Thursday, August 02, 2007

We Bleed Maroon


The link just above will take you to a song that was written by a local Texas group that consists of at least one Texas Aggie in the group. This song entitled "We Bleed Maroon" is about many special things associated with one of the greatest schools (my opinion). It was first great as a Corp of Cadets College, then as an integrated University, integrated in the sense that you no longer had to be a member of the Corp to attend...then integrated amongst the sexes. When I was a freshman at Texas A&M the men outnumbered the women something like 10 or 12 to 1. When I graduated 5 long years later the ratio had already dropped to like 4 or 5 to 1. The population on campus had grown from 18,000 to just over 30,000.

We are a campus rich in tradition, deep in heritage, and so prideful of the distinction of being called a Texas Aggie. The campus has grown in the past 30 years in ways unimaginable. The university is far more than just a Corp organization, an engineering college, or an agricultural center, it has truly become an educational mecca and melting pot for many disciplines that are recognized the world over for their accomplishments and contributions to the world in which we live.

It is a difficult thing to understand the true meaning of being a Texas Aggie and the pride that the Aggie Rings symbolizes, the years of sweat, tears, and blood for the ability to say that I have become more than just a Texas Aggie...I've pushed the Spirit one step further and have become a "Former Student", yet still an integral part of a learning institution that is world reknowned. The Spirit that is weaved into this song brings tears to any Aggie that listens closely, we've lived these words, they are a part of who we are, what we are, and will continue to be a living part of the university we each called home during that time of our life when we were being molded to take on the world.

Some have grown into world leaders, others have become corporate CEO's, still others have raised families, while a chosen few have fought for the freedom and liberty associated with this great country we call home, a still smaller group have gone the ultimate path and given their lives serving in the manner that we were all trained as the forefront, leading the way.

The truth be known, we do bleed maroon, we bleed the spirit of Aggieland when it is necessary whether it be on a battlefield, or a courtroom, or as tillers of the earth, the Aggie Spirit lives as no other, a Spirit that runs deep and bonds one to the next....all it takes is a casual glance at the Ring on a finger, the diploma hung proudly, a flag in the yard...that Spirit is what we are all about....yes We Do Bleed Maroon.


Mary Gee said...

I do not even recognize you without the yellow!

But thanks for sharing your maroon pride with us. I feel much the same way about my Alma Mater.

TX Runner Girl said...

All I can say is WHOOP!!!! Gig'em!