Thursday, May 31, 2007

First Update from the Teva Mountain Games at Vail

We stayed overnight last night in Dillon, CO, just 30-45 minutes from Vail, but since we had left OKC a day early we didn't have a room in Vail until tonight. I wasn't able to run yesterday morning before leaving OKC due to a bad lightning storm that came thru around 5:00 AM.

Today my brother and I toured around the country-side and found some of the larger Colorado wildlife (elk and moose) up near Rocky Mountain National Park, on the west side.

Late this afternoon we found the check-in point for the Teva Mountain Games and got our bag of SWAG...and I do mean a very NICE bag of SWAG. We got a very good short-sleeved t-shirt with the TEVA and Mountain Games of Vail logos on it, TEVA running socks...again with the Mountain Games logo, a nice visor again with the logos, power bars, power drink, Zest Body Soap, since along with TEVA they are THE other major sponsor for this years games, and I mean a big honking bottle of body soap. And after what we learned today we will probably need it after the 5k Trail Mud Run on Saturday. They are making claims that if you don't get dirty enough during the run, that they have more mud to fix that issue. I can hardly wait.

Tonight we attended a "Flix and Pix" festival of sorts. They had a representative from the recent Telluride, CO "Mountainfilm in Telluride" festival here to showcase 5 or 6 brief films that pertain to some of the extreme events taking place here this week (kayaking, mountain biking, swimming, etc) and they also gave out awards for best photos submitted as part of the games that pertain to the various sports, each winner taking home $500 and the overall winner capturing $1,500. At this event I caught a Mountainfilm in Telluride t-shirt that was thrown out to the more SWAG.

I can hardly wait to see what tomorrow brings. I was going to post some pics tonight but my camera is in my brother's truck so they will have to wait until tomorrow. I'm planning on at least a 3 mile run in the morning before meeting my Dad and his wife here for breakfast at 9:30. I'm hoping that my brother will run with me.....I think he will. More later.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Weight, No I Meant Wait...Yes Weight

One of my cyber running buds, Michelle, wrote on her blog about a weight issue and in writing a post to her it made me realize that maybe it's time to admit that I'm struggling, not so much with the running, well ok yes there too, but more so with my weight issues.

On August 5, 2006 I tipped the Weight Watcher scales at a mighty 246 and I could feel all the extra weight. According to WW calculations I should be no more than 179, a whopping 67 pounds away. Bonnie and I started going to meetings again and journalling our food and along with that, watching portion sizes again. We had both joined WW back in April of 2002 and I lost down to 191 then, only to gain it all back and more.

At my surgery in 2005 my weight then was around 225 I think, and by the time I left the hospital I was down to 212 or so. But you can see I didn't keep it off. Being the intelligent person I can sometimes be, I knew I had to make some changes in my life...thus our walking back into WW in August of last year....well since that time, Bonnie has re-attained her Lifetime weight level with WW...again....and I'm still struggling.

Since the beginning of the year when I started to run seriously....almost 300 miles ago....I've managed to "maintain" my weight in a 211-219 range. However, I'm not journalling as consistently as I should, I'm also not watching portions as much as I should...more or less eyeballing things...all the time...instead of just some of the time...I do try to eat better foods...that is some of the reason I've not allowed myself to launch back over 220 again.

I've found myself using running as an excuse...needing to carb up for the HM that I ran in April and such...but I'm not officially training for anything now...and I need to be losing more of the pounds.....I'm hoping that admitting this issue to all of you and anyone else that stumbles onto my blog will help me to kickstart things once again and get back into that groove of losing 1-2 pounds per week.

I want to do it...I know I can do it...I so want to see what it feels like to be in that 170-175 range again and I don't think it is out of reach....

Here is a photo of what Bonnie and I looked like last summer about a month before we started the weight loss journey again....this was taken during our summer vacation...a day or two before I took the photo of her with Richard Thomas...

Bonnie is the one in the blue shirt and long pants...she didn't run with us...this was last Saturday....she's at her goal weight, minus a few pounds, thus a Lifetime member of WW again...oh and that's me standing next to her...looking like the Heinz Mustard bottle.

So you can see I've got a ways to go yet.....I so want to be at or near 179 by the time I run the HM in Durango, CO in October. I know I can do it....I know I can....and I want to see how my times improve by not having to carry that extra 30+ pounds down the road.....

Let this be a warning to those pounds...they are going to be melting away......there will be a new image to be seen in the months to come.....stay tuned.....

