Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Training with Bonnie

For the first time in quite a while I had the opportunity to train with my bride last night. When she got home from work we got ready and ran out the front door to the park across from our subdivision and we did 3.45 miles a light was somehow kind of that too yucky, well it was really nice to be running with her.

Bonnie is training for her first official 10k race which will be next weekend when others of us are running a half-marathon in Madill, OK. Then on Oct 27 she will do her first 15k race....which I might add will be my first 15k race also. She's really coming along and I'm very proud of her efforts.

We invoked our rain rule.....if it isn't raining when you start but it starts to rain during the run you finish the run...unless lightning drives us off the street. Well there was no lightning, so we ran. It didn't rain the entire time and it never rained hard, but in addition to our sweating because the wind quit and the humidity was over 90% when it wasn't raining we got very wet, but it felt so good.

Total Distance: 3.45 miles
Total Time: 47:35 minutes
Pace: 13:48
Avg HR: 131
Max HR: 150


ws said...

Sounds like a great run with the wifey. And racing together too - who will win or will you cross the finish line together?

I have a similar theory on the rain, but it doesn't matter because 3 minutes in tropical rain leaves you sopping wet anyway.

ws said...
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Backofpack said...

Only one rain rule in our fair town: run. Ice on the roads or high winds stop me - ice because I'm a klutz and every time I try it I fall, high-winds because there are way too many trees and the branches fly (and sometimes trees fall). I'm talking really strong winds - like 50 mph gusts. Running in snow is okay - I don't have a problem with that. It's when it starts to melt and the streets are sheets of ice...or when there is black ice.

Anyway, it's cool - and romantic - that you ran together. Tell Bonnie she is doing great!

J~Mom said...

Yeah for running with Bonnie!! Sounds like a nice run!