Monday, August 06, 2007

4:00 AM Rise and Shine....It's Monday!!!

Normally I type a title to a post and then work from well a title wouldn't come so I'll add it at the middle or end of things if I remember...regardless it's Monday...maybe that's a title in and of itself.

Last night Bonnie and I snuck out of the house and did 2 slow miles on the park route near the house. We were back in the 13+ pace, but that was ok. I ended up keeping my Brooks Vapors and am trying to slowly get used to them....slowly....slowly...well we shall see. The two miles were somewhat painful on the shins to say the least, and I don't think I could have seriously gone much faster.

This morning, a typical Monday run/walk event with my running buddies. We did just over 4.6 miles in just over an hour....the numbers are all below.

Today, for the first time in a long time I felt like I could be running faster. I don't know if it has anything to do with yesterday's run or not. I ran slightly ahead of the other three people that I was with, never far enough away to be out of sight or anything, not even close....but just not close enough to be directly involved in any conversation. It felt weird, but it was as if my body was saying you need to be here. None the less the pace was pretty typical for our Monday route.

Sunday night totals:

Total Distance 2.01 miles
Mile 1: 13:19
Mile 2: 13:01
66.44 ft.: 0:16
Total Time: 26:37
Avg Pace: 13:13
Avg HR: 127
MAX HR: 148

Monday total:
Total Distance: 4.66 miles
Mile 1: 15:01
Mile 2: 15:14
Mile 3: 13:04
Mile 4: 13:35
0.66 Mi.: 7:46
Avg Pace: 13:53
Avg HR: 129
MAX HR: 170

Interesting fact: Through out the sprint at the last and my max HR would have been 147. Today's temp was 76 degrees, humidity 80%....down some that is good.


ws said...

mornin' Randy. I think your title should be "I keep on running" - another double workout again yesterday - you're crazy. And yet, still so upbeat despite the 4am wake-up call. Have a great Monday.

Jason The Running Man said...

4AM!!! Wow, your the man. I'm still very asleep! Great job with your runs, speed will come for sure.

Marcy said...

What?!? Ok that's just nuts even for me! I can do 4:30 but not 4am!! Do you were reflectors out?

J~mom said...

4 am?? Randy, that is when your best REM sleep occurs. :>)

Awesome job!!!!!!

Michelle said...

Randy, I am a firm believer that if a shoe hurts when you first run in it, it will not get better over time. In the past I have run in shoes that left my feet and legs hurting every time. But since I found my Mizunos, I have not had a single painful run.

Anyway, I would probably return the other Brooks if it was me, but it's not. Good luck, either way!!

And I agree, you're nuts to be getting up at 4 a.m. LOL!!!

Jess said...

Congrats on both runs. That's a huge endeavor to do your miles at 4 am on a Monday. Way to step into the week on the right foot!

scott keeps running said...

nice run randy. so you're keeping the brooks, i really hope they turn out to be...unpainful.

teacherwoman said...

Happy Monday!! Baby steps... right?

Nice job on the back to back runs!

Marcy said...

I just wanted to say that I agree with Michelle on this. I think I even read it in one of John Bingham's books. Shoes shouldn't have to take time to get "used to". You'll find a good pair (although I think you already have em . . .your NB's :-) )

Mary Gee said...

I concur about the shoes. Unless it is a pair of 4 inch heels, they don't need to be broken in or have you get used to them... I don't think they are a pair of 4 inch heels, are they?

WADDLER26.2 said...

Have to agree with everyone on the shoes. You have to love them right out of the box. Don't go too long in them and risk an injury.

Molly said...

and you wonder why I say you are a role model...I have had that feeling that, hey I think I can push it a little more now, THAT is a good feeling!

Take Care!

Randy said...

You guys are the greatest....thanks everyone for their comments....

Mendy said...

Wow! What's up with all these 4 am runners? Sorry, folks, but I won't be joining ya. That's way early, but very commendable on doing it that early and ON a MON morning! Great job on both your runs!!!