Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Edmond Running Club

We had our monthly meeting last night, the day after the Oklahoma City Marathon. It was a great meeting, everyone in attendance got to tell how they participated in the marathon, most everyone either ran or volunteered in some way. We also had officer elections last night for the new year and I was elected club Secretary. I hope I can continue forth with the same degree of effort that our previous Secretary had, he had been in the position for several years. I'm looking forward to the role and hopefully will be a part of taking the club to new levels during the year.

We had one club member qualify for Boston and I believe this is his 5th time to qualify. We had at least a couple of people place in their age group, one of which happened to be Rachel, who had just run Boston the previous Monday!!!

Update on my legs....everything seems to be recovering really well. The knee soreness is all but gone unless I sit too long. We start our runs again tomorrow morning and I'm really anxious to get back into a consistent level of training.

At the expo on Saturday Bonnie bought me a new magnet for our vehicle to go with the 26.2 that is already there...the new one says "Marathon Freak", I guess that fits. She also bought one for herself that says "Runner Girl". I'm really proud of her effort and that she was willing to participate in the marathon relay. She did the long leg of the relay, 12k. Our future son-in-law Scott did the last leg of her relay team, a 10k leg, and he really brought the group home. He did his 10k in 58 minutes I believe. I also think we may have a budding marathoner in him as he expressed an interest in going to Disney World in January with us to run that marathon for TeamAutism.


Marcy said...

LMAO Randy, yup that's you. "Marathon Freak" ;-)

Mendy said...

I'd say Marathon freak definately describes you!

TX Runner Mom said...

Love the "Marathon Freak"!!! :-)

Randy - Maniac #788 said...

I'll have to get a photo of the back of our vehicle soon and post.

Molly said...

You will have to put a picture up!
It is so cool that your family is involved. I had fun having my brother in law with me on a 5K two weekends ago!
Take Care

Mary Gee said...

I am glad you are back!

Anonymous said...

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