Friday, October 12, 2007

Another Improvement

I managed to squeek in one more 5k run yesterday. Again I was able to run the distance without having to walk. My heart rate is staying much more level with these types of runs, not going up and down as it does when I do the run/walk. I just need to work on more endurance and I know that comes with time and mileage, and then there's always speed.

I do feel alot more confident though today that someday soon I will be able to break a sub-30 minute 5k, especially with the temeratures starting to cool off significantly in the mornings.

Total Distance: 3.12 miles
Total Time: 35:14 (almost a full minute improvement over Tuesday's run)
Pace: 11:18
Avg HR: 153/Max HR: 168


Jess said...

My best 5K times have always been int he winter here in FL. I think I'm gonna aim for a 5K PR for the annual Turkey Trot.

J~Mom said...

Randy that just rocks!!! As you know my goal is to break a 35 min 5K. After that I am going to shot for 30 min. Someday...someday.

Marcy said...

You WILL do it Randy!!! ;D ;D ;D I just know it!

Jenniferlyn said...

Way to go! Good luck at the half mary this weekend! :)