Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Noon Hour "Quickie"

No I didn't go home for lunch, nor did I meet Bonnie at some sleezebag roachcoach motel either. I decided for my last thirty minutes of lunch I would get up and try out my new orthotics. I wore my old and trusty NB's to work today. I didn't bring any walking/running clothes tho, so I need to work on that for the future. Anyway, for the record I eeked out another two miles for the month, 113 miles and some change for July. But even more importantly, I did run some, maybe not quite half of the distance and I did not feel any blister pain. So better socks, better orthotics, and a couple of strategically placed bandaids (that conjurs up thoughts...but I won't go there), seemed to be helping nicely and has proven that I should be able to run tomorrow morning as planned.

Distance: 2.00 miles
Time: 26:00 minutes (MOL...more or less)
Pace: 13:00

Not bad for being in jeans and a button up collared shirt.

Rest Day

Well today will be a day of rest. I'm curious does anyone have any tried and true remedies for toe blisters? I would appreciate any advice. I've taken a needle under the skin outside of the blister and drained the fluid from both of them. I also got a new orthotic yesterday that seems to take the pressure off my toes and as a result the blisters aren't too painful now. The area on my heel is doing ok, I still have it covered with neosporin and a large bandaid. If I HAD to run today I believe I could and I'm supposed to run 4-5 miles tomorrow morning, so I'll see how things go in getting that accomplished.

Why is it that when we get one pain going our way (shin splints in my case) something else pops up (blisters). The blisters are totally new to me. I wore my older New Balance shoes on Saturday for our long run (14 miles), same shoes I ran my half marathon (13.2 miles) in back in April. In April though I did not experience any issues with blisters...I don't remember any that is. Frustrated.

This is a photo of some flowering plant that I took when my brother and I went to Vail, CO in June for the mud run. It's amazing how heart-shaped the blooms are on the plant, sorry I didn't get a photo that was more focused. Does anyone know what this is called?

Monday, July 30, 2007

Another Humid Monday

There ought to be a song with that for a name. This was a recovery day from the 14 miles on Saturday. I bought a new pair of shoes on Saturday during the Edmond Crazy Days Sale, a pair of Brooks Vapor 7's, and I can't remember if I mentioned that in yesterday's post or not, oh well. I ran in them this morning. I work my normal low profile "dri-fit" socks, but these shoes hit me a bit higher in the heel than my other shoes. When I took them off I had a bit of a bloody mess on my right heel. I don't think it is anything bad but it did rub quite a bit, calling for a bandaid back there for a while and a taller sock it seems too.

Total Time: 55:01
Total Distance: 4.04 miles
Mile 1: 15:10
Mile 2: 13:11
Mile 3: 13:33
Mile 4: 12:45
198.59 ft.: 0:20
Avg Pace: 13:37
Avg HR: 128
MAX HR: 161

Temp was 73 degrees and humidity was 94%, after the first mile I felt as if I had a shower running over me.

I don't plan on running tomorrow....so with today's mileage I finish the month with 111.70 miles...woohoo...that will be tough for me to match.

Have a tremendously wonderful Monday!!!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

I've Been Tagged - Thanks Nikki

Caution, go pee before taking this quiz....not responsible for you laughing so hard you piddle. I am tagging Michelle, Mary, Scott

I hope I get this right:

Take My Quiz on

Can you Ace my quiz?
Let's Find Out!

Ok, I had to change colors on several things, most obvious was my background to make this quiz thing work....next week I'll change things again...isn't that a man's perogative...or....is it a woman's perogative to tell the man how it will be. Whatever it is, don't forget to read the post below about our training run yesterday.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

14 Miles of Training and 107.66 Miles For July

Oh my God, Wow, incredible. I set my alarm last night at some godawful 12:30 plus time frame to get up at 3:30 AM, barely 3 hours of sleep, because I also iced my left shin for a while in bed. I fell asleep and woke up at 1:10 or so and took the ice off and promptly went back to dreamland. The next thing I knew my cell phone was ringing and it was 4:05 AM, one of my running buddies was calling to confirm we would run today. In a frantic motion I got dressed and ready, and he picked me up at 4:25 instead of 4:15. No time to sit and wake up as I heated my shins up with a heating pad. I did get some heat on the left one, and thankfully neither were hurting much if at all from the 5k at midnight.

We were off and picked up our other running partner. I had grabbed things as I ran out of the house (OFF spray, Garmin, wallet, cell phone, bottle of water, visor, hand towel) and we were on our way. At the partners house I got in the back seat and in the process I dropped first the can of OFF and broke the plastic lid/cap but if you held it right it would still spray. Then I dropped the Bio-Freeze and it rolled away from me. That took a while to find in the dark and it turned out to be in the middle of the street. Now totally collected we were off again to our running route.

We put out bags of water/gatorade at 3/6/9/12 miles. Side note here that my two partners have been doing this alot longer than I have and have had water bags mistaken for trash and have had to recover them from trash cans, so now they attached preprinted labels that explain it is NOT TRASH but fuel for runners in training and PLEASE do not throw away.

We did a rather circuitous route through various areas of Oklahoma City and Nichols Hills, yes I do mean hills, not tall ones, but still they count as an elevation change associated with a larger number and while on foot they might have well Mt. Everest at several points. I love running, oh yes I do indeedy. But why do we have to have hills on a route. If I wanted hills I could have stayed in Colorado or Wyoming for the weekend.

