Monday, August 27, 2007

Run/Walk Monday

Well this day started out that we were just going to walk, then we finally decided that we would run, so let it be that we did a very slow hour....which after our 20 on Saturday this was a good recovery day. I'm not sore, have no blisters, and I'm ready to go more....

Total Time: 1:02:50
Mile 1: 15:25
Mile 2: 15:50
Mile 3: 13:57
Mile 4: 13:24
Last 0.38 mile: 10:59 pace
Avg HR: 131
MAX HR: 166

Nothing like starting out walking to assure yourself of negative splits....LOL...

Sunday, August 26, 2007

20 Miler is History

Yesterday we ran our longest run before the Lewis & Clark Marathon on September we start to taper...which is good since we will be on vacation starting this coming Friday until September 9 in North Dakota and Minnesota....but back to the run...

We started at 4 AM...yes that is 4:00 AM. It was just Rachel and I to start with, then Clyde joined us around the 7 mile rained, or actually drizzled on Rachel and I between miles 1 and 2, so now I guess I can officially say I have run in the felt good, cooling, but then it was gone.

Oh before I get too far into Garmin worked fine...a report from it will be down below...

In past long runs I've had issues with bathroom breaks....I've not had any urges to take them and have been wondering if something was wrong of if I was sweating out all the fluids I was taking in that my body didn't a result I've been nicknamed "Camel" by Rachel. Well today between 8 and 9 I got the urge and had to stop at a Wal-Mart to use the facilities...oh baby what a relief. I know TMI....

At the 11 mile point I had to stop and take a small boulder out of my left shoe...I was surprised at how good my foot felt just being out of that hot a breath of fresh air...I was tempted to "release" my right foot but the rest of me didn't want to take the I'm off again.

Today I felt great until we hit the 18 mile point...I don't know if that was my wall...but at least temporarily I was glad I had other runners with me because I might have stopped otherwise. At this point I was starting to feel something on the forefoot of my right foot and feared a blister the size of Rhode Island...ok make that Montana....more on that later.

Starting at mile 14 we did some weaving through neighborhood streets to take advantage of early morning shade after the sun had come up and burned off the rain clouds that had been in the area. This felt good to be able to duck into some shade as we moved along.

Bonnie joined us at mile 15 and ran the rest of the way with us. She is such a trooper and great supporter...this time it was me that needed the words of encouragement that I could finish, that I was looking good....she was great, and I love her.

My heart rate was so averaged 127 for the entire 20 miles and it only peaked at 158....I was so amazed.

Well the issue with the bottom of my right foot, turned out it was not Rhode Island nor was it Montana...when I finally got my shoes and socks off...after we had stopped at IHOP for the breakfast of champions...or at least tired runners....I discovered my feet were red and hot...but NO blisters!!!!! Yea!!!!!!!

I did sprint to the finish line, which surprised me that I had that left in me.

Today I'm tired, but happy knowing that I can finish the marathon, excited knowing that it will be my first....a little apprehensive about those last 6 miles that I have yet to experience though. I'm contemplating carrying an extra pair of socks with me just in case my feet need some relief on that last stretch.....any ideas there?

Total Time: 4:55:14
Pace: 14:37 (As a training pace I"m happy with that)
Mile 1: 14:27
Mile 2: 13:21 (rain)
Mile 3: 14:34 (bathroom break for Rachel)
Mile 4: 13:40
Mile 5: 14:24
Mile 6: 16:09 (bathroom break for Rachel)
Mile 7: 13:11 (Clyde joined us)
Mile 8: 15:16 (bathroom break for Randy)
Mile 9: 16:02
Mile 10: 15:22 (rock in shoe)
Mile 11: 15:47
Mile 12: 14:05
Mile 13: 17:07
Mile 14: 14:01
Mile 15: 16:08 (Bonnie joined us)
Mile 16: 13:16
Mile 17: 15:27
Mile 18: 13:36 (The WALL)
Mile 19: 13:13
Mile 20: 13:47
Last 0.19 mile: 11:12 pace

With this run I've finally gotten over the 500 mile mark for the year!!!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Garmin Update

I talked to Garmin this morning on the phone. They were most helpful and gave me instructions on how to reset the watch...."hit the mode and the reset buttons at the same time", then hit the power button. It came right I'm hoping I'm safe for now. Time will tell, but I am getting a bit anxious as we get closer to marathon time in September.