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Bonnie with "John Boy Walton"

Does anyone remember the TV show "The Walton" and Richard Thomas as John Boy Walton? We ran into Richard in Silverton, Colorado last summer and Bonnie, being the shy person she is, managed to ask him for a photo opportunity. He was glad to oblige, taking a minute out of his shopping with his wife.

We had seen him in a local restaurant and when he and wife got up to leave, they walked right by Bonnie as we were leaving as well. The area of the restaurant where they sat all yelled after them..."Good night John Boy".


Well I think I may have finally...finally got my profile photo issues cleared up by opening an account at Photobucket. Thanks to someone that suggested them, I can't remember who it was, so I apologize ahead of time. We shall see if the photo stays up for a while this time. I'm still not sure what the problem was before, but if this works...who cares.

It's been raining here all day and we are under a flash flood watch most all of today. I'm not sure that my running partner and I will get our mileage in tomorrow morning or not. We are hoping to do at least an hour...something close to 5 miles and if possible make the entire circuit around Lake Hefner, which will be a first for me, I think it is about 9 miles for a complete lap.

I've been icing my legs off and on today, espeically the left one and they feel better. They weren't used to the pounding from yesterday's 10k, but they are recovering.


Well yesterday I pushed my legs to a different level and I should have come home and iced them. I did ice my left leg for a while but I didn't listen to it and I should have iced a bit longer in different places. This morning the area above my ankle is talking to me, pleading for attention. I have no intention of running today so that is a relief of sorts it says, but the pleading is for more before church I'm sitting here with my lower calf on ice. The relief was quick, I could almost hear my leg sighing..."ahhhhhhhhhh" when the ice was applied. If we would only listen better, or as my wife sometimes will say....."if you only would listen twice as much to what I say...then you would hear 100% of what you need to hear"....or some close quote.

Depending on how my legs react to icing and rest today I have been asked to run with one of my Mon/Wed partners tomorrow on a new route, a flat route that will take us potentially around Lake Hefner, an 8 or 9 mile run. We would be back to our 1/1 interval, which I think would be a good recovery routine for me just now. I will see how I feel tonight, plus we need to watch the weather as it may turn nasty around here today and in to tonight as well.

Yesterday during the 10k, I found myself listening to my left brain and it was saying "I can't run at this pace....I can't finish this race"....then I would remember Galloway's words...."power" and "glide"....and I would find right brain working to overcome the negative vibes by saying...."I can...I can...I can" and convincing myself that is is much easier to say "I can" while running than it is to say "I can't" and it worked....I also began to use Galloway's words..."power and glide" together...helping me to get my legs in sync with my right brain in powering thru each run segment....gliding versus "striding" and it seemed to be helpful as well. Word games I know but....hey...whatever it takes...whatever it overcome the devil that is trying to push the body back to the AIN"T gonna happen.

Even though my legs ache today...I feel great, I'm happy, I know I can still improve, and I know that I will succeed, all it takes is a goal and a plan to reach that goal....then creating the image of attaining the long term goal is completing a marathon....I can definitely see myself at and through the shorter term goal is a sub-30 minute 5k....and with more training...consistent training it will happen as well....and rather than saying it will happen soon....I'm telling myself it will happen when my body is body and mind are a team....working either together or against one another.....and for now they are working together....more than against each success is in the future....

OMG....where did all that rambling come from? Sorry about that.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

My 10k New PR!!!!

I ran in the Andy Payne 10k this morning, it's actually called the Willie Nelso 10k, why I am not sure. Andy Payne apparently was a Native American that back in the '20s or '30s ran a "marathon" of sorts that started on the west coast and ended on the east coast of the country and he won the race, taking home $25,000 as prize money. Anyway he is a bit of a folklore hero here in Oklahoma.

Yes I set a new PR, 1:11:17, moving well past my previous 10k in April that was over 6 minutes...woohoo.

I ran with another club friend who felt like we could do a 4/1 interval and though I was a tired puppy when we crossed the finish line I was able to stay up with her. Only twice did we actually walk for 2 minutes and that was at my request to get a better recovery. I think the 4/1 interval will be doable for me long term I just need to get adjusted to the longer running time.