Before I forget....somewherer around the completion of mile 7...I surpassed 100 miles for the month of July...woohhoooooooo!!!!!!! Yes I'm excited about that...I feel great in fact. Not much pain in the shins, way less in fact that I had invisioned after doing 14 miles on top of a 5k race last night.

Someone wrote about things they saw this week along their running route, so I thought it would be interesting list things that we noticed:

Beer Bottles
Beer Cans
Dead Bird
Bunnies (yes these bunnies were still alive)
Dogs (all on leashes thank the Lord)
Dead Cat
Dead Cat Odor (pee yewwwww)
Old Sock
Squirrel (alive)
Beautiful Full Moon
Glorious Sun Rise
Gallons of Sweat!!!!!!

We did 14 miles exactly for our early morning efforts. I can't believe I lasted that long. I got very big compliments from both of my partners for enduring the 5k at midnight and then sticking out this long run just a few scant hours later. They both felt I finished strong which made me feel very good.

Total Distance: 14 miles
Mile 1: 16:45
Mile 2: 15:12
Mile 3: 13:20
Mile 4: 14:00
Mile 5: 16:07
Mile 6: 13:11
Mile 7: 14:57
Mile 8: 13:06
Mile 9: 13:47
Mile 10: 13:22
Mile 11: 14:17
Mile 12: 12:47
Mile 13: 14:22
Mile 14: 13:26
Total Time: 3:18:38
Avg Pace: 14:11
Avg HR: 140
MAX HR: 164

We conveniently parked our vehicle at a local dining establishment that serves a great breakfast so after we had cooled down we went inside for breakfast.

On the way home we stopped at one of our local specialized running stores and I bought two new pairs of running shorts for $10 each. After getting home and getting cleaned up Bonnie and went back to the same store where she bought several new running tops and shorts as well as 2 running skirts (a first for her). Then we went to the other local running store where we've been buying our shoes because she had some foot problems last night. She got forefoot inserts to help her stop "toe clawing" as she runs and of course we had to purchase some other apparel while there. I got 3 more pairs of running shorts, a tank top and matching shorts that look somewhat like the stars and stripes, and...AND another pair of Brooks shoes (Vapor 7's). I'll try to get a photo of them tomorrow sometime. They were on sale ok!!!!!

This was Crazy Sale Days in Edmond, OK and everyone that does retail was having a sidewalk sale of some sort. So overall we did really good on our buys, some of them were 75% off, most were 50% off.

I did get about an hour nap this afternoon and I'm sitting here rather content with myself and all that I/we accomplished this weekend.

Midnight Streak Update

Well we are done and I need to get to bed so I can "maybe" get up early and do a long run. Actually I will say a prayer that we don't run until Sunday morning. My shins are aching tonight. We ran the race, it was hot...around 82 degrees, and humid too, probably at least 80% I'll have to look and see.

Bonnie PR'ed again!!!!!! She finished just under 37 minutes, around 36:50 I think. I did 36:47 just ahead of her. She was a trooper in the heat and humidity. We did see plenty of topless runners, unfortunately they were all men.....sigh...just didn't get my motor running. We did chase a girl that had USAF across her butt though and tried to stay close to beat her. However, she found some energy at the end and beat us....but she was probably a good 25 years younger than we were too.

My times:

Total Distance: 3.16 miles
Mile 1: 11:33
Mile 2: 11:50
Mile 3: 12:10
.16 Mile: 1:13
Avg Pace: 11:39
Avg HR: 152
MAX HR: 178 Humidity working on me again!!!

Sweet dreams to all you great runners from the back of the pack.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Midnight Streak (5k) in OKC

Tonight Bonnie and I will be streaking in OKC at the Fair Grounds....no we won't be running in the buff. It's a Midnight Streak that benefits the City Arts Center. How it got it's name is something we don't know. It starts at 11:00 PM so the temperature should be hovering around 80 degrees or so, it's 82 currently at 9:15 pm.

When I was in college at Texas A&M back in the dark ages of the '70s there was actually a streaking team on campus. "They"...notice I did not say "we"... prided themselves in always being able to elude the campus cops, which didn't really take alot of effort in those days. They would even announce a streaking event...almost to give the cops a headstart but the streakers always seem to have "more skin in the game" and could out run the best that the cops could throw at them.

At this point I'm not sure if we will be doing our long run (14 or so miles) tomorrow or Sunday morning. As a result Bonnie has agreed that as soon as we are done with the 5k we aren't hanging around for any door prize giveaway (unless they are really cool) instead we are heading straight home to bed just in case I need to get up and be ready leave by 4:15 AM. No rest for the weary it seems.....but maybe we won't run until Sunday morning.

It feels really cool to know that I don't even have 10 miles left to break the century mark for the first time ever for a months total mileage. That just seems cool. Yes I'm kind of proud of that mark.

SHOE UPDATE: I've run twice in the Brooks Dyad 4's and they seem to be doing ok. I'm going to wear them tonight and see how I do in them. I'm going to go back to my tried and true NB's when we run long this weekend. Next weekend if all goes well I will do a long run in the new shoes.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Body is Weird

Well no I didn't run yesterday or this morning. So I'm back in Denver tonight and decided to get my run in just before dark. It was risky business as there are storms brewing in the metroplex and after I got started I did see some lightning in the area but it never got close. Tonight I struggled. Probably the heat (86 degrees), maybe some humidity with rain close, and yes I guess the altitude may have had an impact tonight. Or it could have just been the fact that I was running in the evening instead of the early morning hours where I'm more accustomed to run.

