Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Another Rainy Morning in Oklahoma

Sounds like a song...opps it already was a song in Georgia I think. I did get in an easy 3 mile run in our neighborhood just about dark last night. Bonnie ran with me for the first two miles. My leg was sore but tolerable. Afterwards I did ice it for 10 minutes then off for a couple for up to an hour and it does feel a bit better this morning. I'm at least walking without a limp today. During the run last night it was hurting but it wasn't enough to make me want to stop. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions and thoughts.

I have an early meeting this morning so no running early regardless of the rain. Maybe later this evening again.


teacherwoman said...

That's one thing about running. If you really want to run and train, we gotta be flexible..and willing to make changes!

J~Mom said...

Great job being flexible! Keep icing the leg!!

Marcy said...

Let's hope that baby gets better!! Ice it up!!