Monday, May 05, 2008

Finally it Seems to have Warmed Up!!!

Maybe just maybe we are seeing a warming trend...but I have to head to Baltimore tomorrow then on to York, PA. Should be an interesting trip, I've never been to that part of PA before. I'll be home on Thursday in time to participate in Nancy's Virtual 10k...that should be alot of fun!!

Today's run, rather erratic:

Total Miles: 4.53
Total Time: 1:03:28

Mile 1: 14:23
Mile 2: 17:33 (extended bathroom break for 2 runners)
Mile 3: 12:46
Mile 4: 11:57 (where did this come from)
.53 mi: 6:47


Marcy said...

Ooooo look at that last mile! Awesome Randy! Can't wait to see you at Nanc's 10k ;-)

J~Mom said...

WOOHOO Nice running there buddy! See you Saturday at the 10k!

Molly said...

Great last mile! My times tend to get slower and slower...way to pick it up at the end!
Have fun with the 10K
Take Care

Mendy said...

Happy travels! Love the pics of the vehicle! I have a 13.1 on my car and I'm proud of that bad boy.

Mary Gee said...

That looks like the kind of pace I could deal with.

teacherwoman said...

Just as soon as it warms up here, it is either raining or snowing, or both the next day! :)