Saturday, July 28, 2007

Midnight Streak Update

Well we are done and I need to get to bed so I can "maybe" get up early and do a long run. Actually I will say a prayer that we don't run until Sunday morning. My shins are aching tonight. We ran the race, it was hot...around 82 degrees, and humid too, probably at least 80% I'll have to look and see.

Bonnie PR'ed again!!!!!! She finished just under 37 minutes, around 36:50 I think. I did 36:47 just ahead of her. She was a trooper in the heat and humidity. We did see plenty of topless runners, unfortunately they were all men.....sigh...just didn't get my motor running. We did chase a girl that had USAF across her butt though and tried to stay close to beat her. However, she found some energy at the end and beat us....but she was probably a good 25 years younger than we were too.

My times:

Total Distance: 3.16 miles
Mile 1: 11:33
Mile 2: 11:50
Mile 3: 12:10
.16 Mile: 1:13
Avg Pace: 11:39
Avg HR: 152
MAX HR: 178 Humidity working on me again!!!

Sweet dreams to all you great runners from the back of the pack.


Pat said...

Yeah, the problem with running is, the college girls with the cute sayings on thier shorts are always in the front. I guess that's motivation to get faster.


Marcy said...


AWESOME job to you and Bonnie!!! Too bad you didn't see any topless women :-( LOL

Mom tried decaf once said...

Great job Bonnie and Randy! Awesome job on the run in that heat!!

Please Randy's shins feel better soon...I know exactly what that is like buddy!

Unknown said...

Great job!! Yay for Bonnie's PR too!! WooooHoooo!!

Mary Gee said...

Yay for Bonnie and Randy! I hope you wait til Sunday to hit it again.

Molly said...

Great job Randy, tell your wife congrats on the PR!

The humidity is killer here too. I walked outside this morning and could just feel it in the air (then felt myself sweating!

Trust me when I tell you not to over do it...if the body says resy, rest...or you will end up on the coach with me!!!

Take Care