The splits look like:

Laps Time Pace HR Avg HR Max
Lap 1 10:58 10:58 135 147
Lap 2 10:51 10:51 150 159
Lap 3 11:01 11:01 153 161
Lap 4 11:41 11:41 153 162
Lap 5 11:25 11:25 156 163
Lap 6 12:00 12:00 154 165
Lap 7 3:50 12:03 156 170
Totals 1:11:17 11:22 151 170

On the final lap (Lap 7) I forgot to stop my Garmin on the finish line chip pad so there is about 30 seconds added to the time...but the total time reflects the chip time for the race.

I was able to recover very quickly, my HR was back to normal (under 70 bpm) within 10-15 minutes after finishing. I had a bit of left leg pain off and on, but nothing significant there today. Overall, I feel great. The 4/1 was a bit of a stretch for me and I need to spend some more training time at that interval to get more comfortable with it.

Friday, May 25, 2007

What's with my Profile Photo

I don't understand what is happening with my profile photo, sometimes it there sometimes it's not. Now it's gone again. Am I doing something wrong in how I put it up? I'm just enough of a geek to be clueless.

Anyway, here are the numbers that I promised from my Tuesday 5 mile run:

Laps Distance Time HR Avg HR Max
Lap 1 1 mile 12:08 141 165
Lap 2 1 mile 11:09 151 161
Lap 3 1 mile 13:28 150 165
Lap 4 1 mile 13:58 148 159
Lap 5 1 mile 12:38 149 161
Total 5 miles 1:03:26 148 165

Not the greatest of numbers, but I keep telling myself there were two significant hills that I'm not used to running on as well as a gain in elevation of almost 2500 feet. The other thing it tells me is to TAKE MY TIME when we run in Vail, CO on June 2.

Tues-Fri Recap

Not much to recap really. I did get to do a 5 mile run/walk on Tuesday. I don't have my watch info loaded anywhere yet so will have to do the details later. I did the run at a very different elevation than what I run here in OKC. I was in a place called Sharon Springs, KS, elevation approx. 3500 feet. OKC is about 1100, so about triple the elevation. I finished the run in 1:03:00, which is about 5 minutes slower than my best 5 mile training time in the OKC area. So I figured that it wasn't too bad considering the elevation differences. I also ran two hills on this run, neither were shart changes, but over maybe a mile to the max elevation going out and coming back.

On the return to my hotel I was chased by a rather interesting storm. I knew the storm was coming when I decided to run and I figured I had an hour to beat it and I just did by maybe 20 minutes. The clouds immediately overhead got that twirly tornadic counterclockwise motion to them but the system seemed confused, good for us, and never dropped a funnel. I did see this system develop though almost overhead and it was interesting to watch. Yes we had a shelter in the basement of the hotel that we could move immediately into if it became necessary. The town sirens went off three times, but we escaped unscathed.

And that my friends has been the extent of my running this week thus far. I do have a 10k race tomorrow and will be glad to get into that. Today is a bit of a funk for me that I will try to explain in a seperate post later today.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Teva Trail Run - Vail, CO 5k

What am I thinking? My brother mentioned that he is wanting to take a short vacation and go to Vail, CO over the first weekend in June and I offered to go with him if he would swing through OKC and pick me up. That way I could share the gas with him. He took me up on the offer. Then he got sick, but today he called and said he ran a 5k training run and feels alot better, so the trip is back on again. We leave on May 31 and we will be back in OKC on June 3.

The run should be interesting to say the least. I'm excited about it. The things we do to tease ourselves.

Monday Morning Run/Walk

It's 6:30 and I have gotten 4.65 miles in that felt good for the most part until the last quarter mile when I sucked in either a bug or some of the cottonwood fuzz from one of the trees around, either way it just about made me hurl in the middle of the street. Which ever it was it didn't leave a bad taste in my mouth...woohoo

Distance Time Avg HR Max HR
Lap 1: 1.00 mile 13:18 118 132
Lap 2: 1.00 mile 13:13 125 141
Lap 3: 1.00 mile 12:05 133 150
Lap 4: 1.00 mile 12:24 142 154
Lap 5: 0.65 mile 09:09 142 160
Total: 4.65 mile 1:00:01 131 160 Avg Pace: 12:54

Not bad on the splits, but I need to work on the speed...but still not bad for a run/walk effort the entire time. Mondays are our slow easy day though so I'm happy.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Gusher Gallop 5k Photos

My wife is my biggest supporter...she's taken photos of me at just about every race, or at least attempted to. The camera gave her some problems at the first couple of races but she's so diligent and works hard to get pics. She got several good pics for the Gusher Gallop yesterday, then we didn't take our smaller camera to the Bricktown Blaze and as a result we didn't get any pics of her running there with me, what a heel I can be.