This Saturday is our last long day (20 miles...yes a whole 20!!!!) and then we start to taper for the marathon...which is great as we will be leaving for Minnesota and North Dakota on 8/31, and will be gone for a week.

I'm getting excited about the marathon...about running the full!!!!!! I can do it!!!!

Another Bust For Garmin

I tried to turn on my Garmin on Monday and it worked and I thought all was well. But this morning I tried it again and it just sat there not responding. So I guess I will have to do the inevitable and write to Garmin to see what they will do towards a repair or replacement.

We did 5.0 miles at a 13.11 minute/mile pace for a total time of 1:05:55. It was warm muggy humid morning. I will try to write more later if I have time.

Have a Great Hump Day!!!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Back!!!!!! After a Hectic Week

Well last week was a very loooongggggg week. I was in Western Colorado and Eastern Utah performing due diligence on facilities that my company would like to purchase. That meant 14-16 hour days and NO running. At least not until Saturday.

Bonnie and I did a 5k race "Run With the Bulls" starting from the Oklahoma City Stockyards, fortunately there was a favorable wind that kept the aromatic aroma away from us most of the time. I think my time was 37:26, but more importantly Bonnie ran a 37:16...yes she beat was one of those days when you start good and finish lousy. No excuses except it just didn't feel good. I'm proud of her though even though this wasn't a PR for her, you can't do that every time.

Today I did our typical Monday run/walk route. It was good to be back with my running buddies. I was able to finish strong but was tired when it was all said and done.

Well today I have budget work to finish, so I am not sure how much time I'll get to catch up on everyone's blogs, I'll give it a good try though.

Total Distance: 4.75 miles
Mile 1: 14:39
Mile 2: 15:24
Mile 3: 13:16
Mile 4: 13:28
.75 mile: 8:35
Total Time: 1:05:24
Pace: 13:45
Avg HR: 121
MAX HR: 164

Heart rate seems to be hanging in there, the Max is still coming down and continues to be the "sprint" that we do at the finish.

Have a GREAT Monday!!!! It feels good to be back.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Pancakes, Beer, and Nudity

According to Runner's World they have 15 ways to add fun to your run!!!!!

Today's run was actually 16.5 miles so the pace was a bit better at 13:20 minutes/mile....acceptable for me as a training run.

I got up super early (3:00 AM!!!!!) to get ready and also because I was responsible for 2 of our water/fuel drops. I got my legs warmed up via our heating pad and I was feeling really good. This run would be my longest to date and I was a bit nervous about it...actually apprehensive about it...after all, could I go the distance? I had done 14 two weeks ago and finished strong...but this was 2.5 miles further.

When I arrived at our starting point I was the first one there...go figure. I hit the start button on my Garmin and no go!!! I hit it again and nothing...then I panicked a bit hitting "all" the buttons and even looking for a reset button but in the end it was not going to be on my wrist. Again, I panicked and almost went home, neither Clyde or Rachel had arrived yet so I could just say I had slept in...but then they would find the water/fuel that I had dropped and I couldn't get them to believe some street person was feeling sorry for them, so I stayed. Clyde and Rachel both have other Garmin models and also Timex Ironman watches, so we were not hurting for technology....I just wouldn't have "MY" Garmin.

We set out together and enjoyed the early morning heat (around 80 degrees at 4:30 AM) minus the sun and much of the humidity. As it got closer to dawn though the humidity found us and we each looked like we had been running through lawn sprinklers.

Somewhere around mile 10 Rachel and I got ahead of Clyde for a while and he began shortcutting the route some by taking some alleways and meeting us on neighboring streets...see he's only training for a half marathon so he felt justified that he didn't need our training miles. We also ran into Bonnie somewhere in that 10 mile segment and she ran with me for several miles. Rachel had dropped back to run with Clyde for a while. Around mile 13 I got ahead of Bonnie...borrowing her Ironman to keep my run/walk intervals in check. She returned to her vehicle and had Clyde and Rachel coming by soon after that and ran with them.

Near mile 15 I ran into Rachel and Bonnie running together and Clyde some distance behind them. I decided to run back to our starting point with the girls. They had a good conversation going have to know Bonnie...she can handle a conversation anywhere anytime. They allowed me to break in once or twice but were quick to point out that I was getting them off their I just ran with them....When I could see the end in sight I began to sprint...maybe the last 1/4 mile or so and I finished strong, maybe 45 seconds ahead of the girls and several minutes ahead of Clyde...but the important thing was that we all finished!!!!

