengthen in time I feel that I'm hitting what I can remember as a runner's's such a rush!!!!

But I've got to admit the things that run through my brain during these times is a bit wild...but I've got to blog about them before Bonnie tells the world. I'll be running along...won't even realize that my brain has gone off into some "other zone" then what wanders back are thoughts..not about my running, but thoughts that I'm some Ethiopian or Nigerian runner out ahead of the pack in some marathon, maybe it's Boston....then I'm back in my body...silly I'm out in front because there is no one else running at 5fricking-o'clock in the morning.... So I go a bit further and then once again my mind wanders off on its own...I'm always so astounded that it can find me again when this happens because I'm never at the same place where it left....well am I really that slowt that it can leave and still is able to locate me....anyway......the next thing I know is I'm seeing the finish line of some marathon...again unknown...I'm not sure that I am the winner....but the way people are cheering and yelling my name I must be in the top 5 or so...and then again I shake this off to realize I'm running thru a traffic light.....not some finish line somewhere.....

These are truly incredible times...notice I didn't say incredulous...I will leave you to your own conclusions in that regard. I just know that when these things happen I am at a point where I don't even feel that I'm running...sometimes I want to do a reality check to see if I'm really on my feet or not. Delirious....maybe.....runner's high....maybe....feeling great when it happens...absolutely. It is like I'm at a whole other level....sensing that changes are coming...I know I can run faster, have better endurance, I can "see" what I am capable of and it fills me with a higher energy......hard to explain...but so wild to experience.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Saturday Run and Run and Run

It seemed like we ran forever, before it ever got daylight this morning. We started...according to my 5:24 AM. We ran a nice scenic route but alot of it was in the dark. In all I did exactly 17 miles.

Bonnie joined us near the 10 mile point and ran 7.5 miles with Clyde. I was ahead of him at that point. She did the 7.5 miles in 1 hour 42 minutes and 30 seconds at a pace of 13:40. We are turning her into a bona-fide runner it "TrophyBride". Meaning the one who brought the hardware home last weekend.

Me on the other hand, well I managed to run my 17 miles in 3:54:27. I think when I compare the numbers I'll find negative splits for my efforts, and that includes running into a 25+ mph wind for the last 3 miles.

I did see a shooting star before it got daylight, the second one I've seen this week!!!!

Total Miles: 17
Total Time: 3:54:27 (Not 1:54:27 like I had originally posted!!!)
Pace: 13:47
Avg HR: 132 Max HR 159

Mile 1: 15:02 Mile 9: 12:19
Mile 2: 16:39 Mile 10: 10:55
Mile 3: 13:05 Mile 11: 14:51
Mile 4: 18:11 Mile 12: 12:01
Mile 5: 12:58 Mile 13: 13:42
Mile 6: 13:45 Mile 14: 10:56
Mile 7: 13:57 Mile 15: 12:06
Mile 8: 18:40 Mile 16: 12:42
Mile 17: 12:28

The good thing about today is that even with the wind, when I was done I still felt strong, alot stronger than I did after completing 17 miles in the marathon last month. Miles 2 and 4 were definitely bathroom break miles. I have no reason or justification for Mile 8 taking over 18 minutes. I believe at that time I was running alone, scratching my head as to what I was doing then???? Mile 13.5 to 14.5 I managed to run the entire time, which surprised me that I would have the energy that late into the run to go for that distance.

The Weekend....Finally!!!!!!

Everybody's workin' for the weekend.......

Work...doesn't quite fit the definition for today's 17+ miles, fun, exhilerating, wild, involved...those seem to fit mo' better.

Why am I in such a good mood today, up at 2:30 am to get picked up at 4:15, ate breakfast....heating up legs...doing some stretching on the living room floor...getting fanny pack set, bag of clothes ready.....

I'm less than a month now till my next marathon.....the Tulsa Route 66 on November 18...getting nervous about it...but also feeling well trained at the same time....

Good luck to all racers this weekend....

Remember....enjoy it today....tomorrow is just another we desperately need to figure out what the "it" is.......

Friday, October 19, 2007

I'm Up....Waaaay Early....Work Stress I Think

I've decided to "plant" a question before the rambling that I wrote about why I can't sleep....Is anyone signed up to run the Houston Marathon in January? If so maybe we could somehow hook up before or after the race....I am going to have to check but I think we are staying at the Doubletree near the finish line the night before the race....