I did three miles, the time was not respectable at all, but I'll log it anyway....it gets me over 90 miles for the month....woohoo...with our long run on Saturday I should pass the century mark.

Total Distance: 3 miles
Mile 1: 12:05
Mile 2: 12:27
Mile 3: 12:33
Avg Pace: 12:21
Total Time: 37:05
Avg HR: 137
MAX HR: 151

Even at this altitude my heart rate stayed within good limits.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Altitude Running

Several have asked me about the effects that I may experience normally running in the Oklahoma City area (elevation roughly 1,100 feet) and then running in Colorado (ranging from 5,000-8,000 feet). While there is a significant change in altitude between the two areas I don't feel that much difference with my body. My times seem slower, but not noticeably so, maybe a minute or so slower. I can't explain it. I wasn't any more tired after my run yesterday than I normally would be after running 4 miles.

I didn't get my wakeup call this morning in time to run, so there is a chance I might run late this afternoon or early evening. I think today in Gillette, WY the highs are supposed to peak around 86 or 87. Yesterday it was 100 degrees when I drove into town around 6:30 pm.

Great Hump Day to all.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Monday Run on Tuesday

I didn't get to run before heading to the airport yesterday morning, I didn't get to run last night, or I should say I ChOsE not to run last night after dinner. We at Italian, at Mazziono's, not sure on the spelling. It was on the 16th Street Mall here in Denver, and we ate family style so we got to try several dishes. I had a bit of chicken marsala, lasagna, chicken parmasian...well you know what I mean. I took smaller portions than anyone else so I generally felt good about what I had eaten. I had also eaten a grilled chicken salad for lunch. Not too bad a day....and I surprised myself, no liquer and no wine last night.

I did get up this morning and ran 4 miles here in the Mile Hi City. The times are listed below:

Total Distance: 4.02 miles
Mile 1: 11:16
Mile 2: 11:38
Mile 3: 13:03
Mile 4: 13:31
Total Time: 49:43
Avg Pace: 12:22
Avg HR: 135
MAX HR: 150

Not a bad run at this elevation I would think. And I'm impressed I was able to keep my heart rate down.

It's Tuesday make the most of it!!!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Delayed at the Airport

Well here I sit, delayed on my flight to Denver for about an hour it appears. I could have ran after all this morning if I could have foreseen the delay.

As I sat here I watched a soldier preparing to board another flight. Apparently TSA relaxes their restrictions on non-travellers being in the boarding area for our brave fighting men and women, as he had his family there with him (wife, 2 daughters and son). I'm not sure how many might shed a tear for someone they don't even know, but I'll admit that I did. Watching them saying goodbye, all the hugs, photos, kisses, and more hugs and kisses, to the final wave as he entered the jet-way, it was very touching. That has to be the ultimate in goodbyes, not knowing if you will see him again. He was dressed in desert camo so I assume he must be headed to Iraq. His son was trying valiently to not cry (he appeared to be about 14 or so) and I don't if he was successful or not. I said a prayer for the soldier and his family and for all men and women defending freedom around the world. What a tearful sight.

I read an article in the current Runner's World magazine here at the airport about Project Hope, where two American women are dedicating efforts to help under-priveledged kids in Kenya gain access to running shoes and clothing, giving these kids, most of whom are orphans from parents that have died of AIDS, an opportunity to do something with their lives. It got me to thinking....

When I was at my cardiologists office in late June she was jumping up and down excited about my running and my progress since my bypass surgery in 2005. She said she wanted to make me her poster person for cardiac rehab work. I'm just an "over-the-hill" runner wanna-be, but it seems that I'm doing more than most that have gone thru this type of surgery. I may talk further with her to see if there is anything I can do to encourage cardiac care patients to get out and exercise more.....not just give up and sit in the easy chair. I know I can't "make" people exercise...but if they can see where I've been....what I've overcome, not just with the cardiac surgery but also with my weight loss perhaps they will see a light for themselves, an opportunity to extend their own life by improving their health through some form of consistent exercise. It doesn't even have to be running...or as with my case at the moment...run/walk. I enjoy speaking and wouldn't mind addressing rehab groups if that would be an appropriate avenue to take. Just thinking outside the box so to speak.

Yesterday was a day of rest and I feel that it was good to have that down time. Today I will run but it won't be until this evening after I get settled in Denver. I have to caution myself and remind myself to eat a light dinner, as I am sure I won't get the run in until after dinner sometime. Last week I had another 30+ mile week...woohoo....and it felt great. I've got 83 miles and some change for the month...with a goal of doing 100+ for the month...first time ever if I can get there. We have another long run scheduled for this weekend so I should be able to make it.

I hope everyone has a great Monday and a fantastic week!!!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Long Run Does Not Quite Equal 12 Miles Today

Well, our long run started about an hour later than it should...for a personal reason of my running partner and it was ok that we were late. That caused us to be running across the dam (3 miles) directly into the morning sun and it was reflecting off the water and eventually affected both of us...draining what energy we had left....we had already done about 7 miles...so things were cut short at 11.36 miles.

Bonnie met us just before the dam and ran the last 4.5 - 5.0 miles with us. Clyde and I were tired, she was fresh and it showed. She was even flirting with some fisherman in a boat that was near the dam at one point and threatened to flash her ta-ta's at him because he kept looking at her....ohh boy am I in trouble. She later said that the only reason she didn't do it was that she got no encouragement from me. My wife the exhibitionist.

