Thursday, August 02, 2007

I'm Lucky to have Great Running Partners

We can talk about anything from politics to potties, from ass-kicking marathon courses to aspiring new marathoners. We are consistently a trio that occasionally has another drop in on us. They are the veterans of the road where I am the newbie. They are training for marathon number XX while I'm still a virgin. It's just over a month until our Lewis and Clark Marathon in St. Charles, MO and the excitement is starting to creep into my daily thoughts already.

My running partners are friends, coaches, competitors, and cheerleaders....all at the same time. We pull each other along, not leaving anyone behind, a team effort. They provide a consistency for me that I couldn't do by myself With them I do more and go further than my feeble mind would allow me to do on my own. Being accountable to them has helped me this summer beyond belief.

For all this I so appreciate their efforts and their presence and I look forward to my first marathon with them.

Today's Stats:

Total Distance: 4.68 miles
Mile 1: 15:55
Mile 2: 13:27
Mile 3: 13:34
Mile 4: 13:34
0.68 Mi.: 8:15
Avg Pace: 13:49
Avg HR: 122
MAX HR: 153

4+ miles further down the road. Have a great day everyone.

PS: I wore my old NB's again and again no leg pain. I'm going to switch back to them and away from the Brooks.


Marcy said...

That is so wonderful that you have such great running partners! I need to get some of those! It sure would make the long runs more enjoyable!

RunningCrazyAfter3 said...

It really is so helpful to have people to be accountable to and just *be* with sometimes, isn't it! Hope you get all the shoe issues figured out!

J~mom said...

That is so awesome to have partners!! The times I have run with people it pushes me so much further! Great job! I love coming to your blog, I play GUESS THAT COLOR...j/k I know you will find the Randy color soon!

ws said...

your running partners sound great. they are certainly more motivating than the voices in my head that won't stop talking. j/k, well not really.

my blog sort of keeps me accountable, though I could just make up splits and mileage.

sounds like a good plan to switch back to the NBs. I wear NBs and I'm afraid to switch to anything different.

Mendy said...

That's awesome that you have those running partners! I wish I had some, sometimes - but I've grown quite fondly of running alone.

Good job, you'll be ready for that Marathon in no time!

scott keeps running said...

wow, that marathon is creeping up fast! forget about those brooks and lace up those nb's and let's go running!

Molly said...

I never got the the level of being able to talk while I ran...I agree with Scott, get yourself a new pair of ole faithful NBs and get them marathon ready!

Take Care