And this hasn't happened to me in months....maybe over a year. I woke up from a good sleep at 2:05 AM, did the bathroom thing and as soon as I lay back down my mind is racing about issues at work, things that I don't have alot of control over but are still upsetting. In the past I've not had a blog to even consider using as a sounding board, so maybe this will help work things out, but I don't know that sleep is in the picture for the rest of this morning. Luckily Friday is officially a rest day for me, unless I run again with Bonnie tonight, but I do 17+ tomorrow morning so I think I will opt to not run tonight.

Work, I'm really reluctant to unload here since this is a running blog and not a psychiatric couch, but I don't want work stress to start impacting my running either. I work for an oil and gas mid-stream company, which means we take oil and gas from the folks that produce it from the ground, clean it up in various forms and then some product is considered to be saleable and is passed on to those that market it to end users, while other products find their way to the bigger refineries in the US for final processing before sales. Anyway, one would think that we make alot of money with the price of gas at the pump and heating oil and such.....well we are, but the powers to be seem to think that we are capable of making more. Anyway, we are going through budget issues and that along with other issues are creating morale issues across the company and that leads to problems with employee safety...which is my main interest, and no one seems to be willing to admit that the overall company attitude may be affecting employee morale which takes a heavy toll of people's focus, thus allowing their guard to slip when it comes to safety.

Anyway, I'm rambling and I didn't want to do that. I have written this and refuse to delete it, so I'm awake, not feeling alot better for having written it, but shall see what happens in the short term.....

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursday with Bonnie

Tonight when Bonnie got home from work we ran together. Well she will tell you that I ran slightly ahead of her, but the important thing is I didn't run off and leave her. It got dark on us as we ran, so I knew better than to do that. See a good hubby learns from experience, especially bad experience, like when I did run ahead of her a couple of months ago just after it got dark and all of a sudden she wasn't sure what direction I had taken.....yes the male species is capable of learning....and even remembering.

It was a good recovery run for me, slow and steady, it provides a time of reflection on my ability to run a much longer distance all of a sudden than I had been so used to running. This new found ability has me excited, I'm seeing improvement for my efforts and I'm being pushed again to continue to better my efforts.

Total distance 3.1 miles
Total Time: 43:39
Pace: 14:05
Avg HR: 121
Max HR: 134

It's not my fastest time, but that isn't the important's that we are able to exercise run together that I'm more excited about. We talked about the fact that Bonnie is running her races at her pace and she doesn't feel it necessary for me to run with her knowing I'm becoming more capable of faster speeds and that makes me feel good. It really felt good to have her at the finish line this past weekend when I completed the half marathon....but it also made me think she crossed the finish line of her 10k...the one where she won the trophy and I wasn't there to cheer her across the's not quite the same as missing the first steps of your first born when they learn to walk...but it's awfully close....I'm really proud of her effort this year, and glad that we are able to run makes me feel even closer to her.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Run/Walk Wednesday

This morning I don't know if it was a combination of the rain, feeling full from the broccoli that I ate last night, or just that it was an off day for running...I felt sluggish and never had the desire to run without a consequence I stayed with my running partners for the full route and the time reflects that.

Total Distance: 4.5 miles
Total Time: 1:08:00
Pace: 15:06

Mile 1: 19:15
Mile 2: 14:04
Mile 3: 13:58
Mile 4: 14:08
.50 Mi: 13:03

Yucky feeling, yucky pace...but it is what it is and I can say that it is done for the day...unless Bonnie wants to run after our church meeting tonight.

Today I get to spend the day putting my new office least part of it, since my new bookcases won't be here until at least Friday it seems.

Happy Hump Day all!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tuesday Trot....With an Update

I did another 5k distance today and ran the entire time. It was windy here though and we ran along the east side of Lake Hefner so we fought the wind for the first half but I can't honestly say that I felt like we were pushed by the wind on the return.

Total Distance: 3.11 miles
Total Time: 33:42 (I think this is my second best 5k distance ever)
Pace: 10:50
Mile 1: 10:40
Mile 2: 10: 55
Mile 3: 10:59
.11 Mi: 10:02

Avg HR: 157
Max HR: 170

Hey each of the miles were under 11:00 minutes per mile....woohoo!!!!!

