Saturday, July 21, 2007

Long Run

Today will be a long run, 12 plus slightly more. Since my running partner drew up the route I don't know yet what the "slightly more" will be, but I'm assuming it will be something "slightly less" than half marathon distance, or we would be callingit 13 miles.

I'm excited that we've worked our way back up to almost the half marathon distance that I was running in April. I will be running in my old shoes again, since I just picked up the new ones yesterday and haven't had a chance to turn even a mile in them yet.

According to the Weather Channel, it is 73 degrees, 88% humidity, and no rain in this mornings forecast.

If anyone has races this morning or any time today I wish them all well.


Marcy said...

Good luck Randy!! I'm sure you'll do great!! ;D ;D

I think it's on tonight!!! If you're bringing the popcorn and tx Runner Girl is bringing the 'ritas I'm there!!! How the heck can you fall asleep to that? Every 2 minutes there's a buzzing sound, laughing, or screams in that show :P

Nikki said...

Good luck! 12 + miles...yikes...i can only dream right now!

Your doing soo great at getting your distance back up..GREAT JOB!

Mom tried decaf once said...

Hope your 12er goes awesome!! I can't wait to get my mileage back up there!

Mary Gee said...

Have a great run! I agree, I miss the long runs.