Yes I'm in the yellow "mustard" shirt again. Here I am with Bill Morris another member of the Edmond Running Club...we are discussing the weather, it was in the mid to high 50's at race time with a 5-10 mph wind from the south and there was rain in the area so the wind was a bit nippy at times.

For those that have been around "Boston" Bill Rodgers, they should know about his tousled hair, here I am at the start with my attempt to mimic his hair style for I well know I cannot mimic his racing abilities.

Coming to the finish line, I had played tag with the lady in the green shorts for the past 1 or 2 km's. I wanted to beat her, but the official time says we crossed the finish exactly together, 33:06. As I mentioned in my post yesterday this was a PR for me in a 5k, I shattered my previous best by almost 2 minutes....I hope that says I'm improving.

Leg report the day after the two 5k's: No pain from either leg, left leg gave me just a slight problem last night on the one hill we had to run in the Bricktown Blaze, but it went away and was not an issue at the finish line.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

2nd 5k of the Day is History

Bonnie and I ran in the Bricktown Blaze 5k this afternoon. It was warm, in the low 80's by race time I think. Anyway we finished at the same time 37:37, it was another PR for Bonnie...woohoo. She was getting very tired by the end though and did not believe she would beat the time of her previous 5k, but I believe she beat her time by almost a minute. Cheers to her. The finish line was really cool because it was inside the minor league baseball park that is in Oklahoma City. Some of the players actually were at the finish to greet us, even those of us finishing at the back of the pack, it made it special.

As for me and completing two 5k races in one day, I feel great. No new pains or aches from either race. I'm proud of my effort from this morning. I've cut almost 3 full minutes off my first 5k that I ran back on the first weekend of March. I would like to think with some serious training I can get my 5k race times under 30 minutes by the end of the year.

I will see what pics that Bonnie took this morning and see if I can get one or two posted either later tonight or tomorrow sometime.

One 5k Down - One to Go

I PR'ed the 5k this morning alternating between a 2/1 run/walk and a 1/1 run/walk cycle...just listening to what my body felt like it could do. The first two cycles were at a 2/1 pace, then I had a series of 1/1 cycles out to the half-way point. After the turn I snuck in a 2/1 then a 1/1 and one other 2/1, then a series of 1/1 cycles before finishing with a 2 minute run cycle to the finish line. Final time 33:06 that calculates to a 10:39 pace according to's calculator. My Garmin is still in the vehicle. Anyway, it was a good improvement over my last 5k PR of 34:55.

I'll post more later after Bonnie and I finish the second 5k and get home from the baseball game. Because we are running we are entered in a drawing to throw out the first two pitches of the game...that would be cool to do as well. I'll post some race pics then too.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Two Days of Rest

I know that I have just gotten back to running this week, but I took off yesterday and today in preparation for the two 5k's that I will run tomorrow. The first is at 8 "AM", and the second is at 5:30 "PM"....not in the morning. I'm pumped for them both and doubly excited about the second as Bonnie will be running with me. I'm really proud of her that she's making an effort to run with me at times and especially proud and grateful for all her support in the other races that I've participated in...she's always been there with verbal support and physical things too (water, gatorade, energy food) and lots of love too. I don't think I could stick with this if I didn't have her support.

I'm not sure if I've posted any photos of her so I will do just that today...she's great and I love her dearly (though she hates that word...dear...thinks it refers to little "blue-haired" older women). She's definitely a keeper.
My daughter took this photo and we aren't sure just what she did with the camera was after the OKC HM, but it looks like we were cut and pasted into the legs will tell you that we were indeed there. Bonnie will laugh at this photo too as I've just run my hand through my hair and she giggles when I do that at how it often looks afterward....well I happen to find out before the race that Boston Billy Rodgers has a habit of doing the same thing with his hair....not that we are of the same race caliber...but at least I can say that I raced with him in my first Half Marathon...woohoo.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wednesday Good Run But Tired

I was out of bed just before 4 am this morning and we were running by 4:45. We again did a bit of a slow pace, but that is ok with me at least until I get some base rebuilt. We did 4.21 miles at an 14:14/mile pace. I'll be running alone Friday morning so will see how that goes. I'm hoping to hit closer to 5 miles in 60 minutes or preferably less. After running this morning though I have been out of it all day, I ate a grilled chicken chef salad at lunch, but have been on the verge of closing my eyes and sleeping all day. I finally did just that when I got home and napped for about 45 minutes before our church group meeting tonight. The doorbell apparently even rang and I didn't hear it! I'm more awake now in time to go to bed, my eyes are still a bit scratchy, so I'm wondering if I found an allergy this morning, maybe the cottonwoods.

