Saturday, July 21, 2007

Long Run Does Not Quite Equal 12 Miles Today

Well, our long run started about an hour later than it should...for a personal reason of my running partner and it was ok that we were late. That caused us to be running across the dam (3 miles) directly into the morning sun and it was reflecting off the water and eventually affected both of us...draining what energy we had left....we had already done about 7 things were cut short at 11.36 miles.

Bonnie met us just before the dam and ran the last 4.5 - 5.0 miles with us. Clyde and I were tired, she was fresh and it showed. She was even flirting with some fisherman in a boat that was near the dam at one point and threatened to flash her ta-ta's at him because he kept looking at her....ohh boy am I in trouble. She later said that the only reason she didn't do it was that she got no encouragement from me. My wife the exhibitionist.

The run was a good one overall. I do need to invest in a pair of good sunglasses....hint...Oakley's are really all they are advertised to be. I think I might get a pair as an award for finishing my first marathon....September 16, St. Charles, MO. I ran again in my old NB's and they did me significant leg or ankle pain. I am wearing the heels down on them quite a bit so I hope I can find a replacement....maybe the Brooks bad boys shown below will fit the bill....I hope so...

Total Distance: 11.36 miles
Mile 1: 14:10
Mile 2: 12:55
Mile 3: 14:02
Mile 4: 12:42
Mile 5: 14:45
Mile 6: 12:40
Mile 7: 13:31
Mile 8: 13:16
Mile 9: 13:31
Mile 10: 14:48
Mile 11: 13:38
Last .37: 5:12
Avg Pace: 13:40
Avg HR: 138
MAX HR: 163


Unknown said...

Sounds like a good run.

I'm going to try for 9 again tomorrw. Maybe in a month I'll be doing 12. :)

Joe said...

Way to keep pounding out the miles, Randy.

Yeah, good sunglasses do help. I got a pair of safety glasses a couple of years ago that work well and were cheaper than Oakleys. Email me if you like, I'll send you the link!

Backofpack said...

Still a good distance Randy! And you are in trouble with Bonnie...she'd fit in just fine with our running group!

Pat said...

Congrats on the mileage. St. Charles, MO is a great town. The downtown area has lots of shops and restaurants. Hope you enjoy your run their. I need to read your blog more often, it's always a good read.


Unknown said...
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Marcy said...

Sorry I'm having major typo issues today :P LOL

ROFLMAO!!! Ohhhh dear Randy!!! You ARE in trouble with Bonnie!! Sounds like my kind of woman LOL

Awesome job getting that long run in!! Boy oh boy I'd be dead tired too if I had the sun beating down on me like that!! Great job Randy!!! Before you know it you'll be out on those 20 milers! LOL

Sorry to answer your question from before, yes I have run sub 8 mins :-) I can't maintain it for too long though LOL

Michelle said...

Great job on the run, Randy!!

If I am lucky I will get a seven-miler in tomorrow. I am still suffering from our warm, muggy weather, so we'll see if my body wants to do a long run or not.

And that Bonnie sounds like a spitfire. Better keep your eye on her. LOL!!!

Molly said...

Great run...(almost)12 miles is a very impressive distance!

Your wife sounds like a cool lady!

I look forward to hearing how the new Brooks do!

Take Care

IronWaddler said...

Good job on getting the miles in the books. You were close enough.

ws said...

Hi Randy - thanks for your comment the other day - I was away for the weekend.

Great job on the long run. I hate the sun and it does seem to suck every last bit of motivation out of my body when I'm running. So, the early morning hours suck, but at least the sun isn't up yet.

It seems this weekend was all about women wanting to expose themselves!

Nikki said...

Great job Randy! look at you pump out those miles!!

I think Bonnie, Marcy and I could cause a MAJOR stir!! hahahaaaa

Darrell said...

So 12 and a little more became 12 and a little less, no big.

You'd better keep an eye on those fishermen! LOL ;-)