Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Tuesday Junk

Elevation changes and flying don't do well for my body it would seem. I started out with the intent of doing 4+ miles but it didn't take even .5 miles to realize that wasn't going to happen. No I'm not in Oklahoma any more.....I'm in Grand Junction, Colorado today. I flew into Denver then drove over, a 5 hour trip, with stopping for breakfast in Vail, plus a couple of other "necessary" stops. So the difference between Edmond and Grand Junction....I knew you were going to ask.....Edmone elevation about 1,000 feet.....Grand Junction about 4,700 feet. The travel combined with the elevation change convinces me that it's not a good idea to fly to some vastly different place and then expect to run the same day...not a good idea.....let the body acclimate....remember that Randy.....

Anyway, I did manage to run/walk for 3.1 miles, but...and this is the wild part....it took me 39:02 to get that far. Tomorrow night I will be in Denver so I'll see what happens then.

Total Distance: 3.1 miles
Total Time: 39:02
Pace: 12:35 (Actually I would take that for the 15k that is coming up this Saturday I think)

Mile 1: 11:55 Min/mile pace
Mile 2: 12:41
Mile 3: 13:16
.1 Mi: 11:32
Avg HR: 133 Max HR: 152

Try as I might I couldn't go more than about 1.5 minutes without having to walk.


J~Mom said...

Traveling can really wear you out! You still look nice and strong out there! Great job! Thanks for your kind words on my blog. :>)

Backofpack said...

Getting out there and doing it is the thing!

I noticed your change over to Maniac training - very cool! We had fun with it in SF - ran into two others.

Did I mention that Eric and I lived in Rifle CO in the 78-79? We were working on an oil shale project...left there to get married and go back to college. Fun times...

ws said...

flying is definitely a regular culprit...I try to drink a lot of water beforehand and do some pacing of the aisle on the plane. People look at me oddly, but oh well.

Good job getting in the run and good luck on your race this weekend.

Jess said...

I went to soccer camp in Grand Junction when I was in high school! Not much to do there.

Flying does dehydrate you and driving over the mountains may have given you slight elevation sickness. Plus, traveling is just wearisome.

Mary Gee said...

Where are you staying in Denver?

Nikki said...

Yikes...you travel alot! Kudos for keeping running up!

What is with the new MANIAC training?