Thanks to all about the comments on my new photo, it's one from the HM that Bonnie took, actually my daughter took it.

Oh OH some good news about the run this morning was that at that pace I kept my heart rate to an average of 129...and a max of lows for me. I know it will be higher on Friday but maybe I'm finally building a bit of endurance and will see it slowing a bit for me as I get more accustomed to running.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tuesday Afternoon

I decided last night to not get up and run this morning, thinking that I would run this afternoon when it was warmer to see how I would do in the heat, since Bonnie and I will be running on Saturday in a 5k at 5:30. I forgot though that a cold front was rolling through today and it's cooler now that it was early this morning I think. I still ran though, did 3.0 miles of run/walk at an 11:55 pace. I was really surprised at the pace because my body seemed to feel like I was doing more like a 13:30 or so pace. Still no major aches or pains anywhere.

It is such a pain in the backside to get old. I have this great Garmin 305 watch, but I'm so hard of hearing that I can't hear it beep at me to switch from run to walk and vice versa. I have to keep a pretty diligent watch on the time to know when to switch. I'm thinking of investing $30 in a Timex Ironman that I can remove the band and pin to my shirt on my shoulder so that "maybe" I can here it beep from there. Then too I can get away from having to set the Garmin to interval training and I can go back to letting the autolap feature track my individual miles, which I would prefer too.

Oh and I had great fun this afternoon trying hard not to suck cottonwood "cotton" down my throat as I was running. I wonder where those things go in the early morning, I don't remember seeing or feeling them yesterday. One of life's many mysteries.

Teacherwoman - it was good to hear from you and good to know you've been celebrating graduation just a tad. Congratulations!!!

J-Mom are you switching to decaf for real? I can't do that stuff, would rather quit totally than have to switch that way.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Here are Two Reasons that Papa Bear Runs

Jordin almost 18 months old and younger brother Dylan almost 4 months old.
(these are proofs if they appear grainy)

Easy Monday

Well, finally I got back on the streets. I did an easy 4.37 miles at a 13:37 pace. My leg was just a little tight until the second mile then it was fine after that. Definitely no severe pain like I experienced last Tuesday. I intend to keep going slow this week to work back into things and still avoid any hill work for the rest of this week.
I have a 5k coming up Saturday morning and then Bonnie and I are doing another 5k late Saturday afternoon that will finish up by running in the OKC Bricktown Ballpark, so we get into the baseball game for free.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

One More Day

It's now less than 24 hours till I can tie my shoes back on again...woohoo. My leg has responded to the meds, and it feels good. I have promised myself to stay away from the hills for a while as I build back up to speed. I'm also promising myself to find a track to get in some initial interval runs to work on speed...again not right off the bat but within a few weeks.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Recuperating Update

I feel like I'm being lazy, but I understand that things have to heal too. My leg feels better today than it has all week. I guess the meds are starting to work. No! I won't push things until Monday. From how things feel today it would seem that the problem was some type of soft tissue thing. I've been icing it still off and on for 10-15 minutes at a time.

My wife got to do a run/walk around our neighborhood and I had to sit and watch her go and then see her back all glistening (as women do with sweat) when she returned. She looks great and I'm glad that she's working her way into becoming somewhat of a runner. I wouldn't be surprised that she goes by me in time because she is actually in better overall health than I am. At least she hasn't had any bypass surgeries.

Monday seems so far away, but I keep telling myself to be patient and things will be better and I will be much happier.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Results from the Doctor

Well, initial x-rays say that I don't have a stress fracture...good...but I've been put on anti-inflammatories for 5 days so no running until at least Monday. If the pain hasn't subsided or gone away by Monday then they want to schedule an MRI....sigh....

So I'll be good and not even take my running shoes with me for my overnight trip tomorrow and I will continue to ice it and find other things to do. Walking doesn't hurt so I've got that to fall back on....but I don't like being laid up already.....

Thanks for everyone's ideas, suggestions, and comments.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

WooHoo!!!!! I Can Do Tables

Thanks TeacherWoman!!!!

With your help I have put some basic tables into my blog and I personally think they look sharp. They won't help me run faster, or will they? I've been sitting here with my left leg on a chair icing the area of pain that I've been experiencing, so maybe this computer time will actually help me run better...soon.

