Tuesday, May 01, 2007

OKC Memorial Half Marathon Photos and Comments

My wife and daughter did all the photo work for this run and they did a great job I think:

This is me with my lovely daughter Lindsey, she ran about a mile with me during the race.

In between 2 and 3 miles and not feeling any pain as yet. There are two running club parters here with me, the lady to my right and the guy with the dew rag over my left shoulder. They are great running partners and did a wonderful job of slowing me down at the start. Bonnie says I could do a mustard commercial in that shirt. I thought it was a lovely shade of blue, was I disappointed.

RB and I are between miles 8 and 9 here I believe. Our other partner is somewhere behind us, but Bonnie waits on him to come along also. RB sets a great pace for me that will make sure I get to the finish with her.

Here comes CS, he had some problems early on but he's still a finisher. He's one of those long time marathoners that is so in tune with his body and listens well so that injury just isn't in the picture. I need to learn something here.

Bonnie ever the supporter making sure that CS stayed hydrated and that while he may have been slightly behind us, he was not forgotten. She makes a great cheerleader, not just for the three of us, but for anyone that is going by.

Between miles 11 and 12 and RB is having just waaaay to much fun. By now my legs are starting to feel a bit like rubber. She pushes me onward, at this point we can see our last major hill. She's actually waving to the camera, as Bonnie was yelling her name and she didn't recognize her right away and was wondering who it was that knew her.

The three tired muskateers. CS on the left, RB in the center and yours truly very proud to have my first half marathon behind me. The medals that we received were very nice and were of an image of the "Survivor Tree" an icon of the 1995 Bombing, the lone tree in the blast area that survived.

Last but not least, me with my honey and bestest supporter, Bonnie.


Backofpack said...

That is incredible! What a great photo essay - and you do have great running partners. They are the best aren't they? And our family members - putting up with long training runs, coming out to support us and take pictures and carry gear. Great report!

teacherwoman said...

Sounds like it was a great HM! Congrats! I loved the photos inserted into the post... so awesome!

Marcy said...

I loved these pics!!! Thanks so much for posting these!! You did an EXCELLENT job!!! You and your wife look sooooo cute together !!! ;D ;D

Michelle said...

Awww, what great pics!! I am so glad you had people to rally around you during your HM! What an amazing experience!

Gotta Run..... said...

GREAT JOB!! Always a good idea to pace yourself coming out of the gate. Easy to get caught up in the excitement and run to fast.

So is there another half marathon in your future? Loved all the pictures.

Jason The Running Man said...

Hey thanks for stopping by! Great race report and congrats on your half! I look forward to following your progress! Keep Running!

Jason The Running Man
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