Sunday, August 05, 2007

"That was Yesterday and Yesterday's Gone"

Wonder who can remember the rest of the words of that song....did Chad and Jeremy sing it?....I'm just an oldie.

News Flash: I did run last night. After working at church and then attending the last worship experience for the day, Bonnie and I did an easy 4 mile run in the park across from our neighborhood. We did two laps in a area that is relatively flat. This run was at a pretty slow pace, the humidity seemed high, probably was around 75% or so, temp was 88 and there wasn't much wind. I'm proud that Bonnie stuck with it and got the entire 4 miles done with me.

Then I got up this morning and did another 4 miles on the streets. I guess my bug has passed or is mostly gone. I appreciate everyone's thoughts yesterday, but I'm glad that I was feeling better to the point where I could run. I don't feel tight in my chest, at least not like I did yesterday morning. I'm pretty proud of the numbers with this run and this includes some minor hills too. I guess I pushed my envelope just a bit on this run, this is the best pace for this kind of distance (4 miles) that I've ever a PR for a training run...haven't done that in a while!!!!!

Good luck to Mary on her tri today, and to Michelle on her race.

Last night's run with Bonnie:

Total Distance 4.0 miles
Total Time: 51:56
Mile 1: 12:36
Mile 2: 12:51
Mile 3: 13:13
Mile 4: 13:14
Avg Pace: 12:59
Avg HR: 139
MAX HR: 152

This morning's run:

Total Distance 4.0 miles
Total Time: 46:26
Mile 1: 11:38
Mile 2: 11:51
Mile 3: 11:37
Mile 4: 11:19
Avg Pace: 11:36
Avg HR: 150
MAX HR: 169


Marcy said...

Good morning Randy :-)
What tha . . . .you never cease to amaze me with the non stop running. I'm going to have to call you mini Dean from now on LOL Awesome job on the PR!! Look at that!!

I only have the 101 because I got it before I even started running. I knew I needed one, which one I wasn't sure. I guess I figured I work my way up with models LOL. I actually want the one you and Lisa have, but it's not a pressing need right now since I don't really care about the functions other then timer/interval training/ and pace readouts.

Neese said...

I have a 5 miler to run today my goal is to keep each split under 12 like you did on your morning run I hope I can I'll think of you! Nice job!

ws said...

great job on your runs Randy. You make me feel like a wimp for taking rest days! PRs on training runs are PRs and that is awesome. Have a great Sunday...

Unknown said...

yay for fast healing bugs! glad you're back on the mend so quickly.

Mary Gee said...

I am so glad you are feeling better! And a great run too!

Backofpack said...

Don't you just love seeing sub-12? I do! Way to go!

Scott McMurtrey said...

That is a great pace. Maybe it's because you had a nice 4-miler last night and your legs were nice a loose. Maybe you should begin every running session with a 4-miler just as a warm up.

Michelle said...

Thanks for the shout-out, Randy!

Glad you're starting to feel better. :-)

I posted a race report, if you'd like to read it.

Michelle said...

Forgot to add:

Yay for the training run PR!! Great job!!!!

Jess said...

Good work with your two runs! You are so diligent!

Marcy said...

Nope, mine takes regular batteries and sucks the life out of them within a week or 2. Totally stinks but we always buy the bulk packs of AAA's :-)

You are totally worthy!! You might not do a 21 miler in one sitting but you'd do a 10 miler in the morning and then a 10 miler at night LOL

IronWaddler said...

Great job on getting the runs in and hanging in there in the heat.

Pat said...

Talk about negative splits. That's impressive to run 4 miles the next morning and to run at a faster pace.

J~Mom said...

WOW!! You are so amazing with all of this running!!