Sunday, July 01, 2007

Double Loop Medial Laces Photos

I hope these pics will shed some light on my earlier instructions. First, unlace the left shoe so that the top four eyes are unlaced.
Take the lace that is on the little toe side and go across into the 4th eye on the big toe side, lace inside to outside, then put it back into the 3rd eye on the same side.....lay the lace across the shoe and you should have a loop formed as above.

Now take the lace that was laying on the big toe side and put it thru the 4th eye on the little toe side and bring it back across the shoe and thru the loop that was formed before. Should look similar to the photo above.

Now with the same lace that formed the loop between the 3rd and 4th eyes, run it thru the third eye on the little toe side, then back across to the 2nd eye on the big toe side (inside-out again) then up thru the 1st eye and over to the little toe side and thru the 1st eye there.

Take the lace that was placed thru the first (lower) loop and run it across and thru the 2nd eye on the little toe side, then back across and thru the loop on the big toe side. Now you are ready to put the shoe on. You may have to loosen the laces some, but use caution to not let them slide back out of the eyes.

Yes it looks confusing and I hope I can explain how to properly lace below.

Pull the laces below the lower loop tight then grasp the lace that goes thru the lower loop and pull it towards the outside of the foot/shoe. You will need to hold this with your thumb or finger and use your other hand to continue tighening the laces up the shoe

Once you get the laces tight you can grab the lace that runs thru the upper loop and pull it toward the outside of the shoe/foot and at this point you can let go of the lower loop area. As long as you hold onto this lace with pressure both areas should stay tight. This should be pulling your arch area up and tight. Now tie your shoe as you normally would.

Finished product. Hope this clears the mud up from my earlier post. This was demo'd with the left shoe, the right shoe is laced in the same fashion, with the loops being formed on the inside of the shoe (big toe/medial side). It does take some practice to lace it properly and to also get enough slack in the laces without allowing them to come undone. Once you do it a couple of times it isn't as intimidating as it might first appear and the support to the arch is GREAT!!!!


Marcy said...

Ohhhhhh thanks for the pics!!! ;D

J~Mom said...

I am going to try it! Thanks!!! I like that carpet, too! :>)