Saturday, July 14, 2007

8 Miles of Training + 5k Race

We got it done!!! My male running buddy, Clyde and I ran just over 8 miles this morning "before" the 7:30 kickoff of the Code 3 5k Race. We met Bonnie, my wife, at the start line just 25 minutes before the race started, changed into Edmond Running Club shirts, so we get additional club credit for running the race, put on our bibs, and I thought we were ready.

Well it turns out this was not a chip run. Instead we would operate off of gun time only. Fortunately there weren't too many running so it wasn't hard to hit the start line once the gun went off. But before that Bonnie and told me that I needed to write my name and age on the tear-off section of my bib. Did I listen? Noooooo. So she had to write it for me after I had it pinned to my shirt, sigh. As she says "if I would only listen twice as hard, I would hear all that she says" (or something resembling that idea).

I'll just say that I did not PR, but she did (by "4" seconds) and that is great. The humidity had started to climb already and so did my heart rate. I did 8 miles and it averaged 128 beats/minute. In the 3 mile race it averaged around 165, good grief, where is the cooler weather?

Oh, somewhere around the 6.5 mile mark I managed to stop my Garmin, stupid me. Fortunately for me Clyde had his own Garmin so I was able to more or less resurrect the last 1.5 miles or so.

Training Run:
Total Miles: 8.16
Time: 1:54:04
Pace: 13:59
Avg HR: 128
MAX HR: 158

Code 3 5k:
Total Miles: 3.18
Time: 36:11 (And I thought I might be strong enough to PR.....duh!!!)
Pace: 11:23
Avg HR: 162
MAX HR: 175

Not the best times in the world, but hey, I got my 11+ miles in for the day, actually 11.34.


Unknown said...

good job running and racing all on the same day. wooohooo

"if I would only listen twice as hard, I would hear all that she says" (or something resembling that idea).

I heard it explained this way - you have two ears, one mouth...give them all equal time. LOL

Darrell said...

That was a nice little warm up to your 5K. Nice job. Don't worry to much about the lack of a PR effort, especially after the 8 miles. It is still a nice bit of training.

Michelle said...

Wow, way to go on all that running, Randy!!

And congrats to Bonnie on setting a new PR! Awesome!!!

Jess said...

Congrats! What a running day!

Nikki said...

Yikes, I wouldn't have made it to the start line ;) let alone RUN the 5km after 8 miles.


CONGRATS to Bonnie on her PR! :D :D

Enjoy your day!

Mom tried decaf once said...

You totally rock, Randy! I am going to start calling you Rocking Randy!!! Great job with all the miles!

Marcy said...

LOL Lisa!! Yeah Rocking Randy! I cannot believe how much energy you have!! It's unreal! The LAST, LAST, LAST thing I'd want to do after an 8 mi run is to do a 5K race. AWESOME job Randy!! ;D ;D

Congrats to Bonnie as well!!! That's wonderful!!

Mary Gee said...

Rockin' Randy. You are one long distance running guy. Congrats to you and Bonnie.

runliarun said...

You are so motivated. I don't think I could summon myself to run on my own before a race. I'd just say, oh, the race is more than enough.

Scott McMurtrey said...

Wow, I can't imagine doing a run over twice as long as the race right before the race. And you still kicked butt in the race!

"if you would only listen twice as hard...." LOL! :)


Unknown said...

Great job! I have a hard time running, then stopping for awhile and then running again. Looks like you had no problem with it!

Randy - Maniac #788 said...

It was tough to get started again, my legs started to get stiff before the gun went off. I still did a fast first mile but I just didn't have much else left. Overall though it was a fun day. I feel good that running isn't really hurting anywhere any more, that is such a relief.

Backofpack said...

Nice one Randy! 11 miles total and three of them in a race - that's awesome! Tell Bonnie cograts too.

Mendy said...

WoW! a warmup of 8 miles, before a 5K - Yikes! I wouldn't do that, but, I'm not as energetic as you either! Good job, btw!