The run was a good one overall. I do need to invest in a pair of good sunglasses....hint...Oakley's are really all they are advertised to be. I think I might get a pair as an award for finishing my first marathon....September 16, St. Charles, MO. I ran again in my old NB's and they did me well...no significant leg or ankle pain. I am wearing the heels down on them quite a bit so I hope I can find a replacement....maybe the Brooks bad boys shown below will fit the bill....I hope so...

Total Distance: 11.36 miles
Mile 1: 14:10
Mile 2: 12:55
Mile 3: 14:02
Mile 4: 12:42
Mile 5: 14:45
Mile 6: 12:40
Mile 7: 13:31
Mile 8: 13:16
Mile 9: 13:31
Mile 10: 14:48
Mile 11: 13:38
Last .37: 5:12
Avg Pace: 13:40
Avg HR: 138
MAX HR: 163

Long Run

Today will be a long run, 12 plus slightly more. Since my running partner drew up the route I don't know yet what the "slightly more" will be, but I'm assuming it will be something "slightly less" than half marathon distance, or we would be callingit 13 miles.

I'm excited that we've worked our way back up to almost the half marathon distance that I was running in April. I will be running in my old shoes again, since I just picked up the new ones yesterday and haven't had a chance to turn even a mile in them yet.

According to the Weather Channel, it is 73 degrees, 88% humidity, and no rain in this mornings forecast.

If anyone has races this morning or any time today I wish them all well.

Friday, July 20, 2007


I took my Brooks Beasts in and exchanged them for Brooks Dyad 4's, and got some money back too. They are still motion control shoes but not near what the Beasts were. I'm running long tomorrow so it may be Sunday or Monday before I can try them out.

Here are the new bad boys....

Another 4 Mile Day

It's Friday, woohoo and it was another 4 mile day. 73 degrees and according to the Weather Channel, it is 90% humidity, and according to the way I was sweating I believe every percentage of it. Maybe my brain went into a humidity meltdown, I can't think of a single solitary thing to write about, how incredible.

The mosquitos weren't bad, I didn't get chased by any dogs, there were no irate drivers that can't seem to understand on the route that I take they generally have an entire other lane that they could use rather than try to crowd me to the curb, oh and truly great news, there was no rain, no lightning, and very little wind.

Total distance: 4.01 miles
Mile 1: 11:02
Mile 2: 12:42
Mile 3: 12:28
Mile 4: 11:41
40 feet: 0:05
Pace : 11:58
Avg HR: 139
MAX HR: 162

TGIF....it's time to parteeeeeee!!!!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Running in the Rockies!!!!

My work schedule got changed for next week. I will be in Denver early Monday morning till mid-afternoon Tuesday so I get to run in the Mile High City downtown area either Monday evening or Tuesday morning. Then I motor up to the great state of Wyoming for at least one night in Gillette and then a night in the Douglass/Casper area, so I'll get the opportunity to run in that wonderfully wild state as well. Thursday should see me staying out near the Denver airport and will give me an opportunity to run in that area and will hopefully get a great backdrop view of the Colorado Rockies. If my feeble old mind can remember I'll try to take a camera along and take some photos of the different areas I run in.

Today was a rest day. I'm going to do 3 to 4 miles tomorrow morning at an easy slow pace in preparation for a long run on Saturday morning of 12+ miles. I'm getting excited....this is approaching the HM distance for me again, and if I forget the struggles with the Brooks Beasts and just focus on using my old shoes, the running is alot of fun and I am left at the end of each run feeling as if I could run further. According to Jeff Galloway that is how you should feel when doing the run/walk routines that he advocates.

Everyone recognizes that yesterday was hump day, but does everyone realize that this is a "happy day" it's "So Happy It's Thursday", so make the most of it.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Quick Wednesday Update

I ran this morning in my old NB's and was able to do a full 4 miles run/walk normal routine. I felt some shin pain in my left leg, but that has been there at about that same level for a while. No pain in my ankles though and nothing that made me want to stop at any point in time.

Total Time: 48:56
Mile 1: 12:17
Mile 2: 11:50
Mile 3: 12:14
Mile 4: 12:29
10 ft: :03
Pace: 12:18
Avg HR: 129
MAX HR: 150

For a run where I was alone I feel that it was a good run. I did slow down, normally if I'm alone on a run I will start out faster, in the 10:30 range or so. If nothing else, the numbers are consistent.

Happy HUMP Day everyone

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tuesday Update

I'm in Liberal, Kansas tonight. As I packed to leave this morning I decided to leave the Beasts at home and wear my old and somewhat trusty New Balance shoes. Even though I had some pain this morning as we ran, I have to admit that the pain has significantly lessened as the day progressed. I'm not painfree as I write this at 10 PM but I feel alot better. Tomorrow morning I will attempt a very slow easy run here. The humidity is around 30% here and maybe that will help things too.

Sorta Run...Sorta Walk

It was one of those days this morning, actually it started last night when I stepped on something in the house and felt like I had a piece of glass in my right forefoot. I looked and thought I could feel it and pulled but only took off small flap of skin. Now it was painful to walk barefooted. Bonnie wanted to try a walk in my new shoes so I put them on and off we went. We did 2 miles, I'll detail it below, and my forefoot was a little sore but tolerable.

