Sunday, October 07, 2007

It was a GREAT Day!!!!

It's Sunday and for alot of runners it was the Chicago Marathon...way to go Casie, Jess, Laura, and Tim, those are at least the runners that I remember that made the trek to the Windy City. I know that Casie and Laura finished, I'm concerned about Jess I didn't see her times after the 10k point and I'm not sure of Tim's bib.

Another great thing occurred today. I had another session with my coach. He spent about an hour with me and another running buddy (Cindy) helping us with our gait and breathing and a few other body mechanic issues (shoulders, arms, hands, hips). We ran more or less for about 45 minutes with the following results:

Total Distance: 3.12 miles (We stopped once to talk about gait so this wasn't a fulltime run)
Total Time: 43:10
Pace: 13:49

Then his next appointment showed up and Cindy and I stayed and talked in the parking lot about a variety of things and didn't realize we had passed away another 40 minutes and coach showed back up with his student. Apparently they had made a circuit of the park and she was done. So he asked if we wanted to run another 1.5 miles or so with him so he got his 8 miles in for the day. Who were we to say no, so off we started, at a slow run or jog. It didn't take us long to realize we were going to run the circuit of the park and then just a bit more. That gave us a 5k total run....YESSSSSSS I did a 5k training run today and didn't stop from the time we started until we got to the 3.1 mark. Unofficial but still the distance. The results:

Total Distance: 3.12 miles
Total Time: 37:34
Pace: 12:04

Mile 1: 12:28/mi
Mile 2: 12:09/mi
Mile 3: 11:40/mi
.12 Mi: 11:14/mi

Yes!!!! negative splits too!!!!!! Ok, it's not record time or anything but it's just the fact that I've been kicking myself for sometime for not being able to go the distance for a 5k, and I did it today. Oh, and the other big thing was that this route in the park has quite a bit of hill to I"m thinking on a flat course I could have easily been in the 11:45/minute pace range. Yes I'm a happy camper tonight. No I didn't run the Chicago Marathon today but I feel that I did something creditable for myself and it's a first step towards more PR's down the road.


Unknown said...

good job - and negative splits too. woooohoooo

akshaye said...

great splits!

Mary Gee said...

Good job.

J~Mom said...

WOOHOO!!! Look at you!!

Marcy said...

Wow Randy you really killed that thing!! Awesome job!! ;D :D

Darrell said...

Isn't it cool what you can do when you don't even really realize you're doing it. Look out at the next 5K you tackle, it's going to be a good one.