Monday, August 20, 2007

Back!!!!!! After a Hectic Week

Well last week was a very loooongggggg week. I was in Western Colorado and Eastern Utah performing due diligence on facilities that my company would like to purchase. That meant 14-16 hour days and NO running. At least not until Saturday.

Bonnie and I did a 5k race "Run With the Bulls" starting from the Oklahoma City Stockyards, fortunately there was a favorable wind that kept the aromatic aroma away from us most of the time. I think my time was 37:26, but more importantly Bonnie ran a 37:16...yes she beat was one of those days when you start good and finish lousy. No excuses except it just didn't feel good. I'm proud of her though even though this wasn't a PR for her, you can't do that every time.

Today I did our typical Monday run/walk route. It was good to be back with my running buddies. I was able to finish strong but was tired when it was all said and done.

Well today I have budget work to finish, so I am not sure how much time I'll get to catch up on everyone's blogs, I'll give it a good try though.

Total Distance: 4.75 miles
Mile 1: 14:39
Mile 2: 15:24
Mile 3: 13:16
Mile 4: 13:28
.75 mile: 8:35
Total Time: 1:05:24
Pace: 13:45
Avg HR: 121
MAX HR: 164

Heart rate seems to be hanging in there, the Max is still coming down and continues to be the "sprint" that we do at the finish.

Have a GREAT Monday!!!! It feels good to be back.


Marcy said...

Good morning Randy! I'm so happy that you're back!! We missed you around here :-(

Look at Bonnie go!! Did you both run together up until the very end? CONGRATS to both of you on a run well done! ;D

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

welcome back! and be glad the wind was in your favor (from an aroma standpoint) for the 5K!!

Randy said...

We started out together but about 2/3 of the way I had to stop and retie a shoe lace and never caught back up.

Jess said...

Welcome home!

Pat said...

Glad your back home. Sounds like a tough trip.

You sure Bonnie didn't untie your shoe to get an edge? Those wives can be pretty tricky.

Have a great week, pat

Michelle said...

Glad you're back, Randy!! Missed you!

Woo hoo for Bonnie!!! And great job, Randy! Especially after not running for several days. :-)

txrunnergirl said...

Welcome back! I like your color scheme too!

Gotta Run said...

It is always good to return to what you are use to. Running with buddies is one of the best things of all.

So did Bonnie tease you? Great job to the both of you!!

teacherwoman said...

Happy Monday, Randy! welcome back!!

J~mom said...

I was missing my Randy and Bonnie stories!! Welcome back and great job on the run!!