Monday, May 14, 2007

Easy Monday

Well, finally I got back on the streets. I did an easy 4.37 miles at a 13:37 pace. My leg was just a little tight until the second mile then it was fine after that. Definitely no severe pain like I experienced last Tuesday. I intend to keep going slow this week to work back into things and still avoid any hill work for the rest of this week.
I have a 5k coming up Saturday morning and then Bonnie and I are doing another 5k late Saturday afternoon that will finish up by running in the OKC Bricktown Ballpark, so we get into the baseball game for free.


Gotta Run..... said...

It is not always easy to take the time off for injury. Great job and great run this morning. Listening to your body is KEY.

Marcy said...

I guess you weren't kidding. You ARE a morning person. I'm still in my jammies and on the East Coast and you've already had a run LOL I'm glad that things went went!!! ;D

Randy - Maniac #788 said...

Marcy - do what you have to do to beat the heat, at that time of the day here it was already 66 degrees or so.

This weekend we have a 5k that starts at 5:30 PM, should be interesting to see how that goes.

runliarun said...

I'm not sure I'd had the motivation to run two races in the same day.

Nikki said...

Marcy lies, she is up early :P

Great run! Glad you got one in and it was relatively painless.

Stretch baby, stretch!

I hate getting injured,I go nuts NOT running!

Phil said...

You're going to race two 5Ks in the same day? Take it easy on the first one, you don't want to end up injured again.

Good luck.