Sunday, August 26, 2007

20 Miler is History

Yesterday we ran our longest run before the Lewis & Clark Marathon on September we start to taper...which is good since we will be on vacation starting this coming Friday until September 9 in North Dakota and Minnesota....but back to the run...

We started at 4 AM...yes that is 4:00 AM. It was just Rachel and I to start with, then Clyde joined us around the 7 mile rained, or actually drizzled on Rachel and I between miles 1 and 2, so now I guess I can officially say I have run in the felt good, cooling, but then it was gone.

Oh before I get too far into Garmin worked fine...a report from it will be down below...

In past long runs I've had issues with bathroom breaks....I've not had any urges to take them and have been wondering if something was wrong of if I was sweating out all the fluids I was taking in that my body didn't a result I've been nicknamed "Camel" by Rachel. Well today between 8 and 9 I got the urge and had to stop at a Wal-Mart to use the facilities...oh baby what a relief. I know TMI....

At the 11 mile point I had to stop and take a small boulder out of my left shoe...I was surprised at how good my foot felt just being out of that hot a breath of fresh air...I was tempted to "release" my right foot but the rest of me didn't want to take the I'm off again.

Today I felt great until we hit the 18 mile point...I don't know if that was my wall...but at least temporarily I was glad I had other runners with me because I might have stopped otherwise. At this point I was starting to feel something on the forefoot of my right foot and feared a blister the size of Rhode Island...ok make that Montana....more on that later.

Starting at mile 14 we did some weaving through neighborhood streets to take advantage of early morning shade after the sun had come up and burned off the rain clouds that had been in the area. This felt good to be able to duck into some shade as we moved along.

Bonnie joined us at mile 15 and ran the rest of the way with us. She is such a trooper and great supporter...this time it was me that needed the words of encouragement that I could finish, that I was looking good....she was great, and I love her.

My heart rate was so averaged 127 for the entire 20 miles and it only peaked at 158....I was so amazed.

Well the issue with the bottom of my right foot, turned out it was not Rhode Island nor was it Montana...when I finally got my shoes and socks off...after we had stopped at IHOP for the breakfast of champions...or at least tired runners....I discovered my feet were red and hot...but NO blisters!!!!! Yea!!!!!!!

I did sprint to the finish line, which surprised me that I had that left in me.

Today I'm tired, but happy knowing that I can finish the marathon, excited knowing that it will be my first....a little apprehensive about those last 6 miles that I have yet to experience though. I'm contemplating carrying an extra pair of socks with me just in case my feet need some relief on that last stretch.....any ideas there?

Total Time: 4:55:14
Pace: 14:37 (As a training pace I"m happy with that)
Mile 1: 14:27
Mile 2: 13:21 (rain)
Mile 3: 14:34 (bathroom break for Rachel)
Mile 4: 13:40
Mile 5: 14:24
Mile 6: 16:09 (bathroom break for Rachel)
Mile 7: 13:11 (Clyde joined us)
Mile 8: 15:16 (bathroom break for Randy)
Mile 9: 16:02
Mile 10: 15:22 (rock in shoe)
Mile 11: 15:47
Mile 12: 14:05
Mile 13: 17:07
Mile 14: 14:01
Mile 15: 16:08 (Bonnie joined us)
Mile 16: 13:16
Mile 17: 15:27
Mile 18: 13:36 (The WALL)
Mile 19: 13:13
Mile 20: 13:47
Last 0.19 mile: 11:12 pace

With this run I've finally gotten over the 500 mile mark for the year!!!!!


J~mom said...

Randy you did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 20 miles!!!! WOOHOO!!!!!! You totally rock!! Awesome job!! I love all the explanations next to your splits!!

Nikki said...

GREAT GREAT JOB!!! That is a longgg ass way and cant' even imagine running for that long! WOOHOO..congrats to you!

I had to laugh at the "rachel bathroom break" but glad to see she made it through with only two stops ;)

500!!! Congrats!

Enjoy your taper!

Sarah said...

Congrats on completing your 20 miler! Sounds like you've been doing all the right things and your training is coming together. Now you can enjoy your taper! : )

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

Yay for you! Today was my last run for my half marathon in two weeks. I think I've said this before, but I wish you folks lived near me, we run the same paces!!

Michelle said...

Randy, you are so awesome!!!

I have yet to attempt even a 10-miler, much less a 20! I am in amazed!! Great, great job!!!

Pat said...

You are ready. you'll be amazed at how you feel the last 1/4 mile. You'll be on cloud 9.

Watch for the photogs. If you increase your stride while they are taking pics, you'll look great.

If Bonnie is going to be along the course, have her carry extra supplies like socks, gu's, water, bodyglide, sunscreen, candy and anything else you'll need.

You can even play runner bingo where you try to talk with someone from as many states as possible.

Have fun, pat

Jess said...

Congrats on the 20! Now, enjoy the taper.

Darrell said...

The 20 miler is a huge milestone for sure, congratulations. I'm not going to kid you, those last 6 can be tough, but you and I both know you can do it.

Let the taper madness begin!

ws said...

Congrats on the 20-miler and hitting the 500 mile total. If you think it will be very humid at the marathon an extra pair of socks is a great idea, but if the weather is reasonable and dry chances are your feet will stay drier and you should be fine.

Those last six miles are tough, but there is so much adrenaline and excitement on marathon day that you'll do great. Enjoy your taper!

txrunnergirl said...

Randy, congrats! I am so excited for are doing awesome. You're gonna beat the hell outta that marathon. LOL!

Backofpack said...

You did it! Great job. My only suggestion for your feet is this: go to and order some kinesio tape. Put it on right where you got the hot spots. Rub your finger over it well and trim off any loose edges. It might help a little - it's helped me prevent some. (Try it before the marathon if you can)

Mendy said...

Randy!!! 20 miles. Wow, what a long run and you did it!!! Great job. Now rest up and enjoy those shorter runs. :-)

scott keeps running said...

way to go randy! the 20 and 500 mile barriers!! that's great. keep it up.