Friday, May 25, 2007

Tues-Fri Recap

Not much to recap really. I did get to do a 5 mile run/walk on Tuesday. I don't have my watch info loaded anywhere yet so will have to do the details later. I did the run at a very different elevation than what I run here in OKC. I was in a place called Sharon Springs, KS, elevation approx. 3500 feet. OKC is about 1100, so about triple the elevation. I finished the run in 1:03:00, which is about 5 minutes slower than my best 5 mile training time in the OKC area. So I figured that it wasn't too bad considering the elevation differences. I also ran two hills on this run, neither were shart changes, but over maybe a mile to the max elevation going out and coming back.

On the return to my hotel I was chased by a rather interesting storm. I knew the storm was coming when I decided to run and I figured I had an hour to beat it and I just did by maybe 20 minutes. The clouds immediately overhead got that twirly tornadic counterclockwise motion to them but the system seemed confused, good for us, and never dropped a funnel. I did see this system develop though almost overhead and it was interesting to watch. Yes we had a shelter in the basement of the hotel that we could move immediately into if it became necessary. The town sirens went off three times, but we escaped unscathed.

And that my friends has been the extent of my running this week thus far. I do have a 10k race tomorrow and will be glad to get into that. Today is a bit of a funk for me that I will try to explain in a seperate post later today.


Gotta Run..... said...

I hate being in a funk. Hope you are feeling better.

Have a blast at your race and stay away from those storms :).

Mary Gee said...

Hope you feel better. Glad no tornadic activity got you yesterday!

J~Mom said...

Whew, that was a scary storm!! Glad all is well. Hope your funk clears up soon.

Marcy said...

Ohhhh dear!! Wow about that storm!!! Scary stuff!!!

(((HUGS))) I hope you start feeling on the up and up soon! Good luck with the race!! You ARE a running machine!!

runliarun said...

I run at 5,000 feet in New Mexico. At sea level I would het high on oxygen. At lower altitude my time improves effortlessly, as if someone else is doing the running.