Monday, July 09, 2007

Somehow I gotta figure out this "title" thing and the absence thereof. I can see the place to type it but it won't let me type. Marcy I tried the preview thing and either I'm not doing that right or it isn't working here in Oklahoma. Grrrr

Yesterday was a day of rest, and I think I needed it.

Today we did our typical early route:

Mile 1: 14:15
Mile 2: 13:38
Mile 3: 13:33
Mile 4: 13:05
Smidgeon: 13:13
Total: 54:46 minutes
Distance: 4.01 miles
Pace: 13:38 min/mile
Avg HR: 129
MAX HR: 153

Woohoo for negative splits again!!


Mendy said...

Randy, I think I know what you're talking about with the title. I had the same problem yesterday. Try clicking in the very beginning of the bar. I would just try to click somewhere in it, and couldn't figure out why It wouldn't work... see if that helps...

Mendy said...

Nevermind - that didn't work, Randy. I don't know how I got into the title bar at all, last night.

Marcy said...

Sorry Randy, I'm glad you got it to work!!!