Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Did I mention Kidney Stones

During the Maui Marathon I felt what I thought of at the time was a muscle spasm at the midway point but kept on going. Admittedly it slowed me down quite a bit. Upon returning to Oklahoma though I learned I had a kidney stone that wanted out. I spent last Friday night in the ER and was basically looped on pain meds over the weekend and thru yesterday morning. The urologist that I saw yesterday feels pretty confident that I've passed what showed up on a CT scan Friday night so he encouraged me to go out and be active. Well, I'm joining our normal Wed morning group for a hour and will see how things go for me. I'm in no pain as I write this but will see what the run brings along for me. I hope everyone has a great hump day!!


Darrell said...

Wow, you finished a marathon with a kidney stone, incredible.

So just where were the pictures of the bikinis in that last post?

Pokey said...

Kidney stones are NO fun...and during a marathon?? You are a ROCK!!! Hope everything *passes* soooooon!

That Maui Marathon looks awesome!! I am going to be in Maui next week and was SOOO disappointed to find NO races whatsoever!! Ugh. A guy I contacted said that other than the marathon, races there are few and far between. Crazy huh?? If I lived there, I'd want to be running in races all the time!!!