Saturday, May 19, 2007

One 5k Down - One to Go

I PR'ed the 5k this morning alternating between a 2/1 run/walk and a 1/1 run/walk cycle...just listening to what my body felt like it could do. The first two cycles were at a 2/1 pace, then I had a series of 1/1 cycles out to the half-way point. After the turn I snuck in a 2/1 then a 1/1 and one other 2/1, then a series of 1/1 cycles before finishing with a 2 minute run cycle to the finish line. Final time 33:06 that calculates to a 10:39 pace according to's calculator. My Garmin is still in the vehicle. Anyway, it was a good improvement over my last 5k PR of 34:55.

I'll post more later after Bonnie and I finish the second 5k and get home from the baseball game. Because we are running we are entered in a drawing to throw out the first two pitches of the game...that would be cool to do as well. I'll post some race pics then too.


Neese said...

33:06 is fantastic! congratulations on PR'ing! you are on your way bud!

Nikki said...

Great job on a PR!!! Congrats!