This morning I forgot my watch, but wore my heart rate monitor, go figure. So we were going to do 2 and 1's. We did that for about 1.5 miles, maybe 2 miles and the last mile I had to walk, my shins and calves were quivering. Is this stemming from the new shoes or is it the mileage? I'm training harder than I did for the HM in April, but not that much harder. I'm going out of town this morning and will be back tomorrow night, so I may not run tomorrow morning and see how things are by then. This pain seems to start around my ankles and then moves upward, which makes me think it has to be related to the new Brooks and their motion control. I'm tempted to put them in the closest for a week and see if this clears itself up.

Last night:
Total: 2.01 miles
Mile 1: 17:07
Mile 2: 16:03
42 feet: 0:11
Pace: 16:37
Avg HR: 109
MAX HR: 120

Special Note: Last night we should get extra credit for additional effort of constantly keeping our arms moving to ward off the mosquito's even though we applied OFF.

This morning's guesstimate:
Total: 3.00 miles
Time: 42 minutes
Pace: 13:59

Monday, July 16, 2007

Two Runs - Night and Day Difference

Last night Bonnie and I went out at 9:00 PM to do an easy run. I think a combination of things came into play that presented road blocks for me. 1st - it was only one day after doing 11 miles. 2nd - it was still 88 degrees out. 3rd -the humidity was over 90%. 4th - I was wearing my new Brooks Beasts that I'm still not adjusted to yet. 5th - I don't think I adequately warmed up. So the end result of all this was we only ran 2 miles and I was in pain most of the way. My ankles and shins hurt beyond belief. It got to the point when we got back to the vehicle that Bonnie thought I might collapse and I might not have been far from it. That was most unusual to say the least.

Fade to this morning. We did 4.59 miles, very little pain, not completely gone away but not anything like last night. But the temperture was around 72, granted the humidity was still around 90%, but I was wearing my old trusted New Balance shoes again, and we did more of a warm up walk than we did last night.

The really big change I think were the shoes. I'm still not used to them being so controlling of my foot motion and I think that was causing me some of the pain.

Mile 1: 13:32
Mile 2: 13:48
Last: :51
Total: 28:12
Pace: 13:38
Avg HR: 135
MAX HR: 149

Mile 1: 15:23
Mile 2: 16:07
Mile 3: 13:31
Mile 4: 13:32
Last .59: 7:20
Pace: 14:22
Avg HR: 131
MAX HR: 157

Slow and steady for Monday, but I needed that.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

8 Miles of Training + 5k Race

We got it done!!! My male running buddy, Clyde and I ran just over 8 miles this morning "before" the 7:30 kickoff of the Code 3 5k Race. We met Bonnie, my wife, at the start line just 25 minutes before the race started, changed into Edmond Running Club shirts, so we get additional club credit for running the race, put on our bibs, and I thought we were ready.

Well it turns out this was not a chip run. Instead we would operate off of gun time only. Fortunately there weren't too many running so it wasn't hard to hit the start line once the gun went off. But before that Bonnie and told me that I needed to write my name and age on the tear-off section of my bib. Did I listen? Noooooo. So she had to write it for me after I had it pinned to my shirt, sigh. As she says "if I would only listen twice as hard, I would hear all that she says" (or something resembling that idea).

I'll just say that I did not PR, but she did (by "4" seconds) and that is great. The humidity had started to climb already and so did my heart rate. I did 8 miles and it averaged 128 beats/minute. In the 3 mile race it averaged around 165, good grief, where is the cooler weather?

Oh, somewhere around the 6.5 mile mark I managed to stop my Garmin, stupid me. Fortunately for me Clyde had his own Garmin so I was able to more or less resurrect the last 1.5 miles or so.

Training Run:
Total Miles: 8.16
Time: 1:54:04
Pace: 13:59
Avg HR: 128
MAX HR: 158

Code 3 5k:
Total Miles: 3.18
Time: 36:11 (And I thought I might be strong enough to PR.....duh!!!)
Pace: 11:23
Avg HR: 162
MAX HR: 175

Not the best times in the world, but hey, I got my 11+ miles in for the day, actually 11.34.

Race Day - 5k with a New Twist

Since we didn't get to run long yesterday and Sunday won't work because of church one of my running partners has suggested that he and I run 8 miles before the roosters get up this morning and then get our other 3+ miles in with the 5k race that we've signed up for this morning at 7:30.

It looks like the rain will hold off until we finish both. Crossing my fingers. Someone asked if all this rain was unusual for Oklahoma and to say the least yes it is. I heard day before yesterday that we've already exceeded our annual rainfall average and it's only July.

I wish everyone that has a race today swift feet and to be injury free. May God have Peace for all on this Earth.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Friday the 13th - Rain Out

It's another one of those beautiful days in Oklahoma, the frogs are happy, the turtles are happy, the grass and all the weeds and flowers are in exstacy, but us runners that won't run when Mother Nature is angry and throwing lightning bolts all the place are a bit disappointed.

On a good note, the right side of my brain has me totally psyched up to run long this morning, now I'm not so sure I can go back to bed for another couple of hours....good grief I've been up since 3:15, oh what a nut I can be as a runner.

When they say that road racing/running can be hazardous to your health, they mention the cars and dogs and things, but they fail to add to that warning that some of your brain cells may fall out along the way from all the jiggling....no Nikki I'm not referring to you here. I'm just saying that we do some wild and strange things to beat the heat...oh and to beat the road traffic too I suppose.

Well, I'm going to try to head off to dreamland again, maybe a dream of finishing a 5k in under 25 minutes, a 10k in less than 50 minutes, a marathon under 4 hours, oh yes dream on mighty warrior......

