Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Monday Run on Tuesday

I didn't get to run before heading to the airport yesterday morning, I didn't get to run last night, or I should say I ChOsE not to run last night after dinner. We at Italian, at Mazziono's, not sure on the spelling. It was on the 16th Street Mall here in Denver, and we ate family style so we got to try several dishes. I had a bit of chicken marsala, lasagna, chicken parmasian...well you know what I mean. I took smaller portions than anyone else so I generally felt good about what I had eaten. I had also eaten a grilled chicken salad for lunch. Not too bad a day....and I surprised myself, no liquer and no wine last night.

I did get up this morning and ran 4 miles here in the Mile Hi City. The times are listed below:

Total Distance: 4.02 miles
Mile 1: 11:16
Mile 2: 11:38
Mile 3: 13:03
Mile 4: 13:31
Total Time: 49:43
Avg Pace: 12:22
Avg HR: 135
MAX HR: 150

Not a bad run at this elevation I would think. And I'm impressed I was able to keep my heart rate down.

It's Tuesday make the most of it!!!


Marcy said...

No wine with the Italian, huh Randy? Actually you know what stinks about training is that I'm always concerned about not having too much because I don't want to be *blah* for the next day's run.

Great job with that run!!! ;D

ws said...

I like that you determine what day it is by the run you are doing! I'm not cultured enough to drink wine and unlike Marcy I never think any amount of hard liquor is too much and therefore I've basically given up all alcohol for training.

I suspect it is very humid back in Texas, so I imagine the change of weather in Denver was nice too...

Molly said...

Wow...great run! I remember getting tired walking around in Denver! I always wondered why the Bronco's did not destroy every team, on the road, in the fourth quarter!

Tqke Care!

Unknown said...

Good job running at altitude!

Also at avoiding the wine, especially at restaurants. It's easier at home (I think at least).

Backofpack said...

So no effects from the altitude? Cool!

Good job on the eating thing - family style is hard but you managed it well!

Pat said...

did you feel the altitude at all? Sounds like you're very happy with your run. I'm thinking about going up to Flagstaff just to experience the altitude.


Unknown said...

Too funny Randy, I ate at that same Maggiano's about this time last year (or maybe it was August..I'll have to check my blog).

Mom tried decaf once said...

Woohoo! Four miles in the mile high city!