Friday, October 05, 2007

Rest Day

Yesterday was a rest day. We actually had a dinner to attend last night for one of Bonnie's co-workers that is leaving their firm and moving out of state. So we did not have time to get her run in yesterday. Maybe a light run this evening, or a neighborhood walk, since I will be doing 15 miles tomorrow morning and she will be joining us for the last 6 of those miles.

My legs continue to feel good, very little pain in the area before where my shins were hurting.

It is so incredible, we have a half marathon coming up on Saturday next week and I'm truly only looking at it as just another training run. I remember the days back in April when I was freaking out and all nervous about the OKC Memorial HM. I'm sure come race day I will have some race jitters, as is to be expected.

I've got a map of the U.S. on my wall at work and Missouri is greyed out. One down, 49 to go!!!

Ok, what is it with Blogger that sometimes the post will show up right away but then there are those days like "today" when you hit "publish post" and the post does not show up? Frustrating to say the least.


Darrell said...

So you've set your sights on all 50 states! Very cool. Maybe we'll run into each other somewhere.

Randy - Maniac #788 said...

It may take me 10 years or so, but it's something I would like to shoot far.

Mary Christine said...
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Mary Gee said...

You are the man!!! For me, the HM still brings on nerves bordering on psychosis.

Pat said...

Sunday will be my 4th half this year and I still worry weather I'll be able to finish.

good luck on your 15 miler.

Michelle said...

So, when are you coming to run in California?? :-)

I think you would LOVE the Avenue of the Giants in May. You can do either a HM or full marathon, and it's the most beautiful course around here. Towering redwoods everywhere!

J~Mom said...

Let's go ahead and get Phoenix scheduled. :>)