Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Monday/Wednesday Recap

Monday was a slow day 4.2o miles, 1:01:52, pace 14:44...Wednesday was a bit faster but still slow 5.00 miles, 1:09:10, pace 13:49.

This has been such a lackluster year for me. Ever since the start when my left knee was hurting it's just been so entirely different than last year. I'm not running as many miles, I don't blog as much, I'm not doing as many 5k/10k runs on the weekends, I've gained some weight back, tapping out at a high of 238, but now hovering around 230 again, I don't even have a good idea of how many miles I've run this year.

I have run 4 marathons since the first of the year, working on number 5 in Maui in September and my knee pains have all but gone away.

Today I forgot to take either of my knee wraps for our run and I feel tired but no extreme knee pain.

Perhaps later today I will put up some Grandma's Marathon photos....will make the attempt anyway...hope everyone has a fantastic hump day.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Where Have I Been???????

It's been well over a month...ok ok ok...two months since the last post. I was reminded at a club meeting last night that the commitment we make to running is so much more than just running and that our running extends into so much of our life. I've neglected my blog and my blogdom friends long enough and for that I apologize. I'm even learning that there are folks reading this that I wasn't remotely aware of and that is certainly encouraging to me.

Since I last posted, Bonnie and I took a much needed vacation. Well we drove like bats from you know where to get to Minnesota in two days, then a day of relaxation, and on June 21st at 7:30 AM I find myself in the mass of folks starting the 32nd annual Grandma's Marathon. The run ends in downtown Duluth, but it starts 26.2 miles away in Two Harbors, a sleepy little town on the edge of Lake Superior.

The race was great, the course is awesome, the spectators were beyond awesome. But....I keep asking myself why does that "but" keep getting in the was "hot" not just hot but HOT!!!! very little wind, NO clouds, and being that close to the edge of Lake Superior added to the discomfort I think. I ended up with a tan/burn to the left side of my body, looked a bit weird for a while.

The heat seemed to slow everyone down. I found a walking buddy and walked at least an hour of the race due to the heat. But then I decided I might still have a shot at finishing in under 6 hours so I gave it my all, and that "all" lasted all of about 2 miles and there were still 6 miles or so to the finish line.

Well long story if there was such a thing with my blogging, I finished in 6:19 something. Not a great time, but I was running at the finish line, not hobbling and I went across under my own power in a vertical position!!!

Bonnie was able to meet me at 7 places along the course and that was fantastic. I believe she met me at miles 5, 9, 13, 16, 19, 24 and the finishline. Having someone at a race of this distance that is there to cheer you on and offer oranges, and ice cold water, words of encouragement, and yes in this instance a kiss or two is a great inspiration and boost to the morale and mind.

I was on the course long enough to get rained on the last couple of miles. As we came into downtown Duluth on Superior Ave it started to sprinkle then rain and the wind picked up too and it felt like heaven, well at least like Mother Nature was watering her garden. But unfortunately from a timing standpoint, it was too little too late...had we gotten the rain say at mile 10 things could have been different, well maybe.

One positive note with the finish. I passed four men in the last mile or so that all looked to be in my age group and when I saw the list of finishers I believe all four to be in my age group. It felt good to know that I had enough kick left to pass them and not give up. My hat is off to the lady tho that passed me about this same time. As she ran briefly with me she told she had been chasing me for miles. I decided that I would stay close to her and she became the inspiration that I needed for that last bit of the course. Sorry to the four guys that I did pass.

Another marathon is in the books, marathon #7, state #6. The Maui Marathon is coming up in September, another event.

Oh yes about the rest of the vacation...well if you've read this far, I'm sure you are either tired or sleepy so I'll include that in the next post. Happy Running to's great to be back here....