After Bonnie got home I decided to run with her so she wouldn't have to run alone. We did 3 miles in 14:29 for an average pace of 13:50. That gives me 6+ miles for the day. I'm tired but glad I ran with her. She ran almost all of the three miles, and to think that just a couple of months ago she wasn't a runner at all!!!!!

Mile 1: 13:43
Mile 2: 13:35
Mile 3: 14:09
Avg HR: 132 (My heart rate)
Max HR: 141 (Should I blame this jump in my heart rate due to her flashing her "tatas" at me at the end of the run). Shameless bride of mine....LOL

Monday, October 15, 2007

Today's Run

I"m gaining more and more confidence in running longer and walking less. Today I did a total of 4.5 miles but I actually ran just over 3 of it I think. It was a slow run, but it felt good again, will little or no shin issues.

Total Miles: 4.5
Total Time: 1:01:25
Pace: 13:39
Avg HR: 131
Max HR: 157

"The Rest of the Story....Madill Half Marathon

Well, I'm not sure what I can add to Bonnie's race story, nor do I truly want to take away from it. I did run more this half marathon distance than I have in the past. I officially PR'ed by just over 8 minutes from my half marathon in April......wooohoooo!!!!!

My time was 2:38:20 and my old time was 2:46:40. I had an 11:59 pace, I'm surprised I came in under 12 minutes per mile. I felt good the first half, making the turn at 1:16:00. At mile 4 I encountered a couple of dogs, large dogs, large barking snapping dogs that threw me off my gait for a while, plus they scared me to the point I thought I was being attacked.

The last 5 miles I ran and walked, but ran more than I walked, it was definitely not the run/walk pace that I had done for other races. At mile 11 though I hit a pretty hard head wind that seemed to just about bring all runners to a standstill. I did run the last 6 miles or so leapfrogging with 2 women that were also doing more than just a run/walk routine. It turns out that Bonnie had be-friended their spouses and family at the finish line...and when Bonnie saw me coming down the stretch...just over a quater mile and let them know...they also told her that their wives were just behind me.

I had a great cheering section at the finish line...making sure that I stayed ahead of the two women...I felt great at the finish, feeling that I could have run further.

I did start out with some sort of pain in my left ankle and foot that made my foot seem almost dysfunctional for about 5 of the first eventually went least somewhat, but it was a hinderance to start out with.

Total Time: 2:36:20
Pace: 11:59
Avg HR: 151
Max HR: 180

Mile Avg Paces:
Mile 1: 10:47
Mile 2: 11:12
Mile 3: 12:16
Mile 4: 11:49
Mile 5: 11:55
Mile 6: 11:58
Mile 7: 11:38
Mile 8: 12:30
Mile 9: 11:53
Mile 10: 13:46
Mile 11: 11:43
Mile 12: 13:13
Mile 13: 11:40
.20 Mi: 8:31 (Wow where did this come from?)

Nice course, very scenic around their town lake.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Bonnie's 10K - She Did AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

Center stage...where else would you expect Bonnie to be!!! (well ok you have to know her to understand that comment). Today she ran in her very first 10k run in Madill, OK and she placed first in her age group...and YES I'm very obviously totally proud of her efforts in this race and her training that led up to it. She ran the race on her own as the rest of the Edmond Running Club that was at Madill today all ran in the Half Marathon race..more on that in another post.....

Here we are pre-race and ready. Us half marathoners started at 8:30 and Bonnie and the rest of the 10k'ers started at 9:00. The start and finish point in Madill has a really nice meeting room where the winners trophies were given out. They also have shower facilities that each of us took advantage of before we left.
The story here though is that Bonnie and I were both in the shower (not together...seperate areas...shame on you for thinking such thoughts) when they announced her age group for the 10k women's results and that she was the winner. One of the other ERC ladies had to run and grab her before she had gotten totally undressed and get her to come out to receive her trophy. We don't have a photo yet of her on the winners podium. AND to top this off no one thought to come and get me so I didn't even know she had won until I got done with my I missed her on the podium receiving her trophy.
We aren't sure of her time since it was not done with chips...she thinks it was 1:30:00 something, hopefully we know something later today or tomorrow.

