Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Quick Wednesday Update

I ran this morning in my old NB's and was able to do a full 4 miles run/walk normal routine. I felt some shin pain in my left leg, but that has been there at about that same level for a while. No pain in my ankles though and nothing that made me want to stop at any point in time.

Total Time: 48:56
Mile 1: 12:17
Mile 2: 11:50
Mile 3: 12:14
Mile 4: 12:29
10 ft: :03
Pace: 12:18
Avg HR: 129
MAX HR: 150

For a run where I was alone I feel that it was a good run. I did slow down, normally if I'm alone on a run I will start out faster, in the 10:30 range or so. If nothing else, the numbers are consistent.

Happy HUMP Day everyone


Jess said...

Glad to hear your run was fairly pain free!

Mom tried decaf once said...

Glad to hear it went well!! WOOHOO to being pain free!

Jess said...

Good job!

teacherwoman said...

Excellent job on the run! And happy HUMP day to you as well!

Marcy said...

Excellent Randy!!! So what do you think with the Beasts? Are you going to ditch them?

Mendy said...

Sounds like a better run for you! Glad to hear it.

Happy hump day to you too!

Randy said...

Marcy, I've got 10 or 12 miles on the Beasts. I am going to try to go back in and talk with the guy that sold them to me and see what my options are, maybe tomorrow afternoon. At this point I am afraid to run in them.

Nikki said...

Yikes on the beasts...I'm hopin they will resolve the issue with a new pair of beauties!

Good job on the run :)

Marcy said...

I hear you Randy!! Good decision!! I wouldn't mess around either :-)