Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Beat the Train

*Edit Update* - Looks like I will finish October with 123.4 miles, most in one month!!

On a part of our normal route we cross over the north/south train tracks that run through Edmond. There have been times when we had to take an unplanned detour because of a train that was passing through town. Well today we had crossed the tracks to the west and were on our way back across the tracks to the east when we heard a train whistle. As we got closer to the crossing we wondered if we were going to get caught "on the wrong side of the tracks". The crossing had lit crossing arms that would come down when the train was near and they had yet to light up, so we thought we would try to "beat the train". Well about 10 steps before the crossing the lights came on and the arms began to come down. We could see the train to our south but decided to get across anyway. We had to be careful to not get hit by the arms as they dropped, but we made it safe to the east side. I think that was a first for all of us.

Total Distance: 4.82 miles
Total Time: 1:07:20
Pace: 13:58 (Faster than Monday's pace, but we ran about the same length of time)

Lap 1: 17:22 (bathroom break)
Lap 2: 12:51
Lap 3: 11:55
Lap 4: 15:24 (bathroom break)
.82 Mi: 11:56
Avg HR: 127 Max HR: 158

Saturday we are doing a 20 mile run, then the taper starts in earnest for me for the Route 66 Marathon on 11/18.


J~Mom said...

Ok, no more beat the train! That makes me bite my nails! Great run again and congrats on your mileage!

Unknown said...

123.4 miles! Wow!!!

teacherwoman said...

That a lot of miles for one month! I thought I was proud of my 30! hehehe:)

Jess said...

When you first began running, would you ever have imagined that you'd log that many miles in a month? It's amazing!

Randy - Maniac #788 said...

The truly amazing thing about all those miles in October is that I never really felt like I was running alot of miles. I never felt that I was going beyond what I had been doing in previous months, they just happened.

Pat said...

that's a cho cho fartlek. Good job. Don't listen to j-mom I saw her lay on the tracks before and I have the pictures to prove it.