Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Shoe Update - Maybe I'm Not Meant to Wear Brooks

I got home early today and decided that I would try to do a 2 mile route from the house. Yes the heat was up...87 degrees, but the humidity was also down....64%...wooohooo, far cry from the 90+ this morning. I ran in the Brooks Dyad's (the ones that replaced the Beasts). It didn't take long to realize that I was going to be hurting again in my shins (same as with the Beasts). I'm beginning to wonder if maybe I'm not designed to wear the Brooks line. I ran this morning in my old New Balance 1061's and didn't have any troubles with shins or blisters. The Dyad's didn't give my blisters any problems either. I did try to put the Brooks Vapors on before the run, thinking I should give them another try but they still rubbed my right heel at the point of the blister they caused earlier this week...even with a large bandaid covering the spot.

I'm giving serious thoughts to telling my shoe expert James that he just needs to order me another pair of NB 1061's. They may not be what he thinks my feet and body should be in, but they don't hurt me like the Brooks have that he's tried to get me to wearing.

This afternoon's run:

Total distance: 2 miles
Mile 1: 12:33
Mile 2: 12:07
Total Time: 24:40
Avg Pace: 12:20
Avg HR: 131
MAX HR: 158

Not too bad on the heart rate considering the temperature. I think if I had run in my NB's I would have been alot closer to 12:00 minute miles or maybe slightly under. I did manage to run a couple of 2 minute cycles instead of all 1/1.

My confidence in the Brooks Beasts/Dyads/Vapors is at an all time low at the moment.

It's Hump Day....put some wax paper on the slide and before you know it Friday will be here!!!


Marcy said...

Yeah, I don't blame you. I'd go back to the NB's. Stick to what works for you! It only took me one to to venture out of my Nike's and never again. I'm sorry you're not having any luck with the Brooks :-(

Good job on that run!! ;D

Marcy said...

OK I just read your other post!! Good God Randy you are ia machine!! 2 runs today? You're the MAN!!!

Oops I forgot to add, thanks for the laughs this morning with your comments hehe

Unknown said...

I hate changing shoes. I'm upset because my ASICs model was 'upgraded' - um... I was happy BEFORE the upgrades. Not all changes are good! Grrrrr..

Best wishes on getting your shoes figured out.

Molly said...

Are you resting enough?

Brooks are heavy shoes! HAve you tried Asics? I have foot control problems and the Asics help me and are light!

Take Care!

Scott McMurtrey said...

If the NB aren't hurting your feet then I think you've got a winner there.

Now be sure to take care of Marcy's left foot. I'm having a hard enough time with the right one... :)

J~Mom said...

Oh no Randy!! I am sorry about the shoes! Did they do the foot strike analysis on your stride? How old are the NBs? Maybe you just needed new ones? I hope something works out!

Darrell said...

I love my Brooks, too bad they don't work for you. You gotta stick with what works for you.

Selva said...

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