I had run further than I had ever done and I had managed to sprint the finish....I have one sore toe...bruised nail on my second toe of my left foot but it's nothing serious...I'm not experiencing any significant shin pain and it's now mid-afternoon.

BTW...I'm sitting in the Denver Airport waiting on my connection to Grand Junction.

Several interesting features of our run today...I think we collected maybe .20 cents towards Rachel's future entry into a marathon from road change that we found...I thought I had struck a gold mine when I found .06 cents near a phone booth...until Bonnie told me that Rachel had found a dime while they were running together.

I found out after we were done that we had a "mad bird" experience...and I originally thought I was the only one that had it. Turns out I was the be attacked by some crow/grackle looking bird. I had turned a corner and it flew up from somewhere, I didn't see land on a nearby powerline. Then it was behind me. Well a few steps later I felt something brush across my head and realized the bird had just divebombed my head. I kept a wary eye for a bit, but no other episode from it. After the run I was telling Bonnie about it and she giggled saying that the same bird in the same area divebombed first Rachel and then her....grazing their hair before swooping away. It was as if he or she was playing touch and go wiht our heads...maybe it was considered an act of bravery in birddom and a story worthy of telling little fledgling flyer grandbirds that I touched the mighty human as they were toddling down the black mass of rock (road).

This day helped me discover that I would much rather run with people that I know than to run alone. I enjoyed the morning and I feel great now. I am getting big time excited about the September Lewis and Clark Marathon (9/16).

My hat is off to Bonnie as well for coming out and running with us, we figured that she ran at least 5 miles and truly closer to 6 miles. She's a trooper and is making great strides with her running.

The Longest 16 Miles....History!!!!!

Well this has to be short as I'm trying to get packed and take Bonnie out to brunch before I have to leave for the airport.....I did 16 miles this morning...starting at 4:40 AM....yes that is done in 3 hrs 40 minutes, pace 13:45 min/mile. That's the short end of the long thing. I feel mostly shins aren't bothering me...I have one toe on my left foot that was bruised, but I'm basically ok.

The down side to Garmin didn't work this morning and it seems that it isn't charging. So I need to contact Garmin about it...I've heard they have a great service department...I hope that is true.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Saturday - A Day of Contemplation

No running or other workout today. We did errands and picked up some GU for my upcoming longer runs. In fact while we were out I got a call that our 16.5 mile run is on again for tomorrow morning. I'm glad to hear that, and I feel that I'm ready for it. This will be the furthest I've gone in one run ever. It should be hot and humid. It's 90 degrees now and it's almost 8:30 PM.

I hope that those who had races today did well in them and if you have a race coming up tomorrow that you will do your best!!!

This day has allowed me to rest yet another day and for that my right shin is starting to feel much perhaps listening to my body was indeed a wise thing. I've noticed as the day progressed that any effort of getting up from a chair or out of a car was less and less painful to the point where tonight I'm not bothered at all. The pain has only been there when I get up and put some weight on the right leg...after starting to walk the pain goes away...kind of weird it seems.

I'm flying to Colorado tomorrow afternoon, so after a 16.5 mile run in the morning I get to sleep I hope on the way to Colorado. I will be on the west slope thru Wednesday afternoon and then back in Denver Wednesday night until Friday morning. So I should get in some more altitude running. I hope at least that it will be cooler than here and I know the humidity will be much less.

Friday, August 10, 2007


I set my alarm for a run this morning and then I proceeded to go right back to sleep after it went off. Slacker comes to mind and today is supposed to hit 100 again, I think it did yesterday too. So I'm not so sure I could run tonight after work, maybe it's time to find my way back to the gym with keep my eye on her eyeing all the hunks there....or them oogling her...don't get me wrong I'm not the jealous long as they look at someone else....actually I'm very proud of her for her success in losing her weight and working hard to tone things up....I wish I could have the dedication to the weight loss that she's had....She's the most wonderful thing in my life right now. Well it's off to work we go...hiho...hiho....uhhoh...I don' want to go.....