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Wimped Out Trip

Well I'm home early from Houston and I didn't run in Memorial Park while I was there. I had to return home a day and half early for a work meeting that I got wind of while I was at the OKC airport heading to Houston on Tuesday evening. That flight was delayed so I was over 2 hours late getting there. Then the return flight to OKC was delayed about 3 hours so I didn't get home last night until 12:15. I DID get out of bed this morning to run and actually drove to where I was to meet my Thursday running partner. She thought I was still out of town so she didn't bother to show up. I was tired and let my left brain talk me out of running alone. Sooooooo, tomorrow I'm getting up early enough to be picked up at 4:15 "AM" to run with my marathon training buddies and we are going to do about 11.5 miles around Lake Hefner. Then Saturday Bonnie and I have a 5k run. I'm thinking I would like to get at least 5 miles in on Saturday so I will need to add another 2 miles to that run at some point in the day.

I'm just a bit frustrated with myself after such a big week last week. I know there are up and down weeks, but I just have to get more control of what my left brain is telling my body it want's to do. Somehow I've got to wake the right side up, maybe I need a shot of coffee before leaving the house to get it stimulated and producing positive "I can do it" kinds of thoughts.

If anyone catches on that I'm just rambling, I guess that is what I am doing trying to mask that I didn't run today, but I am looking forward to the 11+ run tomorrow. With any luck Sunday could be the start of another "good" week. We have some folks from the club going to run 8 miles or so that if my legs are willing I think I will try, at a slower pace than all the others I'm sure, but at least I'll be out on the street.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Rained Out Again.....Houston Trip

Well we got rained out of a run again this morning here in the OKC area. GRRRRR...when does it end? Last year we were in a bad drought, this year the lakes are closed because they are overflowing, one extreme to another.

I'm flying to Houston this afternoon for a couple of days of meetings. My running stuff is packed and maybe I'll have better luck down there in getting some miles in, maybe even tonight, but I'm actually thinking more towards tomorrow morning. I'm not staying too far from Memorial Park and I am hoping to make use of their jogging trail at least once or twice.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Eureka!!!! Mendy You Were Right!!!

Apparently to type in the title bar you (well at least I) need to click on the word "Title", or so it seems. Thanks to Mendy for suggesting that. It does work!!

I'm losing my mind, I started to type about my new shoes and I think that I wrote about them earlier this morning. Plus, earlier this morning I was reading on Jess' blog post "Last Night" and thought it was something she posted this morning and already had 13 or so comments and some were "AM" posts, maybe I should have had more wine with dinner on Saturday night when Bonnie and I were celebrating our anniversary, instead of just one glass. After reading her post, twice, I finally figured out that she wrote it yesterday morning, so I'm not bonkers, at least not totally.

I don't think I've said anything about how I feel this morning, which just happens to be GREAT!!! I'm not sure why, but my shin doesn't hurt as much as it had been hurting, my feet aren't complaining about the 10+ miles on Saturday, and when we stopped I felt like I could have kept going. According to Jeff Galloway, that is the way you should feel at the end of a run like that. On my way to work I realized how good I feel, it made me smile.

I hope everyone has a great Monday, and a fabulous week.

Somehow I gotta figure out this "title" thing and the absence thereof. I can see the place to type it but it won't let me type. Marcy I tried the preview thing and either I'm not doing that right or it isn't working here in Oklahoma. Grrrr

Yesterday was a day of rest, and I think I needed it.

Today we did our typical early route:

Mile 1: 14:15
Mile 2: 13:38
Mile 3: 13:33
Mile 4: 13:05
Smidgeon: 13:13
Total: 54:46 minutes
Distance: 4.01 miles
Pace: 13:38 min/mile
Avg HR: 129
MAX HR: 153

Woohoo for negative splits again!!

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Followup to yesterday's post. Yes I am married to a very wonderful person. She so totally understands why I run and is so absolutely supportive and I very much appreciate that. I have to admit though that I got some of my inspiration from Michelle's "Back of the Pack" post on Friday about "Knitting", writing about her life running with husband Eric. Michelle that was very moving and I applaud all that you and Eric do with each other and for running these great races.

Yesterday was probably one of the most unique anniversaries I've ever spent in my life and I owe it to my lovely wife. I was up early to go do a training run (11 miles) with the lady that I'll be running our September marathon with (our other training partner is out of town). We did 10.25 miles before the humidity got the best of us. Then I went to breakfast with yet another group of runners that had been training elsewhere. Yes Bonnie got to sleep in on this day, she was cramping or would have joined this group. After breakfast at a local Panera Bread, I was off to Barnes and Noble and found a card and a book for my bride that I thought she would appreciate (no it wasn't a running book...Danielle Steele), then to the mall, they had finally opened. We had been shoping for some "sparklely bling-bling" and I picked up a very nice diamond annivesary ring - 1/2 carat for her.

She was totally surprised by it all when I got home. She spent all day showing off and admiring her new "sparkle". I think I did good. Oh but wait it gets better. She gave me a card and had written in it that the card entitled me to purchase a pair of Brooks Beasts, size 13. So after I took her to a brunch kind of breakfast we went to our friend James Drain's Elite Feet store and I bought my shoes. But we didn't get out with just that, she also bought a pair of Asisics for herself to run in. Plus we got several "freebie" shirts from James before being sent on our way with Happy Anniversary wishes from him and his wife.