This is Bonnie (left) and the rest of the Edmond Running Club that went home as trophy winners in their respective age groups. Cindy is just right of Bonnie, then Bill (he placed in his age group even though he ran an extra mile in the half marathon when he took a wrong turn and had to back track), then Clyde. We are proud of all of them for their efforts. Yes my photo is lacking here, in fact I was the photographer...see someone always has to tell the story...
Anyway....congratulations to my lovely, fabulous running wife Bonnie today for her efforts in her first 10k race!!!!!!!!

10K and Half Marathon Today!!!!!

Today is Bonnie's debut 10k run.....I think she's ready...I know she can run over half of the distance without stopping...she's been working on her endurance and getting longer and longer runs in here rock girl!!!!!!

30 minutes before her start our half marathon will take off. I'm shooting for a 2:30:00 time....that would be 12 minutes better than we did the half distance last month in Missouri when we did the marathon....I believe I can do that knowing that I won't have another 13.1 to run after I get this one done....but I'm nervous....and it's 3.5 hours to race time....I hope I can sleep in the car....we have a 2.5 hour drive ahead of us....race report later today......

Good luck to Mary and all others racing today......

Friday, October 12, 2007

Another Improvement

I managed to squeek in one more 5k run yesterday. Again I was able to run the distance without having to walk. My heart rate is staying much more level with these types of runs, not going up and down as it does when I do the run/walk. I just need to work on more endurance and I know that comes with time and mileage, and then there's always speed.

I do feel alot more confident though today that someday soon I will be able to break a sub-30 minute 5k, especially with the temeratures starting to cool off significantly in the mornings.

Total Distance: 3.12 miles
Total Time: 35:14 (almost a full minute improvement over Tuesday's run)
Pace: 11:18
Avg HR: 153/Max HR: 168

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Two Days Before......

The Madill Half Marathon....and it's two days before Bonnie's very first 10k. After our church meeting last night....she went out and ran 2 miles in the neighborhood.....I'm so very proud of her efforts...she's now able to run the full 2 miles without a walk break...she's progressing alot faster than I am I fear...but then I'm a year older than she is.....

If time permits I may work in one last run this afternoon. It should be at least another 5k "solid" run. These are really building confidence for me that I can do that and more. I'm still thinking I'll at least start the race though at our normal run/walk type of pace...then after 3 or 4 miles....who knows....

We are going to dinner at another marathoner's home tonight here in Edmond. She is one of the "unique" true finishers of last Sunday's Chicago Marathon....she was also a part of I think the Mt. Hood to the Coast.....or one of those recent relay type races that covered 197 miles, so we are going to swap stories and I am going to be paying attention and hopefully getting some very useful advice from her.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Another Day....Another 4 Miles

Down the road we go, slow, steady, consistent, another 4.57 miles is behind me. Part of it was a run/walk effort and part of it was just running. I feel like a puppy that is learning that it can actually get up and move without falling down. My legs are getting to be more and more supportive of my mind's desire to run more and more of the time and it actually feels great when I'm done.

Everything has to come together, the pace that I need to maintain now, the gait that I need to keep from injuring anything, the motion of my arms, the relaxed position of my hands, the breathing...the all important breathing that does so much to help me maintain my heart rate. But I can honestly say that this is all starting to evolve into a positive thing for me, one that builds more and more confidence in my ability with each day. For so long it seemed that I was just logging miles, step after step. But now it feels differently, I feel as if I'm making progress again, and that feels great.

Total Distance: 4.57 miles
Total Time: 1:03:21
Pace: 13:52
Avg HR: 127/Max HR: 160

I am really looking forward to our half marathon this weekend in Madill, OK but I'm not sure how I will approach it. I believe I will start with the run/walk until I can be assured that I'm not going to overdo the initial pace. Then as I get warmed up after a couple of miles then maybe I will work into a constant run, depending on the signals I get from my body. The course is mostly all flat, so there aren't any issues with hills. Yes I would like to PR (2:46:00) but if I don't there will be other times. The weather is supposed to be nice in the low 60's at race time.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Tuesday Afternoon "Stroll"

For the first time since early summer I went out after work and ran. I did another 5k distance with a new running buddy...Cindy...and with her as an inspiration I ran the full time....woohoo...still not great times but I ran the fully monty.....for an old fart that is something.

