Saturday, September 22, 2007

Lewis & Clark 2007 Marathon Stats

Well here are the mile by mile stats from my race last Sunday. I was in great company it would appear. Dick Beardsley was running in my age group and managed to just beat me. He finished in 2:56:49, and I ran behind him at 5:56:02...waaaay behind him *LOL*.

Ok, now for my stats:
I believe these times are based on the gun:
First half: 2:46:55 Pace: 12:45
Second half: 3:09:07 Pace: 14:26

These times are from my Garmin:
Mile 1: 12:51
Mile 2: 12:37
Mile 3: 12:41
Mile 4: 14:01 (Think this included a potty break)
Mile 5: 12:09
Mile 6: 12:09
Mile 7: 12:13
Mile 8: 12:00
Mile 9: 12:12
Mile 10: 13:13
Mile 11: 12:15
Mile 12: 12:22
Mile 13: 12:35
Mile 14: 13:00
Mile 15: 12:34
Mile 16: 13:27
Mile 17: 13:04
Mile 18: 13:07 (Fatigue started to get the best of me from this point on)
Mile 19: 14:06
Mile 20: 14:47
Mile 21: 18:24 (I'm glad I didn't quit here)
Mile 22: 15:49
Mile 23: 15:20
Mile 24: 16:22
Mile 25: 13:18
Mile 26: 13:25
.02 Mile:13:27

So ok no negative splits, but after looking at things and blowing out Mile 21, I'm glad to see that I was able to get back into the 13 minute/mile range for the final two miles...I would have never guessed that I picked up the pace that much....again thanks to that nameless lady that finished just ahead of me for being an inspiration to get in under the 6:00:00 time frame.


scott keeps running said...

you almost had him! :)

J~mom said...

That was a close race!

Phew your stats look awesome!!!!!!! You ran 26.2 miles! WOOHOO!!!!!

ws said...

and how awesome is it to have to sit and type splits for 26.2 miles! congratulations again Randy...and way to stick it out after mile 18...

Jess said...

Dick Beardsley ran with my running group on Saturday, and that guy is FAST. Those skinny little legs just shoot him forward. He finished 8 miles way before I finished 6; of course, I'm that's my excuse.

Tiffany said...

Way to go!!! Does it feel good to finish a marathon? I am starting to get really, really excited for my first one in 2 weeks.

Marcy said...

Go Randy, Go Randy, Go Randy!! You did AWESOME!! I can't believe you sped up after mile 24. I'd probably be crawling by then LOL

Randy said...

It's really funny Marcy, I actually thought I was crawling, it wasn't until several days later when I analyzed what my Garmin had recorded that I realized the pace difference there over the last 2 miles.....

One of my running buddies suggested that like an old mule, I smelled the barn.

Lisa - Slow & Steady said...

I think you did a great job. YAY YOU!!

Molly said...

Great job!