Then after working at church from 4:30 to 8 pm last night we decided that since I needed a 1/4 mile to get in 35 miles for the week (Sun-Sat) we would go do a couple of miles together. We did 2 miles of run/walk as a couple and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. My left leg hurt a bit but was tolerable. So as the day ended I got in a total of 13.25 miles, Bonnie did 2 miles and we were very happy as a running couple. I may try to post some photos from all of this later today, not sure yet.

Running results without the mile by mile detail:

Early run:

Distance: 10:25 miles
Time: 2:24:29
Pace: 14:05 miles
Avg HR: 142
MAX HR: 159

Evening run:

Distance: 2.00 miles
Time: 25:57
Pace: 12:55 min/mile
Avg HR: 132
MAX HR: 147

Does anyone know why I suddenly can't type a title to any of my posts? I checked and I do have titles enabled. Is this frustrating or what???

Saturday, July 07, 2007

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!! to my lovely bride.....today, 6 years ago we exchanged our vows, today 6 years ago we started a journey that neither of us would have thought possible, a journey that has taken us in directions that neither of us could have guessed we would have gone...most importantly we have taken our journey hand in hand...together...along with God and his Son Jesus Christ.

Our journey has seen us happy and sad and mad, but in the end we've always returned to happy. My wife is so very special, she was there for me when I needed her most....for my surgery in 2005, she's been there thru rehab work and the pain of healing, she's been there for all the bad....but she's also been there for every hour, minute, and second of all the good too. She was there with me at my half marathon, she is my biggest supportor, she's my greatest cheerleader.

She's the person that I look for when I'm the happiest I've ever been because she is the root of that happiness. She is the person that I need when I'm sad because she is the best at removing the sorrow and bringing the light of happiness back into my life. She is the best person that one man could ever ask for, and I treasure her presence at my side, more than anything else in this world.

She's become a morning person, she's becoming a runner, she's done more things that in her past life she never would have considered, and I am so appreciative of all that she does. This has been the quickest 6 years of my life. I'm so looking forward to the next 6 and so many more beyond that. I love you with all my soul and heart....nowand forever....I am yours!!!!

Happiest Anniversary

Your Prince

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Slow Thursday

Today was a very slow day following yesterday's humid run. The humidity wasn't quite as bad this morning, we started 2 hours earlier too. One of my running partners didn't show up and in the interest of national safety, since she is a party of the Navy, I called her cell phone at 5:30 in the morning. She was not as wide awake as she should have been since her alarm didn't go off. I bet she thought yesterday was Saturday so she didn't have to get up at a godawful hour of the night to run. Anyway we ran without her.

Mile 1: 13:31
Mile 2: 13:03
Mile 3: 12:48
Total: 39:33 Pace 13:07
Avg HR: 134
MAX HR: 155

I'm glad to see that my heart rate was more normal today. Ohhhhh I just realized there are negative splits there again....I just need someone to help pace me at the start....I wish I had started yesterday off like this and kept improving.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

New 8k PR 4th of July Celebration

I am back from the 8k race this morning. The humidity was wild again and by the end of the 1st km I was soaking wet. I ran mostly alone, or at least without my normal running partners and that was a bit of a drag. I did manage to PR (57:15) about 5 minutes faster than my last 8k back in mid-April.

I staved off the negative thinking that I struggle with when I run alone by trying to focus on a particular runner that is ahead of me and keep telling myself that I will pass them, I will beat them. I went by several in that fashion and then got to running in sort of sync with a guy that seemed to do a random run/walk. We leap-frogged each other from about the midway point until the end of the race. The last km was mostly up some small hills that for me were killers. This guy finally pulled ahead of me somewhere in this area and I couldn't seem to catch him, though he was hardly ever more than 50 yards in front of me.

The finish line was off of the main street that we ran back in on so you couldn't see it until the end. As I was nearing the turn point, Bonnie met me in the street and gave me some great encouragement. She offered to take my fanny pack which I gladly unbuckled and gave away (it has my driver's license and Blackberry phone for these shorter runs). As soon as she took it she told me that the finish line was in sight and I heard her say go and I figured what the heck. It was time to sprint....if there was any sprint left in the old body.

It turned out that I beat the guy ahead of me that I had been leap-frogging just in front of the finish line. I don't know if he realized that in my mind we were racing or not, and I'm not even sure if he cared that I passed him when I did. It was a personal thing for me, but I'm glad I did get in ahead of him. Next time he may beat me.

No photos from this race because Bonnie ran in a 3k race herself. She did a respectable 22:13, that we think equates out to a 36 something 5k and that would be a PR for her too. This was her first 3k race.

We had a great time, there were quite a few club members running today and that made it more exciting.

Almost forgot the times:

Mile 1: 10:48
Mile 2: 11:03
Mile 3: 11:33
Mile 4: 11:42
Mile 5: 11:52
168.6 ft: 0:14
Avg HR: 160
Max HR: 184
Total Time: 57:15 Pace: 11:22

I'm not sure what was going on with my heart today. I never felt like I was in any pain, but I did labor at times. I'm thinking it may have been the combination of the heat (about 80) and the humidity (75-80%). Maybe running alone had something to do with it too. I do know that I started faster than I should have, that certainly helped to get things elevated.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Blog/HTML question

Oh for the want of experience. I have a Donation Form created in MS Word for documentation of people making donations for my charity run at the Honolulu Marathon. Can anyone help me with a way that I can create a hyperlink on my blog (maybe labelled TeamAutism Donation Form) that will cause them to see the form and be able to download it? What I'm trying to do is get someone to a point where they have this form they can copy and hang on to as an initial form of receipt for their donation and that they can put into snail mail to me along with a check. We don't have a PayPal option at this point and besides PayPal takes a certain percentage of the donation for the use of their system.