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Just Because It's My "Off" Day

Marcy tagged me and this being my day off from any running activity, I'll cooperate....otherwise I know she would run up my back. Here goes:

Jobs I've Held:
Health & Safety Manager
General Manager
Senior Staff Safety Representative
Safety Supervisor
Safety Engineer (starting to see a trend here)
Bowling Alley Manager (college)
Engineering Technican
Grocery Sacker (wow that goes back a ways)

Places I've Lived:

Palestine, TX (I was born here)
Corpus Christi, TX (I was raised there)
College Station, TX (I went to college here)
Bethel Park, PA (I finally left TX for the first time at age's a big state)
Lincoln, IL (not much happened there)
Pasedena, TX
Deer Park, TX
Corpus Christi, TX (again)
Rock Springs, WY (Wild Wonderful Wyoming) (My wonderful daughter was born here)
Fort Worth-metroplex, TX
Boulder, CO
Farmington, NM
Flora Vista, NM (I met Bonnie on the internet while living here)
Midland, TX (Just married again, life is good)
Edmond, OK (finally I caught up with myself)

Movies I Can Watch Over & Over:

The Great Escape
Forrestt Gump
The Right Stuff
The Wizard of Oz
A Christmas Story
Any John Wayne movie
Any Jamie Lee Curtis movie (she could eat crackers...oh never mind)

Shows I Enjoy:

Any of the CSI SVU series
CSI Miami
Any and All M.A.S.H. reruns
NASCAR races

Places I've Been On Vacation:

In no particular order:
Grand Canyon
Jackson Hole, WY
Grand Tetons
Yellowstone National Park
Zion National Park, UT
Arches National Park, UT
Steamboat Springs, CO
San Francisco, CA
Lake Tahoe, CA
Branson, MO
Bryce Canyon National Park, UT
Park City, UT
Padre Island, TX
Durango, CO
Pagosa Springs, CO
Salida, CO
Cancun, Mexico (this was the best of times anywhere, it was my honeymoon with Bonnie)
Grand Forks, ND
Drayton, ND
Petrified Forrest, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Pinetop, AZ
Grand Lake, CO
Big Bend National Park

Favorite Foods:

Isn't this a bit like asking a drunk what his favorite drink is????
Chicken Fajita's from Ted's Mexican Restaurant in Edmond
Good BBBQ (brisket, turkey, sausage, ribs)
Macaroni and Cheese....with to have it
Prime Rib
but even better than Prime Rib....a true Porterhouse steak, not a T-Bone
Lemon Meringue Pie
Chocolate Meringue Pie
Pecan Pie
Good spaghetti
Flounder...broiled, stuffed, fried
Clam strips
Green beans
Fried or stuff mushrooms
Corn dogs
Funnel Cake
Ok....I'm hungry!!!!!

Websites I Visit Daily:

Your blogs
My blog
Genealogy websites
Google (where would the world be without google)

Body Parts I Have Injured:

Broken Vertabra in my back in high school playing basketball
Heart.....quadruple bypass 2 years on April 9, 2005

Awards I've Won:

I'm sure this is supposed to mean like "The Best Dressed", or "Most of Something" but nothing along that line comes to mind....My treasured award that I've won has to be Bonnie when she said she would marry me....bare none...the best thing that ever happened to me!!!

Nicknames I've Been Called:
Trash (from college...signified the way I bowled...yet I averaged 185 or better and was on the university travelling team...even have my name on trophies at Texas A&M to prove it...)
Dad (not just from my daughter either.....several of my employees call me Dad as well...I kind of like it).
Old Fart
The names I hear from Bonnie...I better not repeat here

Tag Others:
Back of the Pack

If I've tagged someone that has already been tagged...I apologize.....

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Hump Day Early Morning 5 Miles

It's not quite 6:30 AM here in the heart of the U.S. and our 5 miles is history for this day. It started slow and got better which is what we are after. No significant shin pains running again in my aging NB 1061's. My new ones should be here on Friday!!!!

Tonight I'll do another quarter mile in the Brooks Vapors...also will be working on some of my strengthening exercises during the day.

Total Distance: 5 miles
Mile 1: 15:33
Mile 2: 14:04
Mile 3: 13:02
Mile 4: 12:29
Mile 5: 11:29
31 ft: 0:03 (Where did this come from?)
Avg Pace: 13:19
Avg HR: 127
MAX HR: 169

My avg HR is really coming down as I get more and more acclimated to the heat and humidity it seems. I can't wait for the fall cooler weather to see what happens with my run/race times.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Run for Today.....0.25 Miles

As I promised...only a 1/4 mile run today in the Brooks I'm sitting with my right leg wrapped up in a heating pad....then when I'm ready for bed....ICE....

My's mine and everyone else has to be totally glad that they don't have it....according to just about a 2 minute time frame he saw me doing 4 different gaits and at times it looked like I was attempting several left hand turns on the treadmill. Like Lisa's really wild to watch your feet working frame by frame in a video...I would swear that those couldn't have been my way....