Total Distance: 3.12 miles
Total Time: 36:09
Pace: 11:35
Avg HR: 159
Max HR: 171
Temp 83
Humidity: 46%

No negative splits though today:

Mile 1: 10:45 (Started too fast....but is this dreams of speed to come?)
Mile 2: 11:45
Mile 3: 12:15
.12 Mi: 11:38

The heat was a bit much it seems, and makes me wonder what would I do at a full run on a cool morning???? Time will tell.

Monday, October 08, 2007

A New Monday

Today was a different sor of day. It started out with the normal run/walk routine and included a bathroom break at one of our normal stops. But at roughly the 2 mile point I noticed even with a run/walk interval I was pulling ahead of my partners. So I slowed down a bit to let them catch up and to verify the route we were taking today. At the 3 mile mark I was again ahead and decided to test out the coaching I had gained from yesterday's workout and run in to our finish point.

I ran the final 1.56 miles and felt great when I was done. My heart rate never exceeded 158 during that part of the run and any time my breathing became labored at all I just slowed down until I had it more under control and it worked!!

So today's numbers are a bit skewed, but definitely offer negative splits again:

Total Distance: 4.56 miles
Total Time: 1:02:46
Pace: 13:46
Avg HR: 131
Max HR: 158

Mile 1: 14:22 min/mi
Mile 2: 16:06
Mile 3: 14:24
Mile 4: 11:36
.56 Mi: 11:14

Sunday, October 07, 2007

It was a GREAT Day!!!!

It's Sunday and for alot of runners it was the Chicago Marathon...way to go Casie, Jess, Laura, and Tim, those are at least the runners that I remember that made the trek to the Windy City. I know that Casie and Laura finished, I'm concerned about Jess I didn't see her times after the 10k point and I'm not sure of Tim's bib.

Another great thing occurred today. I had another session with my coach. He spent about an hour with me and another running buddy (Cindy) helping us with our gait and breathing and a few other body mechanic issues (shoulders, arms, hands, hips). We ran more or less for about 45 minutes with the following results:

Total Distance: 3.12 miles (We stopped once to talk about gait so this wasn't a fulltime run)
Total Time: 43:10
Pace: 13:49

Then his next appointment showed up and Cindy and I stayed and talked in the parking lot about a variety of things and didn't realize we had passed away another 40 minutes and coach showed back up with his student. Apparently they had made a circuit of the park and she was done. So he asked if we wanted to run another 1.5 miles or so with him so he got his 8 miles in for the day. Who were we to say no, so off we started, at a slow run or jog. It didn't take us long to realize we were going to run the circuit of the park and then just a bit more. That gave us a 5k total run....YESSSSSSS I did a 5k training run today and didn't stop from the time we started until we got to the 3.1 mark. Unofficial but still the distance. The results:

Total Distance: 3.12 miles
Total Time: 37:34
Pace: 12:04

Mile 1: 12:28/mi
Mile 2: 12:09/mi
Mile 3: 11:40/mi
.12 Mi: 11:14/mi

Yes!!!! negative splits too!!!!!! Ok, it's not record time or anything but it's just the fact that I've been kicking myself for sometime for not being able to go the distance for a 5k, and I did it today. Oh, and the other big thing was that this route in the park has quite a bit of hill to I"m thinking on a flat course I could have easily been in the 11:45/minute pace range. Yes I'm a happy camper tonight. No I didn't run the Chicago Marathon today but I feel that I did something creditable for myself and it's a first step towards more PR's down the road.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Saturday Long Run

We did 15+ miles this morning, it was windy, looked like rain, and was humid. It didn't rain until after lunch though. The run was long but enjoyable. I had hoped I would be running in new shoes (Etonics) but I didn't get to pick them up until after our run today. So I'll be spending some time in them tomorrow and all of this week, prior to our half marathon race coming up next Saturday.

Bonnie joined us for the last 5.5 miles and she did great. This was the part of the route that turned a bit hilly and she did them like a trooper. I'm very proud of her efforts and I can't wait to see how she does in her first 10k next Saturday while others of us will be doing the half marathon.

