Monday, July 02, 2007

The New Month....New Commitments

This morning I got asked to join one of our running club members in the St. Charles Marathon in Sept. It's one that I had been considering since the Durango Marathon was cancelled and the Durango was only 2 weeks beyond the St. Charles. So I believe I will do it. And as it turns out yet another member said they may commit to the St. Charles as well.

Today's efforts saw a return of my upper shin pain in my left leg. We did a slow run with plenty of walking and it took my leg over 2 miles to really finally warm up to where the pain seemed to be going away.


Mile 1: 14:50
Mile 2: 15:51
Mile 3: 14:24
Mile 4: 13:47
Mile .40: 5:51
Total 4.40 miles 1:04:45
Avg HR 122
MAX HR 145

Wow is that negative splits? Interesting. I actually felt like we had slowed down more on the last half of the run.

Well in two days of July I've managed to garner almost as much as I did the whole month of July....slacker......darn weather....slacker....


Marcy said...

Awesome job with the negative splits Randy!!!

Pfffttttt, don't worry about last month. You're back in the game now, right? ;-) Get that booty going for that marathon!!! (You KNOW you're going to do it :P )

Backofpack said...

I have a list!

1. Congrats on the marathon decision! It'll be fun!
2. I have not done Hood to Coast, but Eric has several times - I'll get him to email you.
3. I'm interested in the lacing - I went back and read the post, but am not real clear why you would do it. What does it help with?

Randy - Maniac #788 said...

Michelle - the double loop medial lacing adds support to the arch and provides additional stability that traditional lacing lacks. It gives you quite a bit more in the way of leaverage for the arch area. It is amazing at how much more of a gret fit that I get out of my shoes now.

Mary Gee said...

Good job. Darn weather indeed.

J~Mom said...

I have the same darn shin problems. They will go away a few weeks and then resurface a few weeks....bleah!!