Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Another Day....Another 4 Miles

Down the road we go, slow, steady, consistent, another 4.57 miles is behind me. Part of it was a run/walk effort and part of it was just running. I feel like a puppy that is learning that it can actually get up and move without falling down. My legs are getting to be more and more supportive of my mind's desire to run more and more of the time and it actually feels great when I'm done.

Everything has to come together, the pace that I need to maintain now, the gait that I need to keep from injuring anything, the motion of my arms, the relaxed position of my hands, the breathing...the all important breathing that does so much to help me maintain my heart rate. But I can honestly say that this is all starting to evolve into a positive thing for me, one that builds more and more confidence in my ability with each day. For so long it seemed that I was just logging miles, step after step. But now it feels differently, I feel as if I'm making progress again, and that feels great.

Total Distance: 4.57 miles
Total Time: 1:03:21
Pace: 13:52
Avg HR: 127/Max HR: 160

I am really looking forward to our half marathon this weekend in Madill, OK but I'm not sure how I will approach it. I believe I will start with the run/walk until I can be assured that I'm not going to overdo the initial pace. Then as I get warmed up after a couple of miles then maybe I will work into a constant run, depending on the signals I get from my body. The course is mostly all flat, so there aren't any issues with hills. Yes I would like to PR (2:46:00) but if I don't there will be other times. The weather is supposed to be nice in the low 60's at race time.


teacherwoman said...

I look forward to reading your half marathon report!! Good luck!!

Pat said...

I'm jealous. You get to do a half. I'm thinking about doing one on either the 27th of this month or Nov. 4th.

Can't wait to read your report.

Marcy said...

Randy you kill me!! It seems like just yesterday you finished that marathon and now here we are again with an HM. You need to write a book ;-)

You'll do wonderfully I am SURE!! ;D

Backofpack said...

Good luck! How fun is that - running a half, new stride, good hr, new confidence? Nice Randy, enjoy and do well.

Mary Gee said...

You will be great! Nice weather too. (oh, and I knew you weren't talking about running nekkid, I was just being a smart aleck!)