Thursday, December 13, 2007

Back Home

Bonnie and I arrived back home yesterday afternoon. I felt as though I had lost a night somehow. We left Honolulu at 10:30 PM Tuesday night Honolulu time and arrived at the Oklahoma City airport at 12:50 PM on Wednesday afternoon. This is alot of flying time, I don't know how pilots cope with that sort of thing.

We saw alot of the devestation in the OKC area from the ice storm that they experienced while we were lying on the beaches of Hawaii over the past 6 days. We live in one of the lucky areas that did not lose power during all of the cold weather. Yesterday and today were days of reprieve from the icy mess. Tomorrow (Friday) is promising more weather tho in the way of snow, at least 4 inches plus they are saying thru Saturday night.

On the long flight back to Houston (7.5 hours) my knee gave me fits all night long even with ibuprofin. I noticed that my feet and my lower legs seemed to swell during the flight but didn't say anything to the others that were traveling with us at the time. At the Houston airport we got to talking about general discomfort during the flight and noticed that all of us that participated in the marathon seemed to have similar issues with swelling. Bonnie mentioned that she too felt that her feet had swollen during some part of the flight.

I slept pretty good last night, only having to take ibuprofin at one point during the night and I've got pretty good movement of my knee this morning. Because of the weather I'm not considering running at all until sometime next week.

Now I officially have two of the three marathons behind me in my hunt for Marathon Maniac-dom. The Houston Marathon looms ahead on January 13, a month from today!!!!

I'm trying to get an appointment made with our local sports medicine/podiatrist to talk to him about my knee and get some recommendations from him towards a better recovery effort for me. It seems the weather has played havoc with their office hours this week, but I am hoping to be able to get in to see him tomorrow. He's a member of our running club and that usually helps to get us in or to work us inbetween others on his schedule from what I've been told.

It's good to be back home, sleeping in your own bed, but I do have to admit I miss the weather that we experienced in Hawaii already.


Wes said...

I've heard stories from lots of people about swelling on the planes. That can be scary stuff. I hope your knee issue works out. It's adjusting, I'm sure to all this marathon activity.

I thought about you when the ice storms went through OK. I thought for sure you were glad to be in Hawaii! LOL!! But, my heart goes out to those people hit hard by the storm.

Recover well!!

Darrell said...

It IS good to be back home.

I hope you can get some good advice on the knee. Hopefully rest, ice and anti-flammatories will do the trick

Backofpack said...

Glad you all made it back safely Randy. I hope you get in to see your doc! Yeah, I've heard that about the swelling too - I guess it's really bad when you get on the plane the same day as the marathon. Seems like someone once said something about wearing those pressure socks? The ones they use in the hospital after surgery? I don't quite remember...

Molly said...

I hope that you are going to the doc prepared to hear that you need to rest and not run for a while...if they need to do diagnostics they will want the swelling to go down.

Hope everyon in OK hags in there and gets the help they need...I'll be thinking about ya'll!

Take Care

Marcy said...

Ugghhhh I hear you on the nasty weather, although you peeps in your neck o the woods got it brutal.

Here's to recovery!!

Mary Gee said...

I don't think I can afford Hawaii, do you have any ideas about Hawaii on a budget? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha . that is funny, huh?

Pat said...

hey, I'm catching up on the blogs. congrats on Hawaii. I loved the Pearl Harbor pics. We start the Rock and Roll Marathon right in front of the other anchor from the Arizona.

I've been having knee issues lately too. I found using one of those knee straps helps alot. Might just be mental though.