With my left foot...which was the most sporadic of the two....I could occasionally have a good foot plant...but when my foot would come up off the treadmill my heel would kick to the right almost every time, then all of a sudden my toes would be planting as if I were making a left hand turn...but I'm still trying to go forward on the treadmill...there was no corner to turn....

At some points in time...both feet would end up totally in front of the other...tho again the left foot seemed to dominate this action as well...go figure I'm left would look like at times that I was a one legged runner.....or was that supposed to be a one legged wall paper a butt kicking contest....

In the long run...the Vapors did seem to make my gait move towards a normal motion that was more runner friendly and less likely to be causing that is why I'm working on them very slowly....1/4 mile at a time...sneaking into them....trying to re-train the muscles in my fore-legs...and I can't remember their names....I'll have to get that information written down to blog it here.

As for exercises....I'm supposed to stand on one foot at a time...with the other foot tucked up behind the knee of the foot I'm standing on....for up to 5 minutes at a time...or until I wobble over...short of build up my ankles...

I'm supposed to write the alphabet with my toes extended several times a day.

He wants me to buy and "Ab Mat" from the net to do crunches with that will strengthen my obliques.

I'm stretching the front of my foot extended back behind me....the foot pointing in a 45 degree angle inward...then 45 degree outward....stretch on it each way...then relax....then the other leg the same thing....

Butt squats

I'm going to have to get him to give me some better notes on some of these things....or better yet I'll take a pad in next time and I'll take notes and pass them along.....I sound so disjointed with all of this it seems to me.....and add to that I've never taken a physiology course and no little or nothing about various body parts....the foot is connected to the connected to the connected to the hip....and inbetween is the knee....see

Well it's been fun...but it's time to stand for a bit like a pink flamingo.....night all....well maybe I'll be back when I fall over....

Monday, August 06, 2007

Awesome Group of Bloggers

I want to say that it feels really great to have such an awesome group of friends to blog with and to think we've never met. I so appreciate everyone's comments on my last few posts, what a great bunch of friends runners make.

This afternoon I stopped by our local running store, not by chance but intentionally. James knew I was coming in. I brought my NB's and my Brooks Vapors and my bare feet. He did a gait analysis for me on his treadmill, first bare footed, then with the NB's, then the Vapors, and then back to the NB's. My gait is TERRIBLE, I'm all over the treadmill, at times my left foot gives the appearance I'm making a left hand turn, at times I'm running with one foot totally in front of the other, at other times I'm striking almost flat footed, other times I'm more on my forefoot, then there are those rare times that I'm heel striking...and that's just barefooted and in the NB's. When I'm in the Vapors, which are more of a motion control shoe I tend to keep things closer to proper placement, more often I heel strike with them, but I still feel pain in my lower shins. He says that knowing now more about my gait he believes the pain, while it is associated with the motion control of the Vapors it's more related to my ankles not being strong enough, and that I've built such strong calf muscles and not worked on the muscles on the forefront of my shins...and that my obliques are out of shape as well...I'm a running a funny sort of way...I said that he didn't. He's given me some exercises for the ankles and the shins and made some suggestions for the obliques (core area).

My question for the day is along the lines of core exercises. I've heard several bloggers mention that today or tomorrow or whenever is going to be a core exercise day....who has an established routine for core exercises and where did you get it from?

I'm going to start doing quarter mile runs in the Vapors and then a walking return for a week....then build up to half mile runs with walking repeats just yet....this will help to strengthen some of the along the forefront of my shins that I've basically been ignoring. He assures me that by going to more of a motion control shoe I will be saving my knees and possibly my ITB down the road. I'm willing to try the things he's suggested to see what happens for a month or so. He's also agreed to order my NB 1061's so that I can continue to use them at least thru the marathon in September...he agrees that it is the wrong time for me to totally be switching shoes. But also recommends that I not do more than one or maybe two marathons in the NB's...he says they are a more neutral shoe and that allows my ankles to go all over the place.

Indirectly I believe I've got him for a coach. He wants to continue working with me on my gait, he's willing to be a major sponsor for our TeamAutism running group going to Honolulu for the marathon in December....he wants to donate our shirts and and maybe more for the runners/walkers that are going. Stacey if you read this before I get a chance to talk to you about it...I apologize...I just felt the need to talk about my efforts with James at Elite Feet this afternoon...he's got me very excited. After seeing the vidoe of my gait...I was able to clearly see that I don't have good form when I run....and I believe he can have a positive impact on my future as a runner.

