Monday, May 21, 2007

Monday Morning Run/Walk

It's 6:30 and I have gotten 4.65 miles in that felt good for the most part until the last quarter mile when I sucked in either a bug or some of the cottonwood fuzz from one of the trees around, either way it just about made me hurl in the middle of the street. Which ever it was it didn't leave a bad taste in my mouth...woohoo

Distance Time Avg HR Max HR
Lap 1: 1.00 mile 13:18 118 132
Lap 2: 1.00 mile 13:13 125 141
Lap 3: 1.00 mile 12:05 133 150
Lap 4: 1.00 mile 12:24 142 154
Lap 5: 0.65 mile 09:09 142 160
Total: 4.65 mile 1:00:01 131 160 Avg Pace: 12:54

Not bad on the splits, but I need to work on the speed...but still not bad for a run/walk effort the entire time. Mondays are our slow easy day though so I'm happy.


Jason The Running Man said...

Great job on the run. I hate it when that happens!:)

Marcy said...

Sweet job Randy!!! ;D ;D Ugghh Ihate the bug thing. It totally stinks. Nothing is worse then getting a mouthful of bug in the mouth or the eyes *PUKE*

Gotta Run..... said...

I once sucked a bug in on a bike ride. Now I know to keep my mouth closed :).

Hate you got sick but glad to hear that you were out enjoying the morning!

teacherwoman said...

Very nice for a run/walk method! Way to start out slow and work your way up!

J~Mom said...

Looking good!! I am impressed you got up and got that done after your running this weekend!! Nice job!