Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Body is Weird

Well no I didn't run yesterday or this morning. So I'm back in Denver tonight and decided to get my run in just before dark. It was risky business as there are storms brewing in the metroplex and after I got started I did see some lightning in the area but it never got close. Tonight I struggled. Probably the heat (86 degrees), maybe some humidity with rain close, and yes I guess the altitude may have had an impact tonight. Or it could have just been the fact that I was running in the evening instead of the early morning hours where I'm more accustomed to run.

I did three miles, the time was not respectable at all, but I'll log it gets me over 90 miles for the month....woohoo...with our long run on Saturday I should pass the century mark.

Total Distance: 3 miles
Mile 1: 12:05
Mile 2: 12:27
Mile 3: 12:33
Avg Pace: 12:21
Total Time: 37:05
Avg HR: 137
MAX HR: 151

Even at this altitude my heart rate stayed within good limits.


akshaye said...

way to go on that mileage! great work.
stumbled across your blog. enjoyed it!

Neese said...

you know i totally understand the "not respectable" time thing, but we have to remind ourselves we DO get out there and that's more than most do so even slower you are doing such good for yourself! nice job!

Mendy said...

Neese is 100% correct! It is very respectable that you got out there and did it! and you not only did that run, but you logged over 90 miles this month so far! Very respectable!

Great job! I have logged 73 so far, and am happy about that! You are doing a whole lot more than most people out there!

Molly said...

All runs are good runs!
How are the shoes?

Take Care

Randy - Maniac #788 said...

Hey Molly...thanks for far they seem to be doing ok...we are doing almost 14 miles tomorrow for our long run and I'm tempted to run in them...but a part of me is a bit afraid also, so I'll probably opt for my trusty NB's one more week.

Pat said...

that's good mileage. keep up the good work and now you can say you've got high altitude training.


Marcy said...

I ABSOLUTELY agree with Neese!! The fact that you got out there and grinding out some miles is respectable in itself ;D ;D Awesome Randy!!!

Unknown said...

way to get out there!

my running mileage is pitiful.

But then again, I did *swim* a mile today, so I guess I can't complain. :)