So, I'll use the blog to keep updating everyone on the progress I'm making with the Brooks Vapors. I do agree with everyone that a pair of shoes should feel good right out of the box...but I've got to understand these shoes are trying to get me to run in a way that is different than what I'm accustomed to and I need to give my body some time to adjust.

Tomorrow is a rest running over a quarter mile...for the Vapors....I don't have to get up before the chickens...woohoo. guys and gals are an awesome group....I hope there will come a day when Bonnie and I can meet as many of you as possible......

4:00 AM Rise and Shine....It's Monday!!!

Normally I type a title to a post and then work from well a title wouldn't come so I'll add it at the middle or end of things if I remember...regardless it's Monday...maybe that's a title in and of itself.

Last night Bonnie and I snuck out of the house and did 2 slow miles on the park route near the house. We were back in the 13+ pace, but that was ok. I ended up keeping my Brooks Vapors and am trying to slowly get used to them....slowly....slowly...well we shall see. The two miles were somewhat painful on the shins to say the least, and I don't think I could have seriously gone much faster.

This morning, a typical Monday run/walk event with my running buddies. We did just over 4.6 miles in just over an hour....the numbers are all below.

Today, for the first time in a long time I felt like I could be running faster. I don't know if it has anything to do with yesterday's run or not. I ran slightly ahead of the other three people that I was with, never far enough away to be out of sight or anything, not even close....but just not close enough to be directly involved in any conversation. It felt weird, but it was as if my body was saying you need to be here. None the less the pace was pretty typical for our Monday route.

Sunday night totals:

Total Distance 2.01 miles
Mile 1: 13:19
Mile 2: 13:01
66.44 ft.: 0:16
Total Time: 26:37
Avg Pace: 13:13
Avg HR: 127
MAX HR: 148

Monday total:
Total Distance: 4.66 miles
Mile 1: 15:01
Mile 2: 15:14
Mile 3: 13:04
Mile 4: 13:35
0.66 Mi.: 7:46
Avg Pace: 13:53
Avg HR: 129
MAX HR: 170

Interesting fact: Through out the sprint at the last and my max HR would have been 147. Today's temp was 76 degrees, humidity 80%....down some that is good.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

"That was Yesterday and Yesterday's Gone"

Wonder who can remember the rest of the words of that song....did Chad and Jeremy sing it?....I'm just an oldie.

News Flash: I did run last night. After working at church and then attending the last worship experience for the day, Bonnie and I did an easy 4 mile run in the park across from our neighborhood. We did two laps in a area that is relatively flat. This run was at a pretty slow pace, the humidity seemed high, probably was around 75% or so, temp was 88 and there wasn't much wind. I'm proud that Bonnie stuck with it and got the entire 4 miles done with me.

Then I got up this morning and did another 4 miles on the streets. I guess my bug has passed or is mostly gone. I appreciate everyone's thoughts yesterday, but I'm glad that I was feeling better to the point where I could run. I don't feel tight in my chest, at least not like I did yesterday morning. I'm pretty proud of the numbers with this run and this includes some minor hills too. I guess I pushed my envelope just a bit on this run, this is the best pace for this kind of distance (4 miles) that I've ever a PR for a training run...haven't done that in a while!!!!!

Good luck to Mary on her tri today, and to Michelle on her race.

Last night's run with Bonnie:

Total Distance 4.0 miles
Total Time: 51:56
Mile 1: 12:36
Mile 2: 12:51
Mile 3: 13:13
Mile 4: 13:14
Avg Pace: 12:59
Avg HR: 139
MAX HR: 152

This morning's run:

Total Distance 4.0 miles
Total Time: 46:26
Mile 1: 11:38
Mile 2: 11:51
Mile 3: 11:37
Mile 4: 11:19
Avg Pace: 11:36
Avg HR: 150
MAX HR: 169

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Yesterday is a Long Way From Today

Oh how things can change, overnight....or even from hour to hour. Yesterday I ran 4 miles early in the morning. While I was running I was sucking on a throat losenge feeling a twinge in my throat with an occasional cough. Today I was supposed to be up again doing 8 miles with my running partners. I did get up at the appointed time but only to call and say that I wouldn't be making it today. The twinge in my throat has moved into my chest and I felt that any running effort on my part would leave me so short of breath that I would end up on some curb gasping.

