Sunday, July 08, 2007

Followup to yesterday's post. Yes I am married to a very wonderful person. She so totally understands why I run and is so absolutely supportive and I very much appreciate that. I have to admit though that I got some of my inspiration from Michelle's "Back of the Pack" post on Friday about "Knitting", writing about her life running with husband Eric. Michelle that was very moving and I applaud all that you and Eric do with each other and for running these great races.

Yesterday was probably one of the most unique anniversaries I've ever spent in my life and I owe it to my lovely wife. I was up early to go do a training run (11 miles) with the lady that I'll be running our September marathon with (our other training partner is out of town). We did 10.25 miles before the humidity got the best of us. Then I went to breakfast with yet another group of runners that had been training elsewhere. Yes Bonnie got to sleep in on this day, she was cramping or would have joined this group. After breakfast at a local Panera Bread, I was off to Barnes and Noble and found a card and a book for my bride that I thought she would appreciate (no it wasn't a running book...Danielle Steele), then to the mall, they had finally opened. We had been shoping for some "sparklely bling-bling" and I picked up a very nice diamond annivesary ring - 1/2 carat for her.

She was totally surprised by it all when I got home. She spent all day showing off and admiring her new "sparkle". I think I did good. Oh but wait it gets better. She gave me a card and had written in it that the card entitled me to purchase a pair of Brooks Beasts, size 13. So after I took her to a brunch kind of breakfast we went to our friend James Drain's Elite Feet store and I bought my shoes. But we didn't get out with just that, she also bought a pair of Asisics for herself to run in. Plus we got several "freebie" shirts from James before being sent on our way with Happy Anniversary wishes from him and his wife.

Then after working at church from 4:30 to 8 pm last night we decided that since I needed a 1/4 mile to get in 35 miles for the week (Sun-Sat) we would go do a couple of miles together. We did 2 miles of run/walk as a couple and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. My left leg hurt a bit but was tolerable. So as the day ended I got in a total of 13.25 miles, Bonnie did 2 miles and we were very happy as a running couple. I may try to post some photos from all of this later today, not sure yet.

Running results without the mile by mile detail:

Early run:

Distance: 10:25 miles
Time: 2:24:29
Pace: 14:05 miles
Avg HR: 142
MAX HR: 159

Evening run:

Distance: 2.00 miles
Time: 25:57
Pace: 12:55 min/mile
Avg HR: 132
MAX HR: 147


Marcy said...

Randy you guys are SO CUTE!!! I just want to hug you and Bonnie!! Sounds like you both had a WONDERFUL anniversary!!! ;D ;D

Joe said...

A great anniversary...nice bling, Randy!!

Hope you enjoy the Beasts...I really love mine and they have held up longer than any shoe I've ever used.

Jess said...

I'm glad you had such a nice anniversary. And I always love a post where "bling-bling" gets tossed in!

Michelle said...

What a wonderful anniversary, Randy!!

I'd say you did great with the bling!! I don't know any woman in her right mind who wouldn't love something like that!! :-)

And great job on the high mileage!! Wow!!!

Backofpack said...

I hope when you say you are going to post pictures, you mean pictures of the bling! I love looking at jewelry. It's kind of silly because I only wear earrings and two rings (all gifts from Eric) but I still love to look at it. So be sure to show the bling!

Also, you do know that you wouldn't have such a wonderful wife if you weren't a wonderful husband in return, right?

Mendy said...

Wow! What a nice day you both had. The bling-bling was also VERY nice.

Nice long run Randy! that's a lot of running in one day! You should be happy with that.

Darrell said...

What a great day you two had together. Here's to many more happy years together.