Another Rainy Morning in Oklahoma

Sounds like a song...opps it already was a song in Georgia I think. I did get in an easy 3 mile run in our neighborhood just about dark last night. Bonnie ran with me for the first two miles. My leg was sore but tolerable. Afterwards I did ice it for 10 minutes then off for a couple for up to an hour and it does feel a bit better this morning. I'm at least walking without a limp today. During the run last night it was hurting but it wasn't enough to make me want to stop. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions and thoughts.

I have an early meeting this morning so no running early regardless of the rain. Maybe later this evening again.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Rain-out Morning

Well it was a rather stormy night in Oklahoma. This morning the lightning was still popping with too much frequency to make running safe so I opted to sleep in for a bit.

This weekend was great. Bonnie and I spent time with our grandkids down in Dallas as they were there to visit another set of grandparents for two weeks. We did get in a short 2 mile run yesterday morning. We were chased briefly by a rather large dog. He seemed to be alot of bark until he dashed at Bonnie and got close enough to touch her with his nose, fortunately his teeth were not bared at the time. A good samaritan drove up behind us and attempted to put his truck between the dog and us and at that point the dog returned home. Close call none the less. Makes me think about pepper spray at least when we are in neighborhoods that we don't know.

I still have an elusive pain in my left leg, midway between knee and ankle (front side), very localized and doesn't feel like shin splints at all. Advil helps and it seems to dissipate when I either walk or run for a bit on it. Is it possible to have a stress fracture of one of the two bones in that area from running? I have not hit my leg on anything. Frustrated.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Easy Week

I'm getting back into things easy this week. Still no pain to speak of, except for a concentrated area about mid left calf on the front. It aches when I get up from sitting but goes away soon after I start to walk or run. Weird pain. Ice helped it last night before bed too.

Thus far this week I did 4.34 miles on Wednesday and 3.49 miles today. Will try for 5 miles tomorrow morning before heading to Dallas to visit and play with our two grandkids over the weekend. I might sneak in a 5k while in the Dallas area on Saturday.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

OKC Memorial Half Marathon Photos and Comments

My wife and daughter did all the photo work for this run and they did a great job I think:

This is me with my lovely daughter Lindsey, she ran about a mile with me during the race.

In between 2 and 3 miles and not feeling any pain as yet. There are two running club parters here with me, the lady to my right and the guy with the dew rag over my left shoulder. They are great running partners and did a wonderful job of slowing me down at the start. Bonnie says I could do a mustard commercial in that shirt. I thought it was a lovely shade of blue, was I disappointed.

RB and I are between miles 8 and 9 here I believe. Our other partner is somewhere behind us, but Bonnie waits on him to come along also. RB sets a great pace for me that will make sure I get to the finish with her.

Here comes CS, he had some problems early on but he's still a finisher. He's one of those long time marathoners that is so in tune with his body and listens well so that injury just isn't in the picture. I need to learn something here.

Bonnie ever the supporter making sure that CS stayed hydrated and that while he may have been slightly behind us, he was not forgotten. She makes a great cheerleader, not just for the three of us, but for anyone that is going by.

Between miles 11 and 12 and RB is having just waaaay to much fun. By now my legs are starting to feel a bit like rubber. She pushes me onward, at this point we can see our last major hill. She's actually waving to the camera, as Bonnie was yelling her name and she didn't recognize her right away and was wondering who it was that knew her.

The three tired muskateers. CS on the left, RB in the center and yours truly very proud to have my first half marathon behind me. The medals that we received were very nice and were of an image of the "Survivor Tree" an icon of the 1995 Bombing, the lone tree in the blast area that survived.

Last but not least, me with my honey and bestest supporter, Bonnie.

April Mileage Oddity

Wow!!! I started April off doing 13.1 miles and I ended April by doing 13.1 miles. Is that too weird or what? All I need to do now is marry those two events into a single event in December in Dallas. The 87.5 total miles for the month was also a new monthly high for me as well.

Edmond Running Club Meeting

We held our April meeting last night and had election for officers and board members. Yours truly was elected as a board member-at-large. No it has nothing to do with size. We have a very active running club and they were looking for some "new blood" on the board so I decided to volunteer.
The meeting should have taken place last Monday but it was postponed to allow for those who would run in the OKC Memorial Marathon events the opportunity to "tell their stories". It was a fun meeting as everyone had a story, even those that didn't run.