So here I sit at 9:30 having slept in. Bonnie put me in a t-shirt at 4:45 this morning and attached a piece of flannel to it and rubbed Vicks Vapor Rub all over my chest under the flannel...don't's a North Dakota family remedy that she's brought south. I know that from about 5:15 on I slept totally covered and sweating and it felt great. I got up about 30 minutes ago and have already downed an extra large, extra tall glass of orange juice. I also took a Sudafed at 4:45 and can feel it working as well.

Do I feel bad for not running this morning? Not as bad as I might have felt if I had not wrote the post yesterday. My body needed the rest, and for once I was smart enough to allow it to happen. So no run today, and I may go back to bed before long.

There are several bloggers that are running today or tomorrow in races and or tri's of some sort....I wish you all the greatest of luck...actually I hate saying "wish you luck" because you are all trained to a point where luck isn't going to get you to the finish line...your intelligent ability to push your body towards the finish line will get you there, luck has nothing to do with it...therefore...I wish you to have your greatest effort in what you are undertaking this prayers of safety are with you all.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Why Do We Beat Ourselves Up When We Have a Down Day????

It's such an inbred human nature to expect to always be our best, do our best, to perform at a peak level of efficency, yet because we are human and there are so many different working parts of the body that ALL have to function perfectly to have a truly UP day, we are way to quick to beat ourselves up when something isn't working as well as it should.

Even finely tuned atheletes will have days that aren't near their peak performance ability...they are still far out ahead of the rest of us, but still by their standards they too have those kinds of days...just as a baseball player falls into a hitting slump....something has to change to bring about other change. Don't let yourself fall further down by seeing a down day as a failure...perhaps it just your body telling you that it's ok to take it easy today, give me some rest and I'll show you what I'm really capable of tomorrow for that race....Going two or three sessions that are less than what you would expect doesn't mean that you are slacking...even a week with less than stellar performance can still be your body saying...I need a break today....look back at how hard you were training the month prior and maybe you can see the reason for what the body is saying.....if you cranked it up over the last month....there needs to be some down time to allow for recovery....

I am so glad that I can have conversations with myself in this fashion, it so helps me see that I'm not a 20 year old, that I don't have to lead the pack, that I can be slow and still be in the top 1% of the world that gets out and does something to continuously improve their health. Putting things in the right perspective helps and sometimes it takes a reality check to see that what I've done is far better than that person that hasn't crawled out of bed yet...or won't get out of the recliner tonight after work....popping can after can of beer through the weekend.

Today I went out and did 4 miles by myself. I had to talk to myself to get it done, to find the strength to not quit. My shins were hurting, my shoe came untied, it was soooo humid, I get tired of wondering if the car coming at me will yield to me, but in the end....I got it done. It wasn't my fastest time by any means...but it puts me further down the road, it puts me closer to my makes me feel good now that I'm done....even at a slow pace I'm a success.

Food for thought: Don't wear a pair of Mizuno shorts...with the zipper pocket in the butt...and carry a throat losenge on a hot humid day....they get really sticky by the end of 4 miles.

Total Distance: 4 miles
Total Time: 49:32
Mile 1: 11:59
Mile 2: 12:44
Mile 3: 13:26
Mile 4: 11:21 (where did this come from??)
Avg Pace: 12:23
Avg HR: 146
MAX HR: 171
Temp: 73
Humidity: 91%

Thursday, August 02, 2007

We Bleed Maroon


The link just above will take you to a song that was written by a local Texas group that consists of at least one Texas Aggie in the group. This song entitled "We Bleed Maroon" is about many special things associated with one of the greatest schools (my opinion). It was first great as a Corp of Cadets College, then as an integrated University, integrated in the sense that you no longer had to be a member of the Corp to attend...then integrated amongst the sexes. When I was a freshman at Texas A&M the men outnumbered the women something like 10 or 12 to 1. When I graduated 5 long years later the ratio had already dropped to like 4 or 5 to 1. The population on campus had grown from 18,000 to just over 30,000.

We are a campus rich in tradition, deep in heritage, and so prideful of the distinction of being called a Texas Aggie. The campus has grown in the past 30 years in ways unimaginable. The university is far more than just a Corp organization, an engineering college, or an agricultural center, it has truly become an educational mecca and melting pot for many disciplines that are recognized the world over for their accomplishments and contributions to the world in which we live.

