Sunday, January 06, 2008

Houston - A Week From Today

I finally got in some very slow mileage today. Bonnie and I did 2 miles at a 13:40 pace. It just felt good to be back out running again. I had a dull kind of ache in my knee but now, we've been back maybe 20 minutes and it's about gone away. I'm supposed to run in the morning with my old Monday/Wednesday gang. I haven't run with them since before the Tulsa Route 66 marathon back on 11/18/07. I will definitely be the slow horse tomorrow morning.

Looking ahead to the marathon, we are staying Saturday night at the Doubletree Hotel that is just off the start/finish area of the marathon, so I should be able to get dressed, do the bathroom thing and go start the run....oh yes and get in a warm up jog for a bit. The weather says that the start time temps should be in the mid-40's and will warm up into the mid 60's by early afternoon. This marathon puts a 6 hour cap on finishers getting a medal. So, I want to finish the race, first and foremost; and secondly I want to finish under 6 hours...and a far distant maybe a sliver of a chance at finishing between 5:00 and 5:30. It's a very flat course and the temps are right so maybe I'll do really good.

This is the third race to gain the Marathon Maniac status. Three races in 90 days, oh God I hope I've counted things right from 11/18 to 01/13. I think I should have about 5 days to spare.

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Sounds great!!!