Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bonnie Got Gold and I Bombed

Today was the Sooner Games (5k, 10k, and half marathon) here in Oklahoma City. Bright sunny day great for running but it did end up getting a tad bit warm, but I'm not complaining I'll take that over frigid weather any day.

Anyway, Bonnie ran the 5k, 39:33, not a PR, but good enough to come in first in her age group!!! Yes she got a GOLD medal for her efforts. Another great effort on her part and once again I wasn't around to see the results, but let me be the first to tell all in blogland I did HEAR about it after I finished!!!! I'm very proud of her and how she keeps improving.

Me on the other hand, I ran the half marathon, was just trying to get in under 3 hours. Well I wish almost counted in running like it does in horseshoes. The gun/chip time officially said I did 3:00:06 and it wasn't because of a bathroom break that I missed the sub 3. My watch on the other hand said 2:59:56. Well there will be other races and other days.

We had fun that is what counts!!

Monday, May 05, 2008

Finally it Seems to have Warmed Up!!!

Maybe just maybe we are seeing a warming trend...but I have to head to Baltimore tomorrow then on to York, PA. Should be an interesting trip, I've never been to that part of PA before. I'll be home on Thursday in time to participate in Nancy's Virtual 10k...that should be alot of fun!!

Today's run, rather erratic:

Total Miles: 4.53
Total Time: 1:03:28

Mile 1: 14:23
Mile 2: 17:33 (extended bathroom break for 2 runners)
Mile 3: 12:46
Mile 4: 11:57 (where did this come from)
.53 mi: 6:47

Saturday, May 03, 2008

"Marathon Freak" and "Runner Girl"

As is the "Marathon Freak" and "Runner Girl" magnet pics, if you see us on the road honk!!
What a crazy morning for a run. Clyde picked me up at 5:15 and we then picked up Rachel at 5:30 and I discovered that I had left my Garmin at home. Why would I do such a thing? Anyway we did a 2.2 mile loop, then Bonnie joined us. We had intentions of then doing another 4.2 miles or so, but my right knee (outside back edge began to hurt some again) so Bonnie and I repeated our first 2.2 mile loop and called it quits. Clyde and Rachel finished out with something over 6 miles. We then met for breakfast. What a great way to start the day.
Rachel has decided to try and "qualify" for Boston for next year. Her son is already qualified and she believes it would be awesome to be able to run with him in that most prestigious of marathons. Rachel received a complimentary entry into this years Boston and ran a respectable 5:42:00. She will need a time of 4:59:00 or less to qualify, so we are now strategizing how we can get her race time to improve towards that goal. That will be a great thing for me as well, as doing a marathon under 5 hours is also a goal of mine...then maybe I can set my sights on a Boston qualification at some point after that.

Friday, May 02, 2008

OKC Marathon Photos

Ok, as promised here are some photos from last Sunday's marathon. Some of you know that I ran for last December in the Honolulu Marathon. Well Bonnie, Scott my future son-in-law, and I ran for again on Sunday. Overall I believe we had 21 runners between me in the full, 4 I believe in the half, and 3, yes 3 relay teams in the full. Bonnie and Scott were on Relay Team 1. Bonnie ran the middle position (12K) and Scott was their anchor person, bringing home the final medal for his 10K effort.

Here I am at the 12 mile mark, note the wet streets, it had finally stopped raining, but it was still very windy and cold, hence the jacket and long pants....I had at least put the mittens away for a bit.....
Then here comes Bonnie at the same 12 mile point, but this was like mile 3.5 of her 12K relay run, she's saying "piece of cake". I did some calculating with my Garmin and determined that she actually was faster for her 12k here than I was when I ran the same 12k stretch...she was faster by almost 2 minutes...then I had to go and spoil it by telling her...honey I had already run 9 miles ahead of that. But none the less I think she looked fantastic and she did awesome in her first ever relay event!!!
Then as promised, I had my daughter hustle back to the finish line...I so wanted a finish line photo of me with the clock in the photo....yep, there I am on the right...see Marcy I can keep up with you speedsters...4:32:26...isn't that an awesome marathon time for a 53 year old...oh dang...I forgot we started early so you have to add 2 hours to that time....sheeshh....
Talk about hustle though...that is Scott our future son-in-law in the blazing red shorts and that is his relay team strung out behind him at the finish line. At the OKC Marathon they allow the other team members to run with the final runner as they cross the finish line...but someone forgot to tell Scott to slow down so they could stay with they were all actually screaming at him to keep buring the pavement to the finish, but it was a great race for them all and for
Here is a photo that I'm especially proud of, at long last I'm not running these things alone and I love that, I'm on the right, the roly-poly one, Bonnie is next to me, then Scott with their relay medals, and then my daughter Lindsey, she is the best fan, supporter and photographer, what a team!!!!
And the other great were missing our third relay team in this that point we weren't sure where they were on the course or if they had finished. If anyone is interested will be running again in Maui and we could use some teammates on the marathon team, but no relays in that race.....

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Grandma's Marathon

The Grandma's Marathon in Duluth, MN is Saturday June 21 this year. The registration for it is already closed but I was wondering if there is anyone else in blogland that is signed up to run it besides me? We have family in the area (grandkids) and Bonnie wants to use my running as an excuse to visit them, as if we needed an excuse. Sure Randy can just whip out and do 26.2 miles as we visit on the sidelines.

Anyway, if there are others that will be there I would like to try and maybe catch up before or after the race.

Hey Marcy, I sent an email to an Etonic shoe rep this morning about feedback from the marathon on Sunday. I am running in Etonic Japara's now and I met him at the expo before the race. Maybe I'll get a pair of socks out of him!

Is anyone else having trouble getting their posts to show up on their blog? Mine seem to be delayed for some frustrating reason...grrrrrrr!!!!!!