Monday, July 30, 2007

Another Humid Monday

There ought to be a song with that for a name. This was a recovery day from the 14 miles on Saturday. I bought a new pair of shoes on Saturday during the Edmond Crazy Days Sale, a pair of Brooks Vapor 7's, and I can't remember if I mentioned that in yesterday's post or not, oh well. I ran in them this morning. I work my normal low profile "dri-fit" socks, but these shoes hit me a bit higher in the heel than my other shoes. When I took them off I had a bit of a bloody mess on my right heel. I don't think it is anything bad but it did rub quite a bit, calling for a bandaid back there for a while and a taller sock it seems too.

Total Time: 55:01
Total Distance: 4.04 miles
Mile 1: 15:10
Mile 2: 13:11
Mile 3: 13:33
Mile 4: 12:45
198.59 ft.: 0:20
Avg Pace: 13:37
Avg HR: 128
MAX HR: 161

Temp was 73 degrees and humidity was 94%, after the first mile I felt as if I had a shower running over me.

I don't plan on running with today's mileage I finish the month with 111.70 miles...woohoo...that will be tough for me to match.

Have a tremendously wonderful Monday!!!


Jess said...

I feel your humidity woes. It has to dissipate sometime, doesn't it?

IronWaddler said...

Great job on getting out there on such a humid day.

Marcy said...

Look at that last mile!!! Sweet job Randy!! Especially in that nastiness. I cringe at the boo boo. OUCH!!!

Pat said...

I think my splits would be the reverse of yours. I usually go out too fast and then crash at the end.

I always carry a fanny pack with bandaids just in case.

ws said...

Wouldn't it be great if it was only humid on Mondays and nice the rest of the week?

Great run, especially considering all your miles this weekend. I always liked low-profile socks, but now I'm more comfortable running in socks with an inch or so cuff. weird.

akshaye said...

great run. and humidity is a killer. hmm.. ouch that shoe sounded painful.

Mom tried decaf once said...

Oh that owie sounds painful!! Great job on your run, look at your negative splits!!!