Thursday, May 10, 2007

Recuperating Update

I feel like I'm being lazy, but I understand that things have to heal too. My leg feels better today than it has all week. I guess the meds are starting to work. No! I won't push things until Monday. From how things feel today it would seem that the problem was some type of soft tissue thing. I've been icing it still off and on for 10-15 minutes at a time.

My wife got to do a run/walk around our neighborhood and I had to sit and watch her go and then see her back all glistening (as women do with sweat) when she returned. She looks great and I'm glad that she's working her way into becoming somewhat of a runner. I wouldn't be surprised that she goes by me in time because she is actually in better overall health than I am. At least she hasn't had any bypass surgeries.

Monday seems so far away, but I keep telling myself to be patient and things will be better and I will be much happier.


Marcy said...

Ohhhhh Randy I feel your pain!! I would seriously go out of my mind if I couldn't exercise for 3 whole days. I always feel so gross and lazy. But you are definitely right, patience is the key! Better to sit it out then to risk even more injury. Don't worry Monday will be here before you know it ;)

That's great that your wife is getting into the running thing. I wish I could convince my husband to do it. I can hope, I guess LOL

Backofpack said...

I think it's great that your wife is getting into it - you can have so much fun together! Just look at Eric and I - we either run the same race or support the other at a race. It's great!

You'll be back at it in no time. Remember, if you go out to soon, you can end up delaying your return by weeks or months. Wouldn't want that!

runliarun said...

Thank you for stopping by. I am so elated with the feed-back I have received on my race report. You are right, that area of New Mexico is beautiful, but harsh. Then, that is why I chose it. It's a magical place.

Monday will come soon enough. I pulled a tendon during (actually right before) my first half, and I had to stop running for two months.

Gotta Run..... said...

Do what the doctor says and rest that foot!

Following the Disney Marathon I was so sure that I had a stress fracture that I went and had x-rays. Long story short... I was in the wrong shoes which stressed some tendons on my left foot. That might be something you want to look at.

Mary Gee said...

Hope you feel better soon! And thanks for visiting my blog.

Michelle said...

Yay for your wife!! That is great she is running now, too!

Definitely take it easy until Monday. It totally stinks having to take a break, but it is better than pushing it and injuring yourself even more than you are.

Hang in there, Papa Bear!! ;-)

Backofpack said...

I found the Biofreeze at a chiropracter's office. One of our local spa's carries it as well. It was about $11 for a tube of it.

J~Mom said...

I am so glad you are waiting out your injury! I am sure that is what I did wrong to my leg in the first place! (ran too much too soon when my leg was still hurting after the half). Yay for your wife getting out with you!!