Thursday, May 01, 2008

Grandma's Marathon

The Grandma's Marathon in Duluth, MN is Saturday June 21 this year. The registration for it is already closed but I was wondering if there is anyone else in blogland that is signed up to run it besides me? We have family in the area (grandkids) and Bonnie wants to use my running as an excuse to visit them, as if we needed an excuse. Sure Randy can just whip out and do 26.2 miles as we visit on the sidelines.

Anyway, if there are others that will be there I would like to try and maybe catch up before or after the race.

Hey Marcy, I sent an email to an Etonic shoe rep this morning about feedback from the marathon on Sunday. I am running in Etonic Japara's now and I met him at the expo before the race. Maybe I'll get a pair of socks out of him!

Is anyone else having trouble getting their posts to show up on their blog? Mine seem to be delayed for some frustrating reason...grrrrrrr!!!!!!


Lily on the Road said...

Yup, I was having trouble with blogger over the weekend, bad blogger!!!

Good luck with your shoe rep...everone needs freebies!!!


Marcy said...

I was having probs with Blogger but comment probs. I hate this thing sometimes LOL

Dang Randy! Free socks huh? That's one thing we can never have enough of ;-)

J~Mom said...

If you get a free pair of socks tell him about all of us in blogland! :>D

Blogger can be so cranky sometimes!

Arland said...

I guess I need to start posting on my blog more so I'd know if its working! I heard Grandma's was a good one but didn't sign up for it. Looks like through the summer I am going to work more on increasing my speed and do more biking, throw in some duathlons and maybe a tri team event. November will be my next marathon at the small Midsouth Marathon in Wynne, AR. I have been tempted to do the full in Memphis and then I think we are doing the full at Disney in January. April I will be back at Nashville. That is a "must do" marathon for everyone.

Tom said...

I'm not running Grandma's but here are some bloggers I've run into who are. I enjoy your blog and am impressed with your active race card.

Also, have been watching the strong weather in your area today and hope you're safe.