Saturday, May 26, 2007

My 10k New PR!!!!

I ran in the Andy Payne 10k this morning, it's actually called the Willie Nelso 10k, why I am not sure. Andy Payne apparently was a Native American that back in the '20s or '30s ran a "marathon" of sorts that started on the west coast and ended on the east coast of the country and he won the race, taking home $25,000 as prize money. Anyway he is a bit of a folklore hero here in Oklahoma.

Yes I set a new PR, 1:11:17, moving well past my previous 10k in April that was over 6 minutes...woohoo.

I ran with another club friend who felt like we could do a 4/1 interval and though I was a tired puppy when we crossed the finish line I was able to stay up with her. Only twice did we actually walk for 2 minutes and that was at my request to get a better recovery. I think the 4/1 interval will be doable for me long term I just need to get adjusted to the longer running time.

The splits look like:

Laps Time Pace HR Avg HR Max
Lap 1 10:58 10:58 135 147
Lap 2 10:51 10:51 150 159
Lap 3 11:01 11:01 153 161
Lap 4 11:41 11:41 153 162
Lap 5 11:25 11:25 156 163
Lap 6 12:00 12:00 154 165
Lap 7 3:50 12:03 156 170
Totals 1:11:17 11:22 151 170

On the final lap (Lap 7) I forgot to stop my Garmin on the finish line chip pad so there is about 30 seconds added to the time...but the total time reflects the chip time for the race.

I was able to recover very quickly, my HR was back to normal (under 70 bpm) within 10-15 minutes after finishing. I had a bit of left leg pain off and on, but nothing significant there today. Overall, I feel great. The 4/1 was a bit of a stretch for me and I need to spend some more training time at that interval to get more comfortable with it.


Marcy said...

WOW RANDY!!!! You keep chiseling down on those times!! That's FANTASTIC!!! Before too long and you'll be leaving me in the dust!! GREAT JOB!! CONGRATS!!

Mary Christine said...
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Mary Gee said...

That is Great! Congrats! Kudos! Good Job!

You are ready for Vail.

(and you give me hope)

Michelle said...

Way to go, Randy!!! That is a wonderful improvement!!!!!

iJuls said...

Congratulations on your PR.

Joe said...

Randy, way to go!! Nice job on the PR!!

Useful observation on whether the 4/1 is too much or not. Don't be shy about backing that to a 3/ don't have to prove yourself to anyone else!!

Mendy said...

Randy, GREAT Race! Your time improved so much! I know you are thrilled. When reaching a PR, it's such a nice feeling! Have a wonderful Memorial Day!

J~Mom said...

WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you with that time!! What an incredible run!!!!!! Your hard work has really paid off in such a short time!! YAY!!!!!

I got your message about the diet and I will write a full report for you this week. I bet I am not doing anything too different from you already. I started out on ww myself.

Congrats again!

runliarun said...

Congratulations! I never made a PR in running, my first races were always the best. But it must feel great. I need to catch up :). I need to run a 10K, I never did that either.

Darrell said...

A PR! Way to go. Being a tired puppy at the finish line is a good thing, and it sounds like you recovered well. Sweet!