Any help would be appreciated.

I Made the Decision for the Durango Replacement

I had been listing the Denver Marathon as my potential replacement for the Durango HM that was cancelled. Instead though yesterday I was asked by one of our club members to consider running in the Lewis and Clark Marathon on Sept. 16. I had already been considering that as a possibility and with her asking I decided to go that direction. So I've paid my entry fee and now I'm officially signed up for two marathons...this one and the Houston Marathon in January 2008. There is also a third, but I don't think the entry fee has been submitted yet.....the Honolulu Marathon.

Thinking in a different direction, I've surpassed the June mileage already for July and by the end of the run tomorrow I will have done just over 20 miles for the week already. Except for the shin pain that I'm having that seems to go away when I get warmed up (usually around the 2 mile mar), I'm feeling good. Glad to consistently getting back onto the streets again.

I'm also very excited about the commitments to the marathons, as I think that was part of my problems in June, along with the rain, a lack of commitment towards anything specific. Now it's time to go to work and train in earnest. Woohoo!!!!

4th of July Eve

Today was a 4/1 day. We got another workout completed without being rained upon...that is great since we had like 20 straight days of rain in June, a state record.

Mile 1: 13:28
Mile 2: 12:29
Mile 3: 12:52
Mile 4: 13:59
Avg HR 143
MAX HR 166

No negative splits today, but it was an ok run. We had a new runner with us today and it appears we didn't scare her off.

I had taken out my store bought orthotics over the weekend and put the original insoles back in my shoes. I think I am going to go back to the orthotics, I've gotten very comfortable with them and the original insert seems to be harder on my toes, especially on my right foot. I did tape my arches today and my feet felt better overall...just some discomfort with my toes.

Tomorrow I run an 8k race and at the same time Bonnie is entered in a 3k race. I hope that everyone has a Happy and SAFE 4th of July....

Monday, July 02, 2007

The New Month....New Commitments

This morning I got asked to join one of our running club members in the St. Charles Marathon in Sept. It's one that I had been considering since the Durango Marathon was cancelled and the Durango was only 2 weeks beyond the St. Charles. So I believe I will do it. And as it turns out yet another member said they may commit to the St. Charles as well.

Today's efforts saw a return of my upper shin pain in my left leg. We did a slow run with plenty of walking and it took my leg over 2 miles to really finally warm up to where the pain seemed to be going away.


Mile 1: 14:50
Mile 2: 15:51
Mile 3: 14:24
Mile 4: 13:47
Mile .40: 5:51
Total 4.40 miles 1:04:45
Avg HR 122
MAX HR 145

Wow is that negative splits? Interesting. I actually felt like we had slowed down more on the last half of the run.

Well in two days of July I've managed to garner almost as much as I did the whole month of July....slacker......darn weather....slacker....

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Double Loop Medial Laces Photos

I hope these pics will shed some light on my earlier instructions. First, unlace the left shoe so that the top four eyes are unlaced.
Take the lace that is on the little toe side and go across into the 4th eye on the big toe side, lace inside to outside, then put it back into the 3rd eye on the same side.....lay the lace across the shoe and you should have a loop formed as above.

Now take the lace that was laying on the big toe side and put it thru the 4th eye on the little toe side and bring it back across the shoe and thru the loop that was formed before. Should look similar to the photo above.

Now with the same lace that formed the loop between the 3rd and 4th eyes, run it thru the third eye on the little toe side, then back across to the 2nd eye on the big toe side (inside-out again) then up thru the 1st eye and over to the little toe side and thru the 1st eye there.

Take the lace that was placed thru the first (lower) loop and run it across and thru the 2nd eye on the little toe side, then back across and thru the loop on the big toe side. Now you are ready to put the shoe on. You may have to loosen the laces some, but use caution to not let them slide back out of the eyes.

Yes it looks confusing and I hope I can explain how to properly lace below.

Pull the laces below the lower loop tight then grasp the lace that goes thru the lower loop and pull it towards the outside of the foot/shoe. You will need to hold this with your thumb or finger and use your other hand to continue tighening the laces up the shoe

Once you get the laces tight you can grab the lace that runs thru the upper loop and pull it toward the outside of the shoe/foot and at this point you can let go of the lower loop area. As long as you hold onto this lace with pressure both areas should stay tight. This should be pulling your arch area up and tight. Now tie your shoe as you normally would.

Finished product. Hope this clears the mud up from my earlier post. This was demo'd with the left shoe, the right shoe is laced in the same fashion, with the loops being formed on the inside of the shoe (big toe/medial side). It does take some practice to lace it properly and to also get enough slack in the laces without allowing them to come undone. Once you do it a couple of times it isn't as intimidating as it might first appear and the support to the arch is GREAT!!!!

Today's Run

First, we ran 4 miles today at a 12:18 pace. Each mile looked like this:

Mile 1: 12:18
Mile 2: 12:15
Mile 3: 12:15
Mile 4: 12:23
Total 49:13
Avg HR 140
MAX HR 164

Then we walked most of the 4 miles back to our starting point. Those 4 miles looked like this:

Mile 1: 16:34
Mile 2: 15:35
Mile 3: 14:49
Mile 4: 14:16 (actually Garmin says this one was only .95 miles)
Total 1:01:05

Not a bad return. We did run some short times of miles 3 and 4, but nothing that exceeded and 1/8th of a mile during either.