On our run today, which was another of those "virgin" experiences for me as I had never ran this particular route before, we actually found close to $1.00 in change on the street...woohoo.

Besides the coins other things noted included:

A Key
Several screws
A Bolt
Dead squirrel
Banana peel (saw this near the 13 mile marker...I wanted to stop and suck on the peel)
Partially eaten cheese sandwich (Bonnie saw this)
Very large dog on a chain...thank God for the chain
Beer cans (no I didn't attempt to drain them)

I ran relatively pain-free again today, but after our run I noticed that my right foot is sore behind my 1st metatasal, am wondering if I might have bruised it. Shins hurt but only in a minor way.

Total Time: 3:39:18
Pace: 14:17
Avg HR: 143
Max HR: 175

Rough Splits
1st Half: 1:54
2nd Half: 1:45

Woohoo to the negative splits....but I have to admit that bathroom breaks up front certainly help the negative splits on these runs.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Rest Day

Yesterday was a rest day. We actually had a dinner to attend last night for one of Bonnie's co-workers that is leaving their firm and moving out of state. So we did not have time to get her run in yesterday. Maybe a light run this evening, or a neighborhood walk, since I will be doing 15 miles tomorrow morning and she will be joining us for the last 6 of those miles.

My legs continue to feel good, very little pain in the area before where my shins were hurting.

It is so incredible, we have a half marathon coming up on Saturday next week and I'm truly only looking at it as just another training run. I remember the days back in April when I was freaking out and all nervous about the OKC Memorial HM. I'm sure come race day I will have some race jitters, as is to be expected.

I've got a map of the U.S. on my wall at work and Missouri is greyed out. One down, 49 to go!!!

Ok, what is it with Blogger that sometimes the post will show up right away but then there are those days like "today" when you hit "publish post" and the post does not show up? Frustrating to say the least.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


This morning before the sun was up, before the roosters were crowing, we were out doing something totally different. My two running partners and I did our run thru a part of Edmond that had us encountering 4 different hills, or was that 5 hills. Needless to say, it was an effort but not in futility. According to Garmin we conquered these beasts in 13 minutes/mile and some change. I don't have the exact pace numbers with me. We did 4.68 miles in 1 hour 3 minutes and 56 secs.

The unusual thing is that here I sit 6 hours later almost at noon and my shins don't hurt....go figure.....This was definitely a change in our routine, but in the end it was enjoyable...or at least it was once they were all done.

I will update this post later with all the actual numbers. I'm glad we did it, I feel good, and I'm looking forward to our 15 miles on Saturday.

Total Distance: 4.68 miles
Total Time: 1:03:56
Pace: 13:40
Avg HR: 133
Max HR: 172


Training with Bonnie

For the first time in quite a while I had the opportunity to train with my bride last night. When she got home from work we got ready and ran out the front door to the park across from our subdivision and we did 3.45 miles a light was somehow kind of that too yucky, well it was really nice to be running with her.

Bonnie is training for her first official 10k race which will be next weekend when others of us are running a half-marathon in Madill, OK. Then on Oct 27 she will do her first 15k race....which I might add will be my first 15k race also. She's really coming along and I'm very proud of her efforts.

We invoked our rain rule.....if it isn't raining when you start but it starts to rain during the run you finish the run...unless lightning drives us off the street. Well there was no lightning, so we ran. It didn't rain the entire time and it never rained hard, but in addition to our sweating because the wind quit and the humidity was over 90% when it wasn't raining we got very wet, but it felt so good.

Total Distance: 3.45 miles
Total Time: 47:35 minutes
Pace: 13:48
Avg HR: 131
Max HR: 150

Monday, October 01, 2007

Back to Normal Monday Run

Finally I'm back in town to be able to run with my buddies again after what seems like forever. We did an easy hour of running thru the streets of Edmond. I found .50 cents in the way of 5 dimes for the cause. We are saving all the loose change we find on the streets so that the one person that is running with us who is retired can use it eventually as entry money for a future race. I'm not sure how much we have but I believe it is something over $5. We've determined that some areas are better to run and and find loose change than others. Guess we need to be careful that we aren't labeled as "street people".

Time: 1:08:54
Pace: 14:22
Avg HR: 140