It is a difficult thing to understand the true meaning of being a Texas Aggie and the pride that the Aggie Rings symbolizes, the years of sweat, tears, and blood for the ability to say that I have become more than just a Texas Aggie...I've pushed the Spirit one step further and have become a "Former Student", yet still an integral part of a learning institution that is world reknowned. The Spirit that is weaved into this song brings tears to any Aggie that listens closely, we've lived these words, they are a part of who we are, what we are, and will continue to be a living part of the university we each called home during that time of our life when we were being molded to take on the world.

Some have grown into world leaders, others have become corporate CEO's, still others have raised families, while a chosen few have fought for the freedom and liberty associated with this great country we call home, a still smaller group have gone the ultimate path and given their lives serving in the manner that we were all trained as the forefront, leading the way.

The truth be known, we do bleed maroon, we bleed the spirit of Aggieland when it is necessary whether it be on a battlefield, or a courtroom, or as tillers of the earth, the Aggie Spirit lives as no other, a Spirit that runs deep and bonds one to the next....all it takes is a casual glance at the Ring on a finger, the diploma hung proudly, a flag in the yard...that Spirit is what we are all about....yes We Do Bleed Maroon.

I'm Lucky to have Great Running Partners

We can talk about anything from politics to potties, from ass-kicking marathon courses to aspiring new marathoners. We are consistently a trio that occasionally has another drop in on us. They are the veterans of the road where I am the newbie. They are training for marathon number XX while I'm still a virgin. It's just over a month until our Lewis and Clark Marathon in St. Charles, MO and the excitement is starting to creep into my daily thoughts already.

My running partners are friends, coaches, competitors, and cheerleaders....all at the same time. We pull each other along, not leaving anyone behind, a team effort. They provide a consistency for me that I couldn't do by myself With them I do more and go further than my feeble mind would allow me to do on my own. Being accountable to them has helped me this summer beyond belief.

For all this I so appreciate their efforts and their presence and I look forward to my first marathon with them.

Today's Stats:

Total Distance: 4.68 miles
Mile 1: 15:55
Mile 2: 13:27
Mile 3: 13:34
Mile 4: 13:34
0.68 Mi.: 8:15
Avg Pace: 13:49
Avg HR: 122
MAX HR: 153

4+ miles further down the road. Have a great day everyone.

PS: I wore my old NB's again and again no leg pain. I'm going to switch back to them and away from the Brooks.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Shoe Update - Maybe I'm Not Meant to Wear Brooks

I got home early today and decided that I would try to do a 2 mile route from the house. Yes the heat was up...87 degrees, but the humidity was also down....64%...wooohooo, far cry from the 90+ this morning. I ran in the Brooks Dyad's (the ones that replaced the Beasts). It didn't take long to realize that I was going to be hurting again in my shins (same as with the Beasts). I'm beginning to wonder if maybe I'm not designed to wear the Brooks line. I ran this morning in my old New Balance 1061's and didn't have any troubles with shins or blisters. The Dyad's didn't give my blisters any problems either. I did try to put the Brooks Vapors on before the run, thinking I should give them another try but they still rubbed my right heel at the point of the blister they caused earlier this week...even with a large bandaid covering the spot.

I'm giving serious thoughts to telling my shoe expert James that he just needs to order me another pair of NB 1061's. They may not be what he thinks my feet and body should be in, but they don't hurt me like the Brooks have that he's tried to get me to wearing.

This afternoon's run:

Total distance: 2 miles
Mile 1: 12:33
Mile 2: 12:07
Total Time: 24:40
Avg Pace: 12:20
Avg HR: 131
MAX HR: 158

Not too bad on the heart rate considering the temperature. I think if I had run in my NB's I would have been alot closer to 12:00 minute miles or maybe slightly under. I did manage to run a couple of 2 minute cycles instead of all 1/1.

My confidence in the Brooks Beasts/Dyads/Vapors is at an all time low at the moment.

It's Hump Day....put some wax paper on the slide and before you know it Friday will be here!!!

Easy 4-Miler for the New Month

Today was an easy day, no speed, testing the new orthotics and the blisters and everything seemed to have gone well. No new owie's no new blisters, what a relief.

The humidity today was about the same as we've been experiencing, according to the Weather Channel it stands at wonder my clothes were so wet, I was running within my own rain forest. But I am pleased that my heart rate stayed lower than normal.

Today's stats:

Total Mileage: 4.15 miles
Mile 1: 15:15
Mile 2: 13:55
Mile 3: 13:16
Mile 4: 13:35
0.15 Mi: 1:15
Avg Pace: 13:48
Avg HR: 120
MAX HR: 149

Well it's off the showers, more later....