Thursday, August 09, 2007

Just Because It's My "Off" Day

Marcy tagged me and this being my day off from any running activity, I'll cooperate....otherwise I know she would run up my back. Here goes:

Jobs I've Held:
Health & Safety Manager
General Manager
Senior Staff Safety Representative
Safety Supervisor
Safety Engineer (starting to see a trend here)
Bowling Alley Manager (college)
Engineering Technican
Grocery Sacker (wow that goes back a ways)

Places I've Lived:

Palestine, TX (I was born here)
Corpus Christi, TX (I was raised there)
College Station, TX (I went to college here)
Bethel Park, PA (I finally left TX for the first time at age's a big state)
Lincoln, IL (not much happened there)
Pasedena, TX
Deer Park, TX
Corpus Christi, TX (again)
Rock Springs, WY (Wild Wonderful Wyoming) (My wonderful daughter was born here)
Fort Worth-metroplex, TX
Boulder, CO
Farmington, NM
Flora Vista, NM (I met Bonnie on the internet while living here)
Midland, TX (Just married again, life is good)
Edmond, OK (finally I caught up with myself)

Movies I Can Watch Over & Over:

The Great Escape
Forrestt Gump
The Right Stuff
The Wizard of Oz
A Christmas Story
Any John Wayne movie
Any Jamie Lee Curtis movie (she could eat crackers...oh never mind)

Shows I Enjoy:

Any of the CSI SVU series
CSI Miami
Any and All M.A.S.H. reruns
NASCAR races

Places I've Been On Vacation:

In no particular order:
Grand Canyon
Jackson Hole, WY
Grand Tetons
Yellowstone National Park
Zion National Park, UT
Arches National Park, UT
Steamboat Springs, CO
San Francisco, CA
Lake Tahoe, CA
Branson, MO
Bryce Canyon National Park, UT
Park City, UT
Padre Island, TX
Durango, CO
Pagosa Springs, CO
Salida, CO
Cancun, Mexico (this was the best of times anywhere, it was my honeymoon with Bonnie)
Grand Forks, ND
Drayton, ND
Petrified Forrest, AZ
Phoenix, AZ
Pinetop, AZ
Grand Lake, CO
Big Bend National Park

Favorite Foods:

Isn't this a bit like asking a drunk what his favorite drink is????
Chicken Fajita's from Ted's Mexican Restaurant in Edmond
Good BBBQ (brisket, turkey, sausage, ribs)
Macaroni and Cheese....with to have it
Prime Rib
but even better than Prime Rib....a true Porterhouse steak, not a T-Bone
Lemon Meringue Pie
Chocolate Meringue Pie
Pecan Pie
Good spaghetti
Flounder...broiled, stuffed, fried
Clam strips
Green beans
Fried or stuff mushrooms
Corn dogs
Funnel Cake
Ok....I'm hungry!!!!!

Websites I Visit Daily:

Your blogs
My blog
Genealogy websites
Google (where would the world be without google)

Body Parts I Have Injured:

Broken Vertabra in my back in high school playing basketball
Heart.....quadruple bypass 2 years on April 9, 2005

Awards I've Won:

I'm sure this is supposed to mean like "The Best Dressed", or "Most of Something" but nothing along that line comes to mind....My treasured award that I've won has to be Bonnie when she said she would marry me....bare none...the best thing that ever happened to me!!!

Nicknames I've Been Called:
Trash (from college...signified the way I bowled...yet I averaged 185 or better and was on the university travelling team...even have my name on trophies at Texas A&M to prove it...)
Dad (not just from my daughter either.....several of my employees call me Dad as well...I kind of like it).
Old Fart
The names I hear from Bonnie...I better not repeat here

Tag Others:
Back of the Pack

If I've tagged someone that has already been tagged...I apologize.....


J~mom said...

Thanks Randy! It's fun to read all of those! I see you have been to Phoenix! I hope you and Bonnie come back sometime!

ws said...

what? no running today! thanks for all the info... I see after PA you went back to the Southwest - the wide open space is nice.

J~mom said...

Yes, like in January for PF Chang's. I am trying to talk Marcy into coming out then.

Marcy said...

Thanks for playing Randy!! OMG you have the BEST little menu there. Seriously I'm salivating!

Dang you've been around (moving and vacation wise)

Ohhhh Christmas Story I forgot that one!

Marcy said...

Wait what are you and Java talking about? I think I checked out PF Chang's (the marathon) I think it falls on my 3yo's B-day :-(

Mendy said...

I'm starving now! Great list Randy!

Darrell said...

You sure have gotten around and I mean that in a good way.

Pat said...

I can see why bonnie loves you so much. I've been to a lot of those vacation spots too.

did you run in the RnR here? I did the half.

Randy said...

Pat - no I didn't run in the RnR out your way....would like to some day though...

J-Mom - I would love to come out to do the PF Chang...but it's the same day as the Houston Marathon and I'm already signed up to run with family for that one...darn...find us another one...

OH yeah I have been around the block a time or I'm running around the block....a time or two...LOL

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

What were you doing in Salida? My inlaws live there...