Thursday, October 18, 2007

Thursday with Bonnie

Tonight when Bonnie got home from work we ran together. Well she will tell you that I ran slightly ahead of her, but the important thing is I didn't run off and leave her. It got dark on us as we ran, so I knew better than to do that. See a good hubby learns from experience, especially bad experience, like when I did run ahead of her a couple of months ago just after it got dark and all of a sudden she wasn't sure what direction I had taken.....yes the male species is capable of learning....and even remembering.

It was a good recovery run for me, slow and steady, it provides a time of reflection on my ability to run a much longer distance all of a sudden than I had been so used to running. This new found ability has me excited, I'm seeing improvement for my efforts and I'm being pushed again to continue to better my efforts.

Total distance 3.1 miles
Total Time: 43:39
Pace: 14:05
Avg HR: 121
Max HR: 134

It's not my fastest time, but that isn't the important's that we are able to exercise run together that I'm more excited about. We talked about the fact that Bonnie is running her races at her pace and she doesn't feel it necessary for me to run with her knowing I'm becoming more capable of faster speeds and that makes me feel good. It really felt good to have her at the finish line this past weekend when I completed the half marathon....but it also made me think she crossed the finish line of her 10k...the one where she won the trophy and I wasn't there to cheer her across the's not quite the same as missing the first steps of your first born when they learn to walk...but it's awfully close....I'm really proud of her effort this year, and glad that we are able to run makes me feel even closer to her.


Mary Gee said...

How nice that you and Bonnie can run together!

Michelle said...

OK, that made me kinda sad, Randy. I bet you will get to see Bonnie cross the finish line in other races, and probably win another award, too! :-)

Keep up the great work, both of you!!

J~Mom said...

I love it!!! You guys are so cute!! :>)